Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun with Screenshots

Absolute Zero United uses "screenshots" in order to "prove" they are indeed telling the truth. To the average viewer, seeing is believing, right? If that's the case, then Stitches 77 has "turned over a new leaf" and follows ReFORM Radio:

Either she turned over a new leaf, or its merely possible someone set this whole thing up. You see, Perverted-Justice members and Absolute Zero United members post screen shots regularly, convincing the public these are legit. But any schmuck with 5 minutes and a little computer ingenuity can create a new account with a similar sounding screen name, make a post, take a screen shot, post it to Wikisposure/ AZU/ Pee-J and voila! Instant bullshit! Did I mention that some of the screenshot technology is compatible with Microsoft Applications like Paint or even Word? Think about it next time you read the lies at Wikidposers or AZU.
More on screenshot technology: -- For Firefox Browsers

Just remember, screen shots CAN be manipulated, just like your photos in Photoshop. Can anyone truly trust the words of the fanatics of AZU/ Pee-J? Consider their track record. Recently a member of Pee-J was arrested dor computer hacking (as noted on the front page at Is it real? Is it manipulated. That top screen shot is VERY real. Its currently on the front page of their blog. The second screenshot is a load of bullshit created by someone learning to use the new technology. Again, think about THAT next time you visit AZU or Wickisposure

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