Monday, January 4, 2010

Self Loather and hypocrite TSand doesn't take his OWN advice!

As previously noted, another blogger recently asked AZU's resident sex offenders TSand and Static a few questions. And TSand, idiot that he is, somewhat responded.

AZU support publicly accessible registers of sex offenders in order for people to be able to identify the sex offenders in their community. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes, to a certain extent but if the offender seeks proper mental help & has not re offended in say 10 years, then remove them to a law enforcement only website. If the offender's offense was violent in nature, lock em up or execute them. People like CLAY KEYS-who call their victims bad names, it only shows that he is not rehabilitated & he should remain on the sex offender registry for life. We need to know about people "like" him. Sorry CLAY!

That's funny... Clay has forgotten their new buddies at AZU had this to say about Clay:

"Clay Keys, AKA "Tsand", AKA "brownbilly68", is a registered sex offender and listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry for the charge of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16. His criminal history goes back over 20 years and includes multiple convictions for crimes ranging from assault to stalking in addition to his sex crime conviction. His most recent charges were for theft, assault and threats of violence in 2006."

He's proven to be violent, a repeat offender with a 20 year history of charges like STALKING and ASSAULT. Thus, Clay says Clay should be locked up for life or executed! So why doesn't he take his own advice?

The more balanced members of AZU advocate that paedophiles and child sex offenders should commit suicide. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

If the pedophile wasn't able to turn himself in a mental hospital or to the police beforehand, Yes, suicide would be the honorably option to peruse. I think there would be less spitting at his grave-site knowing the pedo took his own life before sexually abusing a child. I know I would spit less for him!

So Clay, word of advice, save the spit for your self, and turn yourself in to the police immediately!

PS: You REALLY do a good job of representing the hypocrisy over at Absolute Zero Understanding!


ROAR for TRUTH! said...

Your so cute-watch out lest Voice of unreason tries to rape you!

Tell the Sosen folks they need to wise up & take responsibility & kick out the pedo Nambla idiots or else!

I hear they aren't to happy about my twilight series but the truth is the truth. You read Part 4 about Cheryl mentioning Linda's Nambla beliefs? That was in 08 and I have to wonder why you ignore it, as you've already admitted the RSOL Nambla connection yourself.

Blame me as an instigator all you want but Sosen is bad news for the SOL movement but everybody wants to keep "quiet" about it. You know that does not help at all & yet you are one of the quiet ones! Yeah, blame ole tsand as a troublemaker for pointing out these repeated ongoing screw ups, when it comes to Sosen, its always someone else fault.

Warped Ohio said...

TSand, why would I believe you at all? You quote AZU/ Wikisposure as the source of your bullshit, and they have yet to tell the truth about anything. After all, you deny you are the very things AZU/ Wikisposure says about YOU. Unlike you, I expect definitive proof of accusations, and I need more proof than a source that also believes Patty Wetterling has a sex offender son or that 9/11 was a communist conspiracy. And I can't believe you for that matter because we all know you started this over being slighted by certain RSO activists. Why don't YOU wise up instead and denounce AZU's closet pro-pedo agenda? The only pedo propaganda I ever see is at AZU's blog. They do more to advertise pedophilia than any site I've seen.

PS: Do yourself a favor and go hang out with Violent Leaves, I'm sure she'd invite you over to dinner.

Roar For Truth! said...

Yes, you're right, Derek! I am a lying sack of crap! I will go turn myself in to the police today!

Voice of Reason said...

You should see what Little Robbie Taylor has to say about Clay on his Red Alerts blog. He's far harsher than either of us are.

It's interesting to see the different responses of Clay and Jeremy. Clay just gives partial answers whilst Jeremy does his classic move of attributing someone else's post to me and then pretending that the questions are somehow beneath him. The reality is that neither want to answer the questions because their answers will expose them as the hypocrites they are. Also, the questions remind everyone that the pair of them are convicted child sex offenders. As much as they want people to forget this rather important fact, there will always be some who remember and remind them.

Angee said...

It is interesting that someone is willing to take our rejects that were tossed our on their asses. They aren't for anyone but themselves and they have taken this route to get back at us. They were not allowed to speak in our behalf so it's good that they are flapping their jaws from some other place. Actually, they are in limbo and trying so hard to con one side or the other into trusting them. We didn't fall for it so they joined the slime pit. Its a big step down but when you work for Satan it is good to live in the vicinity.

Warped Ohio said...

Funny thing is, AZU doesn't give a flying flitter about Static, TSand, NOP Christine, or Metanoid. For some reason, the self-loathers feel if we prostrate (or castrate in their cases) before the megalomaniacal Stitches, all will be well. In the end, they'll just be used and abused themselves.