Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another brain fart, courtesy of Stitches 77

Here is another brain fart by the head idiot over at AZU, Stitches 77. Above, Stitches states Mary does not believe anyone should be on a public registry "except for people who criticize her views of course." And she posts a link to MY anti-vigilante petition. See link below:

It boldly states the anti-vigilante bill was created by me and posted at, NOT by Mary Duval. Nor does the petition state the database of individuals participating on sites like Absolute Zero United be on a PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE registry. However, places like AZU should be closely monitored. After reading many of the comments well documented here at the anti-AZU site, it is easy to see why. So show YOUR support by signing this all-important petition!

Speaking of Mary Duval, if you want the truth about what she's saying, and not the AZU interpretation, the listen to her show, American's Reality Check Radio. . Go listen for yourself, and see even more examples of how AZU gets it wrong.


Once Fallen said...

To the certain CUNT that keeps trying to post my comments,

I don't post your comments because AZU never posts mine, unless you count those times they impersonate me to try to stir up shit.

You try to stir me up by calling me a "coward." Really? Then why hide behind an anonymous name? I think every member of Perverted Justice, Absolute Zero United, and their supporters are all quivering cowards. I really wish JUST ONCE, one of you cowardly fucks would do more than talk shit. But you won't.

I don't answer to you or to anyone that supports you.

You have no power, by the way.

Unlike you, I have a life outside of this website, and it just eats away at you. That's why you feel the need to try to stir up shit. You wait every day for the latest update just to get a fix. Well guess what? It's not working. I am enjoying my life. Unlike you. Stop wasting your time here, AZU members NEVER have a voice here.

truth teller said...

once fallen
you need to check out my blog
i busted absolute zero and acme cleaning service
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