Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Son of notorious vigilante Judy Cornett sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder, drugs

You live by the sword, you die by the sword - apparently Judy Cornett's support of violence and blind hatred rubbed off on her son so much he feels his past as a victim justified his adult life of crime. Rather than truly help victims by promoting healing, Cornett, like her AZU buddies, promotes solving problems by harassing and hurting others. I pray AZU members don't have kids, lest we see more kids of vigilantes in prison.


TAMPA — As a young boy, Jason Edward Flores survived a child's worst nightmare when he was abducted, brutally raped and left for dead. The 11-year-old's road to manhood continued to be anything but smooth. His long history of run-ins with the law, which included drug convictions and prison time for burglary, ended Wednesday as Flores was sentenced to 25 years for two counts of attempted second-degree murder and home invasion robbery. Flores, 28, seemed calm as he pleaded guilty moments before Hillsborough Circuit Judge Robert Foster sentenced him to the mandatory minimum. Earlier in the court proceedings, a different image emerged as Flores tried to place his shackled hands around his mother and cried in her arms. "Sitting next to my son was one of the worst feelings of my life," said Judy Cornett, who called the St. Petersburg Times from a bed at Tampa General Hospital's emergency room. Cornett, 47, collapsed in court as bailiffs escorted her back to her seat. Paramedics were called and carried her out on a stretcher. Since Flores' abduction and rape in 1992, Cornett has dedicated her life to battling sex crimes. She founded Safety Zone Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids to protect themselves against sexual predators. She also coaches parents who find themselves in the media spotlight when their children become victims of child predators. Cornett aided Mark Lunsford, when his 9-year-old daughter, Jessica, was abducted and killed in Homosassa in 2005. And she housed and clothed Susan Schorpen during the trial for the man convicted in the 2004 abduction and murder in Sarasota of Schorpen's 11-year-old daughter, Carlie Brucia.

His past is tragic but it does not excuse the following:

Flores was sentenced Wednesday on charges stemming from a home invasion that occurred June 26, 2008. Prosecutors said Flores and two co-defendants — Matthew Edward Wilsky and Kristen Marie Mangum — entered a home in a neighborhood west of Busch Gardens to take prescription drugs. The trio struggled with residents Terry and Lora Holmes. Prosecutors said Flores fired a shotgun into the Holmes' bedroom, striking Lora in the hand and Terry in the side. Both survived, but Lora Holmes is partly paralyzed in her hand, prosecutors said. The three fled to a Pasco County hotel with about $1,000 in cash and pills they had stolen from the Holmeses.

I've said it a million times, it is different when its one of their own on the chopping block. Notice how Cornett justifies and minimizes her son's adult criminal behavior by talking about his childhood. What if I blamed my crime on my childhood, eh? Would you buy it then? What happened in your youth DOES NOT JUSTIFY trying to kill two innocent people!

Cornett said Flores never had proper psychological treatment after his rape and abduction and often self-medicated. "I can't blame 100 percent on it, but I can definitely say it has been a strong contributing factor," she said about her son's rape and lack of proper assistance. As she sat next to Flores in court, Cornett said she promised to be there when he's released. "I told him I was going to continue to fight for him and that he's my baby and I love him," Cornett said. "He said, 'Thank you, Mommy,' and 'I love you.' "

Can you believe the nerve if Cornett? Asking people to send her money for her criminal son? [see http://www.saverkids.webs.com/]

He certainly learned violent behavior from his mother. Below are a few of Judy's choice comments--

http://twitter.com/JudyCornett and http://safetyzoneadvocacy.blogspot.com/]


WarpedOhio said...

Piss off Justin. By the way, what you sent me was an illegal threat. Thanks for proving how stupid vigilante scum truly is!

Anonymous said...

okay first of all... were you ever brutally raped and left for dead when you were 11? If not then how do you know the effects of a very traumatic experience as a young child? Im not saying that as an adult its okay to use it as an excuse for the bad choices Jason has made. What if it would have never happened to him? I guarantee you he would be a completely different person. I know Judy personally, and I love her I think what she is doing is amazing. She helps so many families. Not only does she help the victims and their families through their traumatic experience, she also helps in many other ways. I couldn't sit here and tell you all the positive things she does for our community we would be here all day. She is a positive role model.She has busted several child molesters with children in their possession at the time. So you are saying that what she is doing is wrong, right? So it was okay for Kevin Kinder to take her sons innocence? Hurt him and make him wish he was dead at 11? Could you imagine that happening to you at 11? Do you have kids? I do. I have four girls and I can honestly say that if someone does that to one of my children they will never be able to get rid of me. I am glad that she is out there getting them dirtbags off the street.Im just saying that if she wasnt out there getting them off the streets maybe your son or daughter will be safer.

Once Fallen said...

Why do all these idiots post anonymously?

First of all, two wrongs do not make a right. I'm sick of people taking up for this man who tried to kill two people while robbing them. That has nothing to do with the fact he is a hardened criminal. Quit making excuses for him. Maybe he can get the help he needs in prison that his mother failed to get him.

Judy Cornett is a vigilante thug so it is obvious where Jason Flores got it from.

Two wrongs do not make a right. Harassing neighborhood registrants is illegal, though Florida turns a blind eye to it. Judy Cornett makes things worse, not better, by her antics. She needs to be arrested, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...


Judy (mad as a hornet)Cornett's user name on absolute zero united (AZU) and, the now defunct, Perverted Justice is JACEY. This psychopath also posts under the same name on corrupted-justice which too, has all but shut down.

Anonymous said...

Judy's a shitty whorebag biker (cough) "Mom" who couldn't keep a man. Her boys had no daddy, just a bunch of loser drunk boyfriends Judy drug home over the years. Great role model for the kiddos. JACEY aka Judy Cornett better watch her back! She's a notorious cock sucking slut and she swallows too. Just ask her buddy PO Paul.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you some insight on Absolute Zero, I have never been a member of their site nor any other vigilante site.It is disturbing that someone would think that is me. I have never posted on that sight. I wish I could find out who started that rumor.

As far as drugs in my home, hell no, I am 100% against drugs and always have been. The person who posted the slanderous lies, shame on you. As far as my son, yes he did wrong unfortunately, the truth was not told, we elected not to go to trial. There was no home invasion, no attempted murder...it was a pill mill, pill dealer, my son and his 2 friends had an altercation...went from bad to real bad...still doesn't make it right. 2 roads for drug abuse: Death or Prison.

I never post on S.O. blogs and usually don't read them. You are intitled to fight for your beliefs as I am. I no longer classify all Sex Offenders under the same umbrella. I am geared more to educating on Sexual Predators/baby rapers/child molesters. Not all Sex Offenders are a threat. Wow, I bet your surprised to hear that? :)

Thanks for posting :)

oncefallendotcom said...

Why post anonymously then? Unfortunately, I don't know who posts here when they sign the name Anonymous.

AZU boasted of working with Judy Cornett, they posted pictures of support from Judy Cornett, and Judy Cornett was at the Ohio Rally with members of AZU and BACA. You were on 20/20 with that looney Petra Luna/ Barbara Ochoa, another AZU talking head. As far as who started that rumor, look no further than AZU.

It has been accepted by a number of people that Judy Cornett is "Jacey" of AZU, because Jacey-->JC-->Judy Cornett. It has not helped Judy Cornett her blog posts were filled with hate and anger, which are all now deleted from most of the internet.

At the time I wrote this I went on two things:

1. You are Jacey of AZU fame

2. The news report on your son's case.

Having AU support guarantees you are cast as a crazy vigilante. Considering you are still friends with the likes of Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst and Tracy WASP Ohio Golden, people will just continue to assume you're Jacey.

Personally after talks with others I'm convinced the one known as Jacey is actually the one who identified herself as Jessica Cherchio, a friend of Tracy Golden from WASP Ohio rather than Judy Cornett.