Sunday, September 4, 2016

Is the news media promoting vigilante violence against Brock Turner?

The news media is jumping all over the case of Brock Turner's release and the subsequent protest. Before I move on, lets read the disclaimer on the front page of the Ohio registry website:

When folks stand outside of someone's house with assault weapons and threaten murder and rape of another human being, that is harassment, a violation of Ohio law. Look at these pictures and tell me you would not find them threatening:

Obviously, the police aren't arresting these thugs, but the news media is covering these thugs in a positive light. Even worse, they are defending the actions of these "open carry" punks with Anonymous masks. (Anonymous is already a pathetic joke, and at times, a hypocrite). But my simple comment on the ABC News site got me permanently banned from posting comments:

Protesters Gather Outside Brock Turner's Family Home in Ohio
oncefallendotcom  12 hours ago
These "protesters" are engaging in criminal activity. They aren't protesting but harassing in violation of the law. 

It is interesting this comment was removed, but there are some far more derogatory comments that remain:

Jay Pee  Exarchrav • 14 hours ago
Why is it wrong? His neighbors are sending him a message that rapists who didn't pay for their crimes are not welcomed there. Would you rather they anonymously throw bricks through the windows instead?

Bill Keeling • 21 hours ago
Welcome home Brock, You make your Mom, and Dad proud. Your neighbors will be happy to see you around. Some will want to take you hunting. You should go with them.

Jay Pee  Guest • 14 hours ago
Ok ... I wouldn't hang out drinking with Brock if I were you ... Might end up with his finger up your butt one night

MsT-Mac • 14 hours ago
All these comments in support of the rapist is unbelievable. I haven't followed this story, but this guy has to be white. Must be.

lucey1  TexasVulcan • 11 hours ago
They can make his life miserable, which is what he deserves.

Liars N. Fools • 13 hours ago
Hound him. That is the right thing to do since the judge did not do the right thing.

I get it, some folks are unhappy Brock Turner got such a "light sentence." Life on the registry IS a life sentence, however. Having a bunch of gun nuts wearing Gay Fawkes masks at your doorstep doesn't help matters. Having the media endorse and support these thugs is worse.

ADDENDUM: I was on the Dr Drew show last night discussing this case, and I got my opportunity to publicly condemn these vigilante scumbags. (PS: It seems I caught 300+ pound liar Shaun Webb in yet another lie, as he claimed he personally made sure I'd never be on the show again. LOL):


Kabalen Kabayan said...

have any of these insane people seen the mundane matt video. interestingly enough some supposed rape victims have commented on this video and said that vigilante violence is wrong and will be more insane in the comments section. Well here in California we also have another target the judge on the Brock Turner Rape Scandal was also been given death threats and a recall in the process. Sure I agree the scandal was handled poorly but even victims don't support stuff like this. If the judge recommended Long term psychological help and rehab for both Turner and the victims then this would not be an issue now.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Well Good luck to these people do any of these people remember what Happened to Elle Nesler she shot and killer her child's supposed abuser and oddly enough, Willie Nesler got more damaged from the vigilante act than the abuse itself. See Willie Nesler became more damaged from his mom's "Rescue". See even if you somehow legally kill Brock Turner because of your anger you will be revealed to be more insane than Turners family and the original victims family.

See Stehphen A. Marshall, Patrick Drum, Chris Carroll UK, the RAAD, Christine Moody, Michael Anthony Mullen, JP Orlewicz and now Joseph Thoresen for details why we can't have vigilantism. It leads to new insanity.

But then again we honor vigilantes because of the self defense reasons

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Anybody heard of Mamadou Diallo? He killed an alleged rapist who was attempting to go after his wife. Diallo went after Earl Nash because Diallo thought Nash was about to break into neighbors living areas in the apartment complex. Damn Diallo is going to be permanently damaged from this incident. Umm Absolute Zero Unites, Is there any cases where a Vigilante somehow managed to restore their sanity??

If Victims of Abuse and the perpetrators can somehow restore their sanity with various means.

Can people like Diallo ever restore their sanity? But this was classified as a rescue attempt.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Heres a clip why we can't jump the gun on abuse claims by Mundane Matt

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Well You have some articles that tried to reveal the leaders of this militant group that has occupied

Turner's family home in Ohio. This is like the Annon Bundy tactics though but with different people somehow connected to the NRA.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Damn Somebody in Ohio managed to commit a vigilante crime that rivals the militants standing at Brock Turners house.

""Two Toledo men who took part in a brutal assault on a 17-year-old boy were sentenced Friday to four years in prison.

Kenyante Hamilton, 22, of the 700 block of North Erie Street, and Jerry Buchanan, 25, of the 2000 block of 13th Street, both pleaded guilty Aug. 22 in Lucas County Common Pleas Court to felonious assault for a Dec. 9, 2014, attack on a young man they mistakenly believed had raped a woman they knew.

The victim was dragged into an abandoned house, beaten, stripped of his clothing, and sodomized.

Defense attorneys told Judge Dean Mandros that Hamilton and Buchanan had no — or minimal — criminal records and had not played major roles in the attack.

Frank Spryszak, an assistant county prosecutor, recommended a two-year sentence for each of them, whom he called “less culpable” than Tyrus Thompson, 19, who is serving seven years in prison for felonious assault in the case, and Michael Buchanan, 19, who is to be sentenced Tuesday for felonious assault.

“Mr. Thompson was the one who set the whole scenario up and was the one who lured the victim into the circumstance, and Michael Buchanan, in my opinion, is the one who was involved in actually sodomizing the victim,” he said.

Judge Mandros noted the minimal records of Hamilton and Jerry Buchanan, but said he had to look beyond that.

“It’s tempting to focus on you gentlemen solely, but what I’m obligated to do is keep in mind the victim in this case and to keep in mind what happened to him,” Judge Mandros said.

While it’s difficult to say for certain who did what, Judge Mandros said the facts are that a young woman was raped and the victim's assailants attempted to obtain “street justice” by violently attacking him.

The victim in this case was subsequently arrested for her rape, although the charge was later dismissed after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime.

It was “a tragedy upon a tragedy upon a tragedy,” the judge said, adding that anyone who aids and abets criminal conduct is just as guilty as the principal offenders.

Both Hamilton and Jerry Buchanan apologized to the court, the victim, and to their families, adding they thought they were helping a friend that night.""

Former Vigilantes united said... very true

Former Vigilantes united said...

now we have clown hunters name came from creep catchers.

Former Vigilantes united said...

New Vigilante issue the Mayor of a philippine city has been killed off by vigilantes on the grounds that he was a drug cartel leader.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Update David Carlson is Guilty of Manslaughter according to CBS News and Fox News.