Saturday, September 24, 2016

Level 2 Michigan sex offender Shaun Webb supports yet another "Anti" website

Because Shaun Webb needs reminding about how those he thinks are his allies really feel about him. 
The 300 pound self-loathing crybaby sex offender Shaun WAAAHHHHHbb has taken his personal feud to continuous lows the more he opens his fat mouth. After a one month absence, I returned to this blog to find yet another barrage of Shaun Webb's shitposting, this time attacking a reader who is posting stories of vigilante violence in the comments section. As usual, I flag his shitposts as spam because he's just an attention whore. 

You see, Shaun Webb comes here to this page, leaves a number of shitposts, then waits for a response so he can act like a victim and claim I'm bullying him. However, time stamps don't lie:

I generally don't post his nonsense because his rants are as incoherent and full of grammar errors as his self-published drivel. On 9/12 I was too busy preparing for the RSOL Conference to even check the comments (obviously, comments here are moderated because trolls get no voice here), so I never noticed these comments were in queue until the 20th. 

On the 14th, as I headed out to the conference in Atlanta to meet up with fellow activists and indulge in some fried Alligator, Shaun Webb, being the unimaginative prick that he is, decided to update my personal information on the Anti site "Encyclopedia Dramatica" under the name "Codywest481." (You see, this is why he is so unimaginative-- he signs up using the name of his dog, Cody, as well as the last name of the alias "West" he gave himself when writing about his conviction in "A Motion For Innocence." 

Seriously, the best name you could devise was "Cody" (your dog) West (your alias in your shitty book)"?
Shaun's obsession with me gets worse and worse with every insane rant he makes. And so he claims yet again, in spite of his constant spamming of MY blog and the fact he stooped low enough to update Encyclopedia Dramatica's Evil Unveiled shitpost with my current address and a few of Shaun's choice lies, that i'm the one obsessed with him. Speaking of shitposting and obsession, here is a brief breakdown of Shaun Webb's shitposting:

Days in 2016 containing at least one Shaun Webb shitpost-- 35
Number of total shitposts for 2016 to date-- 77
Date with most shitposts-- May 29 (9 shitposts)

That's an awful lot of shitposting by a sad, pathetic 300 pound pile of bovine excrement. But yet, he wants to claim I'm obsessed with him because once a month, i respond to him, mostly to call him out on a lie. Here is a good lie he was busted on, for example:

Lets see, according to WAAHHHHbb, I received no "press," so ABC 10 (twice) and Courthouse News Service was hacked and cleverly edited to put me in the story, I take it. I somehow cloned Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 Sacramento and had her sneak into the building and replace footage without me with footage of me. And I photoshopped myself into the video Peter Griffin style. Riiiiight. Okay then. 

Oh, and don't forget that time he claims he got me kicked off Dr Drew:

Maybe Dr. Drew cloned me or something. Who is obsessed with who? This blog exposes anti-Registrant trolls, even if that troll IS a registrant himself. Shaun Webb has now promoted both ED and Chuck Roderick's extortion sites on his blog. No doubt the bitch will hide this indiscretion once he realizes he is caught in yet another embarrassing situation, But I'll just leave this screenshot here so he can't claim he never made these posts. Shaun Webb is obsessed with me the same way his beloved Valigator was, and I suppose Shaun WAAHHHHHbb will be trying to conduct #OpDereksTears w/o the skank. 

LOL at the jealousy part, BTW. He has written half a dozen books but hadn't even sold more than a couple hundred books. I bet the authors at the RSOL Conference sold more books just at the conference than Webb has sold all year. Why he is obsessed with the one ebook I wrote a decade ago is beyond me, as is his unhealthy obsession with my weight (why he's obsessed with the number 270 is the same reason he uses the same screen names over and over-- Jody, Cody, and Marcie have been used numerous times). I haven't promoted my book in years and even offer it on my website for free, so why would I care about his silly book sales? I do know he had to max out his credit card to make ends meet, so he obviously isn't doing all that great. 

In regards to Amazon, Shaun WAAHHHbb lobbied hard to gets every bad review removed from the site, not just mine. No, my account was never suspended, despite his claims, but Shaun did pay a service to get the negative reviews removed. That's a lot of whining over a negative review for books ranked #1,698,097 (Lost Youth) and #2,971,090 (A Motion for Innocence) in Books on Amazon. What a joke. 

Botom line, Shaun WAAHHHHHbb is a 300+ pound whiny bitch who can't write and sucks at lying. Shaun, just retire already. Every time you try to take me on, I destroy you. 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Update we have another vigilante being exposed as a phony for being a gun smuggler while calling himself anti drugs. Wow now the vigilante exposed for being a person who abandoned his daughter. also the downside of vigilante action leads to insane consequences.

Anonymous said...

Well Shaun Webb is insane though!

oncefallendotcom said...

Yes, Shaun Webb's elevator doesn't reach the top floor.

He has been caught in more lies than both presidential candidates but he's sticking to his guns. He denies editing Encyclopedia Dramatica despite using the same tired names he uses when trolling me on the internet, even adding that "270" number for my weight to the site he has stated numerous times. I guess he's too fucking stupid to figure out that any site that uses a Wiki format shows "Revision History." Well, in his book "A Motion For Innocence," he gives himself the alias "Sean West." His dog's name is Cody, as noted publicly in the Detroit Free Press. His pathetic attempt at denial is silly, actually, and just makes him look like a bigger fool than he really is. Shaun isn't too good of a liar. What he does not realize is no one takes ED seriously. Even the website states it is a parody site, not unlike like how Shaun WAAAAHHHHbb is a parody of a legitimate writer.

As far as Shaun Webb's credit card woes, does he really want me to show a screenshot of Paypal to prove my point?

And yes, he's very uncreative. He tried writing a novel about cyberbullying (unfinished because he couldn't find enough material to cut-and-paste), and he named the character Jody. He also wrote a lot about Jodi Arias before he deleted his old blog after being trolled by Valigator. Hence the Jody name. Marcie was a name he used three times while trolling people on GoodReads. (He's not good at covering his tracks, because he feels the need to always self-promote his books.)

In his latest post, he quotes Valigator's defunct shitblog as a legitimate resource, whereas I haven't posted anything about him that is untrue. That'll tell you all you need about the 300-lb no-talent hack that is Shaun Webb. How many more times do I have to prove him to be a obsessive pathological liar?

Anonymous said...

Damn Now we have people more insane than Shaun Webb and Valigator in Canada. Creep Catchers Canada are now facing Cyberbulling allegations for causing a mentally ill person to die by suicide after a confrontation. Damn these people running Creep Catchers Canada need to be permanently in a mental institution if these allegations get crazier.

Sure here in the USA we have similar issues like that recent Police Shooting in San Diego. Once the FBI, Black Lives Matter and the media get a hold of video showing police brutality allegations that officer gets federal investigation and we always find out that the dead person in the police shooting was mentally ill.

Anonymous said... Dude Absolute Zero theres crazier and shittier people besides Shaun Webb. Theres Pedro Filho a mass murderer from Brazil who claimed to have killed 100 prisoners to lower Brazils Crime rate in the 1970's he rival Dexter and Manuel Pardo by 10x. But subsequent evidence showed that Filho was more insane than Dexter.

Then there was this it was part of a prohibition policy in the Philippines gone insane.

Then Theres a Canadian Perverted Justice they are in a clash with Canadian Law Enforcement over civil rights violation in their handling of alleged pedo investigations.

All in all we need to go after the big fish here and its Creep Catchers canada.

oncefallendotcom said...

Shaun, I will never remove the articles I have posted about you here because even if you do stop your bullshit (which I know you won't, since you've already claimed you were going to stop you stupidity at least a dozen times), the fact remains you not only sided with Valigator, you went to Encyclopedia Dramatica and posted your trash about me. If you have done this to me you will do this to others, and thus it is my job to warn fellow activists of your bad behavior.

YOU created this mess, dude. I didn't "out-troll" you, I just let you make an ass of yourself and dig your own grave. YOU made the choice to come here and post shit about me then cry to Val and edit the ED article. This is the consequence of your actions. If you want a truce, then stop coming to my blog and spewing your shit. You don't attack someone from behind and expect not to get hit in return. You have a lot of growing up to do, and quite frankly, there is absolutely nothing you can say or do to ever earn my trust or forgiveness again. The best you can do is keep my name out of your shit blog and stop posting here, and maybe I won't have to waste time exposing you again.

Anonymous said...

Absolute Zero United Shaun is nothing more than Katrina Pierson of the Valigator operations. Shaun Webb as you describe him as nothing more than he must say everything Valigator told him to do or else he gets fired. This is similar to Mike Pence and Katrina Pierson they must say everything Trump Ordered them to say or else they get fired.

Anonymous said...

Yes the same Donald Trump who called for the death penalty for rapists and attacked Clinton for rape allegations is now on the defensive for his actions. Damn now Paul Lepage of Maine is getting his hypocrisy treatment now his allies are getting the valigator treatment.

Anonymous said...

Damn Donald Trump has managed to be Shaun Webb with a political seat. First of All Trump is like Shaun Webb on steroids because he bashes innocent Central park 5 people with rape while Trump is facing rape allegations himself. To put it this way he's a bigger hypocrite than Perverted Justice, Absolute Zero United, NPFP and Creep Catchers Canada Combined.

Anonymous said...

Damn Donald Trump has managed to be Shaun Webb with a political seat. First of All Trump is like Shaun Webb on steroids because he bashes innocent Central park 5 people with rape while Trump is facing rape allegations himself. To put it this way he's a bigger hypocrite than Perverted Justice, Absolute Zero United, NPFP and Creep Catchers Canada Combined.

Anonymous said...

Absolute Zero Unites have you seen this movie called "The Filipino Police Force is Getting Away With Murder"

Yes this is a case where vigilante groups have went out to kill registered "Drug Cartels" or Registered "Drug Addicts" in the Philippines it turns out the Vigilante groups, Law Enforcement and Politicians all coordinate to do summary executions on registered people in the Philippines to reduce their crime rate. And Yes the killers who do kill drug dealers turn out to be former drug addicts and mentally insane people in some cases. or the vigilantes have ties to terrorist organizations too. Yes Scapegoating drug addicts is a major issue in the Philippines. But the insanity gets magnified in this case because the drug addicts turn out to be mentally disabled too. Its like the Pedro Filho case in Brazil and the Manny Pardo case on steroids.

Yes also a mayor got killed by a vigilante group in the Philippines because he was accused of being a cartel leader.

These people make our vigilantes look Amateurish. Note I still struggle to reform my self from being radicalized by vigilantes. On one hand I thought Davao Death Squad was cool because they kill the "Drug Cartels" like RAAD in Ireland does.
I was also radicalized by people like Patrick Drum, Stephen A. Marshall and Creep Catchers, Micah Naziri. I thought if vigilantes kill rapists then America will be safe. But I was proven wrong again once I realized that its possible for some rape victims to somehow attempt to regain their sanity and the "Hero" to get more damaged than the victims and original perps combined. See David Carlson and the Mamadou Diallo cases in New York State they both killed rapists during a police capture attempt and rescue attempt. THe question is really can you reform a "radicalized Vigilante" In your posts it suggest thats impossible.

Anonymous said...

another creep cathers incident at play here.