Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belated 1-year anniversary to AZ-UNITES!

Its a bit belated, but Absolute Zero UNITES, the legendary counter-Absolute Zero United website, is now a year old. Thanks to the joint efforts of Warped Ohio, the "other Stitches," the "Voice of Reason," that guy who uses all the funny tage that irritates Stitches, and the random anonymous posters here, the ANTI-Anti site has celebrated an entire year of spreading the truth about the cyber-terrorist organization AZU. Here's to another year of victory!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A troll's life must be very lonely

Absolute Zero United has been very quiet as of late so they are desperate to try to drum up some support for their ailing site. Their Amazon boycott fizzled (just like their Disney boycott did... am I the one non-AZU member to even REMEMBER the boycott?). Probably the most lonely of them all is Loguehater, my personal stalker. There is nothing sadder than a loser who spends 24 hours a day stalking a grown man all over the internet and spreading lies, but since I've convinced my readers to Boycott AZU the only people who have talked to AZU is.. well... AZU themselves, and maybe that one guy who has always given them hell. Someone should tell that Nigel or Zandir or "spanky the clown" guy to join the boycott of AZU and watch the site wither and die, because the site thrives on hate. Of course, then AZU can just do what they always do and create fake web posts and slap their names to it like they have done to others to make it LOOK like they were there.

Case in point. My personal stalker, aka, "Logue Hater," a wretched soul that feeds off the misery of others, a predator in his own right (also known as Jacey). For the past month, I have all but completely ignored Absolute Zero United while working on various projects, including the release of a book in electronic format. So poor lonely "Logue Hater" sets up a new post with the following claim:

[blog link withheld because I won't advertise for that bitch]
Two comments were left on my blog from *****. He seems a little unhappy. Sniff sniff.

He put his "E-book" on the trials of being a p**** for sale weeks ago and has sold 4 copies! Wow! lol. Here he expresses the rage and mental illness that prove he should be civilly committed. ****, don't you realize that the people with the power to downgrade you from your Tier III Registered Sexual ******  status read all your internet writings? What a moron the c***** m****** is.

Of course two blog posts he claims come from me are listed there. Both posts are really from Logue Hater, as I was away from my computer to do other things. Now, what Logue Hater won't tell you is before he decided to create this latest post at his stalking site about me, he sent a nasty ANONYMOUS E-mail to this site:

Ha ha! Little ***** **** has only sold four copies of his shitty lil book. Do you EVER succeed at ANYTHING, besides [censored]?
So much for being a famous author! Well, at least you will always be hated by the world for being a *********!!!!!!!!
You will always be a ***********. it is fun watching you try and try and try for some kind of success and some kind of respect. Keep trying. I love watching you fail time and time again. 

Its really pathetic watching AZU time and time again to stalking in order to generate controversy. Reminds me of a tick... without blood, AZU writhes in pain. They feed off the hatred and sadness of others and found a cover to justify the fact they're nothing more than a hate group. Above is a tactic. I understand it is difficult to ignore these worthless fucks, but by responding to them directly, we are feeding the disgusting AZU ticks. I say boycott them and let them starve. And in the event they show up at your door, defend yourself by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. But trust me, they're too cowardly to show up.