Friday, May 14, 2010

I wonder how TSand's victim felt

AZU's personal lackey TSand recently decided to impersonate a victim on his blog [word of advice, TSand, try to at least get the personal info right next time] in addition to impersonating me back at AZU, and on his blog, he offers up this comment:

Seeing as how Clay Keys can be located on the sex offender registry in Florida, seeing as how he's done his share of activism and has his OWN Wikisposure page, I was just wonder what TSand has done to make atonement for HIS victim. I wonder what kind of justice TSand's victim would want, and how he or she feels about a so-called "victim advocate" group like AZU supporting TSand.

Grow up, Clay. You're still holding a grudge simply because you got slighted by someone over a year ago and I wouldn't support your quest for revenge, so you go to the enemy out of spite. The more you protest along with AZU, the more foolish you and AZU are looking. Ids it any wonder that NO ONE EVER takes you clowns seriously? Everyone point and laugh at AZU!


Voice of Reason said...

It never ceases to amaze me the double standards of the AZU crowd. They advocate such draconian, punitive punishments for former sex offenders and yet think they have the right to give a golden pass to anyone who supports them. Jeremy and Clay are as bad as any other sex offender and yet AZU never hold them to account in the same way as they do others. If I was one of Jeremy and Clay's multiple victims I'd be feeling pretty angry about the lack of accountability AZU asks of them. They may be towing the party line at AZU but that doesn't help the children they abused.

Once Fallen said...

AZU couldn't give a rat's ass about victims. Hell, they even lie about having victim status. It is all about the "lulz" for them. Whether they hurt true victim or RSO or anyone else, they don't care as long as they get off on making people's lives a living hell. f I turned on my fellow advocates like Clay and Jeremy and made fun of them like I was back in junior high, AZU would be kissing my ass. Well they can kiss my ass but that'll never happen in a billion years! Next time Clay decides to impersonate me or my victim, he needs to get the facts straight.

Hey VoR, did you see Clay impersonating my victim on my anti-vigilante petition? He didn't even get the residence right!

Anonymous said...

Someone should go pay Clay Keys a visit and fuck him up!

Voice of Reason said...

Yeah, I saw that and left my own comment. I also left a comment on his blog but he's too gutless to publish it. He's truly a pathetic human being and so incredibly dim. As if your victim would still be describing herself as an 11 year old girl. He's such a transparent little shit that it's obvious when he's pretending to be you or your victim. Surely even he's not stupid enough to believe he's convincing anyone

Once Fallen said...

I think it is funny how his latest assault on me includes this, and how ol' Stitches 77 gives him a pat on the back. I remember just a few months ago how TSand was using poor Jessica Lunsford's face as an avatar and Stitches 77 going off about it. Hypocrisy at AZU is at an all-time high.