Friday, July 3, 2009

Perverted Justice member arrested for cyber-terrorism

On the front page of the site Corrupted Justice, you will find an article and copy of the criminal complaint against 47 year old Bruce Raisley, who was a computer hacker for Perverted Justice, which included infiltrating websites. Just more proof of the terrorist activity of the PJ/AZU alliance. Maybe Stitches 77 will be next in line for a federal indictment. Below is another link to a news report on the arrest:

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WarpedOhio said...

Mallory Know, I'm Lord and Master of this domain. You can take your Pee-J sympathy and shove it sideways up your ass. I won't rest until the cult known as Perverted Justice and their crappy little contemporaries are all in prison. Go find someone else to annoy, loser. Fuck Pee-J and Von Erck is a closet pedophile.