Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Fat Man Dumbeth

We don't often get the chance to catch AZU members in non-RSO or allegedly "pro-pedo" sites, but I happened across this website,, and an article by a member of Absolute Zero United. I think we finally found Stitches 77! ROFL!

As usual, we find violent comments from said AZU member:

"Well, believe me, if I saw somebody wearing a a T-shirt that says "Pedophilia Rocks" I would end up going to prison for the rest of my life, or perhaps end up on Texas Death Row after I blow the son-a-bitch away with a 12 gauge shot gun! And I would be proud to die for killing some low-life pedophile scum-bag!"

ALL pedophiles should be given the death penalty and so should the entire staff of
Amazon for selling this worthless piece of drek
titled Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre. And I also believe that every household with children should keep one of these handy
spray cans around
. [pic of UZI with words "Pedo Be Gone" on it]

This was part of an e-mail he claims he sent to head:

And so, all pedophiles deserve to die!!!
All those who publish Kiddy Porn deserve to die!
And all those who sell anything written by a pedophile
also deserves to die.
Octaevius Altair AKA Viamund the Rake deserves to die

He apparently sent this to Amazon too. Below pic was this:

And the entire staff of Amazon all deserve to die in the manner as
depicted in the image above! I rest my case! SHORT EYES

After a tad of scolding from a moderator:

Yes, now that I think about it, my sending that picture of The Rake with The Hatched buried in his head does not solve anything. Ah! but it just felt so good! Sending them that picture in the E-mail and telling them that they deserve the same for supporting a pedophile, it' just felt good! And besides, I spent a couple of hours creating that image just for them!!! It took at least an hour to do a Google Image Search to find the right picture of a hatchet that was at just the right angle, and then erasing the background away from it so that I could place in just right on The Rake's head. Then I added my own brand of twisted humor saying, "Rake, this is Hatchet! Hatchet, this is Rake!" and because he calls himself The Rake, an outdoor lawn tool, that inspired me to introduce The Rake to The Hatchet, another tool that is used in the great outdoors.
Another pic:

This person is a very sick individual who needs to be committed to a civil commitment center immediately, as he is a danger to himself and others. Places like AZU should be shut down for fostering and advocating violent acts.

I'd like to add the info from the personal profile because since AZU finds it kosher to attack Former *ex offenders for being on SSI and making fun of looks, you need to see the kind of people AZU members TRULY look like:


Location: El Paso, Texas, USA, 3rd Planet, Sol System, Milky Way, Local Cluster, Somewhere in The Cosmos!
Age: 57
Occupation: I'm unemployed, living on SSI for disability. I have mental heath issues that I have to deal with and I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD that was the result of years of bullying in school from the jocks and guy on a "Macho" head trip, and being denied a decent education in our corrupt educational system!
Interests: Art and science. Astronomy is my favorite subject, and I like to work on oil paintings. I enjoy listening to classical music and rock. I hate sports, especially football!!! Sports suck, and football is responsible for the declining quality of education in our schools! In school, I was the typical nerd or geek, and often called a sissy because I didn't care for sports.


WarpedOhio said...

Fatman wanted a response to me posting this article. Here's my reply.

If you don't like being "exposed," you shouldn't do AZU's dirty work. If you hated an article posted about you after you threaten people's lives, then maybe you shouldn't post it. This site merely exposes what AZU does to people IN THEIR OWN WORDS. You made comments about killing *ex offenders, you post AZU's drivel and lies, and you epect sympathy. You'll get none from me. Sue me all you want, it'll do you no more good that it has when AZU decided to start this war. Everyone at AZU knows who I am so go ask around you worthless fat fuck. Maybe you'll think about it next time you post bullshit about people you know nothing about. When you attack others, you're not a victim but a PERPETRATOR, a CRIMINAL, and yes you ARE A DANGER to others. Your align yourself with criminals llke Absolute Zero United, engage in their harassment and slander, then expect no one to retaliate?

By the way, fatass, read the article again. I said nothing in the article claiming you're an "ex offender." Maybe if you had more reading skills, you would have seen that. I merely pointed out your words and AZUs mentality. Maybe if you had reading skills you'd realize what AZU was REALLY all about. But considering what you wrote in that blog, I can't see you as a rational person.

And why would you cry about going to prison to "get beaten and raped again" when AZU constantly applauds and advocates prison rapes and "Bubba?"

If you don't like it, you can lump it.

WarpedOhio said...

Of course I won't post your rants, Gerald. Absolute Zero members have no say here. First off, what happened to you gives you no right to threaten lives of others. All you're doing is making it worse for yourself by threatening me. Like I said before, your little buddies over at AZU knows me and they know I'm not the one to threaten, so you better cool it with your death threats. AZU members don't scare me. You're all anonymous pricks who thinks its cute and funny to attack people anonymously. You're obviosly playing the victim card but not everyone will buy that when you make threats and pass along Absolute Zero's slander. Either you're too blind to see what they're all about or you don't care that they lie about pretty much every one they target. And if you support those bastards, then I have no sympathy for you whatsoever, because that makes you a vigi scumbag. Now do yourself a favor and go check in to a mental hospital and learn to let go, because, again, you're only hurting yourself when you attack others. Denounce Absolute Zero and maybe I'll detract this article. If not, go fuck your fat self.

Anonymous said...

Its painfully obvious that Fatman is emotionally disturbed and should be reported to the authorities. But that is why AZU members remain anonymous, to elude arrest

Fat Man said...

Anonymous said...

"Its painfully obvious that Fatman is emotionally disturbed and should be reported to the authorities. But that is why AZU members remain anonymous, to elude arrest"

Oh, very good!

Yeah, report me to the authorities, lock me up in jail where I can get beaten and raped some more!

Excellent! Report a rape victim to the authorities. Have a rape victim locked up, while pedos go free!

You would love that! Wouldn't you!

Just as I thought! another low-life scum-bag pedo-symp!

Voice of Reason said...

Wow.. this guy is a psycho and clearly an ongoing danger to the community. Not only does he threaten to murder anyone with a sexual orientation he hates, but he also calls for the murder of anyone who publishes a book written by someone with that sexual orientation and even states he murder someone for simply wearing a t-shirt he doesn't like. I thought fat people were meant to be jolly??

WarpedOhio said...

I finally approved a fatman comment. Happy now? He just doesn't get it. He thinks being a rape victim in 1969 absolves him from harassing people, threatening to kill them, and have homicidal thoughts in 2009. That is a classic AZU cognitive distortion.

AZU members will never get it until they stop attacking others and seek professional help. If I was to go around taking pictures of Tracy Golden, Marina Hammond, Barb Ireland, Barbara Ochoa, or Xavier Von Erck and drew axes over their heads saying "die anti, die!" I'd have a bunch of people telling me I'm a danger to others too. What makes Fat Bastard any more special?

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I'm almost expecting him to say next, "Get in my belly!"

Tyciol said...

Arg, the expression 'kill it with fire' comes to mind. I mean, I am really sensitive toward the plight of fat people (I'm sorta fat myself!) but I don't think jokes embracing it are appropriate, since it is unhealthy and unattractive and unathletic.

Never liked that whole Amazon campaign thing, there's nothing wrong with selling literature.

Warped Ohio said...

Well he uses it himself as a crutch. Since he decided to post stuff on me I returned the favor. All's fair in war as far as I'm concerned. They've attacked me personally, mock my looks, particularly my lips (they have unhealthy obsession with my lips). So its only fair. We're supposed to take all this shit in stride, with these people threatening our lives? I don't feel like I'm not entitled to retaliate.