Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belated 1-year anniversary to AZ-UNITES!

Its a bit belated, but Absolute Zero UNITES, the legendary counter-Absolute Zero United website, is now a year old. Thanks to the joint efforts of Warped Ohio, the "other Stitches," the "Voice of Reason," that guy who uses all the funny tage that irritates Stitches, and the random anonymous posters here, the ANTI-Anti site has celebrated an entire year of spreading the truth about the cyber-terrorist organization AZU. Here's to another year of victory!


Voice of Reason said...

Congratulations on making it to a year. Let's hope there's plenty more to go.

WarpedOhio said...

If AZU bites the dust, as its well on the way to doing, I guess we won't last a year either! But I'll be proud of that if it DOES happen LOL.

Anonymous said...

Check this Pagans Against Child Abuse site out. At the very bottom, Rob Taylor of Red-Alerts, admits to seeing child porn.

Reply by Rob Taylor 5 hours ago

Great expose, I checked out Dagmar's friends list and you can still get to child porn just by clicking a couple of her friends. Getting this stuff shut down is a victory, but the pedos are well organized. We have to be vigilant.

ROAR for TRUTH! said...

Tracy Golden and Petra disappeared and have SHUT UP, now its AZU's turn! Robby Taylor is a big pussy!!!