Friday, October 7, 2016

No Peace For Predators costs an innocent man his job and is now on the defensive

From the mouths of the dumbest "Anti" group on the internet today:

"There comes a time when everyone is wrong. We lost our way in calling out an "offender" who didn't belong on the registry in the first place. We are "No Peace For Predators". Not offenders. We made this man lose his job and his means to provide for his family because of the flaws in the registry. While we have a noble cause, it is possible to go in the wrong direction. So as we gather more information, know that a full retraction of our previous statement is coming. The system is broken and we can't blame the innocent for the actions of a few." 

They were wrong. DEAD WRONG. They lost their way? Their entire existence was based on bullying people on the registry. Their FB vover art is of a burning building. They celebrate stories of vigilantes who attacked or murdered accused "sex offenders." I'd say their way was lost to begin with. Noble cause? When is criminal activity a noble cause? 

A retraction won't be enough. How about you compensate this man for the harm you sorry pieces of shit have caused? But they don't have the BALLS to pay this man for their wrongful actions. 

I don't watch their every move like they have mine for half a decade. Thus, I don't know who their victim was, but I hope this victim sues this thuggish group, and if he does, I'd be willing to testify and offer the information on his blog to prove the disgusting antics of David Rowe, Britt P. Warden, Peter(less) Mason, and the NPFP supporters. 


Kabalen Kabayan said...

Even Creep Catchers Canada are facing similar allegations to No Peace for Predators USA.
Now Creep Catchers Canada are under investigation for Bullying a mentally ill woman to death they accuse of being a rapist and a Canadian Police officer they accuse of being a child abuser. Yes NPFP should be sued in federal court here in the USA for profiling, Civil Rights violations and corruption.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

The only way possible to stop vigilantism from spreading are 2 fold one is fund the mental hospitals. and yes also have the FBI investigate politicians who incite vigilante violence. in this case Paul Lepage the Governor in Maine is basically calling for vigilante violence/ jihad against Accused Drug dealers. Lepage is basically NPFP with a political seat and Creep catchers Canada with a political seat.

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Update Creep catchers investigation

Kabalen Kabayan said...

Update more violations come out on Creep Catchers Canada. This group is insane they run into scandals on purpose.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Absolute Zero Unites you might want to look at the David Carlson Case in New York state. We have an issue of a neighborhood watch person who wanted to cooperate with police over a fugitive but ended up killing a fugitive in the process. I See the phrase "Blame the Hero" at play here. Yes I heard of "Blame the victim" before but I didn't realize that the "Hero" who killed the fugitive will end up more damaged than the original victims of the deceased fugitive.

Former Vigilantes united said...

New Update about vigilantes

Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...

Damn They make Christine moody look like amateurs.

Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...
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Former Vigilantes united said...

Now an app called Vigilnate got gotten in hot water with apple and law enforcement in New York.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Update David Carlson is Guilty of Manslaughter.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Here's an update for Jay Maynor and is sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Damn Jay Maynor got 40 years for shooting her daughter's Rapist. This is insane though
but not shocking now these people are more damaged than originally thought.

I think you Absolute Zero Unites had evidence that Jay Maynor has other issues prior to this latest verdict you have him as Domestic abuser and drug addict in some of your articles

Former Vigilantes united said...

and we have another vigilante case from Hawaii

By Graham Milldrum West Hawaii Today
KEALAKEKUA — The man allegedly involved in a vigilante killing Oct. 14 in Kailua-Kona pleaded not guilty to murder and other offenses on Wednesday.

Gafatasi Napoleon, 29, of Kailua-Kona, is charged with second-degree murder, unlawful control of a propelled vehicle, third-degree promotion of a dangerous drug and fourth-degree property damage.

Third Circuit Chief Justice Ronald Ibarra set Napoleon’s trial for March 7.

Napoleon’s bail is $271,000, $250,000 of which is for the murder charge. Ibarra asked if court-appointed defense attorney Robert Kim was going to ask for a bond reduction.

Kim said he would be filing a motion when it was appropriate.

Napoleon allegedly killed Alanaokala Solomon Covington with a shotgun shot to the chest on Oct. 14 near one of the homeless camps at the intersection of Queen Kaahumanu Highway and Henry Street.

Covington had been accused of sexually assaulting four women, including Napoleon’s girlfriend, Rex King, a witness to the killing, testified at a previous hearing.

King said three women had individually approached him earlier with the accusations. Napoleon’s girlfriend was the fourth alleged victim.

Throughout Oct. 14 Napoleon was intense and serious all day, unlike his normal calm demeanor, King said.

King said it was their intent to assault Covington, 36, possibly sending him to the hospital, but he never thought to kill Covington.

“I knew we were going to beat the (expletive) out of somebody,” King testified Oct. 26, adding that Napoleon did not seem upset after the incident. “He didn’t panic, he didn’t freak out. But neither did I.”

Napoleon seemed to feel justified after the shooting, King said.

Napoleon allegedly had King help him remove the body on Oct. 16 from where it had been laying.

Allegedly Napoleon was driving Covington’s Toyota Tacoma truck after the killing. The truck had been repainted from silver to black. An officer testified that he recognized the vehicle, as he’d ordered Covington to move it several times.

That was the truck used to move the body, police said. The body was buried under lava rock and dry cement near mile maker 27 of Highway 190.

Napoleon was arrested at the scene of an extensive graffiti display on a Kailua-Kona street that showed what appears to be shackled prisoner standing on a skull with the word “RAPIST” on it with a message that seems to justify taking matters into one’s own hands.

Covington is survived by a daughter, his parents, two brothers and a sister. He was a former field manager for Waiaka Farm and a member of Mana Christian Ohana, according to an obituary in West Hawaii Today.

The visitation for Covington will be from 8-10 a.m. Saturday at Imiola Congregational Church in Waimea, with a service at 10.

oncefallendotcom said...

I've been having a field day with the Maynor case.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Umm Once Fallen dot com I think your going to have a bigger field day than you think because you have two verdicts in New York State and Alabama all involving "Heroes" killing alleged fugitives and rapists.

In New York State David Carlson is now getting an appeal according to his lawyers and Jay Maynor. They both claim that the court is rigged against the hero and hero blaming is at play here. Also they claim that that was self defense for the original victim. They also say the judge is corrupt and they claim that dead rapists are rigging the jury too and victims are not getting treated any better. Also theres another argument from the supporters of David Carlson I was helping the Police card is at play too the the police is hero blaming me here.

In Alabama apparently the original victim ended up more damaged and have more nightmares from the fact that Jay Maynor will get 40 years in prison for doing "The Right Thing". Well This only proves that you can't heal a vigilante. and the Alleged Hero will end more more damaged than any of the original victims. I once supported people like this myself until I started reading articles that the vigilante will end up more damaged than the original victims right here and the Emmitt Till Case where vigilantism can damage a society dramatically and lead to push back.

Here is New York Post article for David Carlson in the New York Verdicts


Man who killed ex's beau and sent texts from his phone gets 25 years to life

Man sentenced to jail after using Cheetos to set ex's home on fire

Dad who left toddler to die in hot car found guilty of murder

The big question left unanswered in the Bridgegate trial
The upstate carpenter convicted Monday of killing a rape suspect will appeal, as the dead man’s sister declared “justice was done.”

An Orange County jury found David Carlson, 45, guilty of first-degree manslaughter for blasting Norris Acosta Sanchez, 39, in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun in Sparrowbush.

The Oct. 11, 2013 killing occurred after Acosta-Sanchez, a Hunter College graduate charged with statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl in Ramapo, twice escaped from police.

Carlson claimed he acted in self-defense when Acosta-Sanchez lunged at him, and neighbors hailed Carlson as a hero for trying to capture the fugitive.

But the jury concluded he didn’t have to kill the unarmed man — whom Carlson had already shot in the shoulder.

“It was brutal,” Acosta-Sanchez’s sister told The Post. “My brother was a very good person and didn’t deserve to die like an animal.”

She claimed her brother had “consensual” sex with the underage girl.

She said Acosta-Sanchez “thought Carlson was his friend, and went back to ask for help” after eluding a SWAT team that raided the nearby cabin where he was hiding. It was the second time he had fled from cops.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Creep Catchers Canada are facing similar allegations for ousting an innocent man like the No Peach for Predators report.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Heres more crazy Vigilante attacks for this holiday season.

Former Vigilantes united said...

2 vigilantes killed by terrorists.

and a play in the Philippines about the downside of vigilantism

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

GLASGOW, Va. (WSET) -- Multiple charges could be coming for two teens accused of vigilante justice.
Rockbridge County deputies are still doing interviews into a case of a double catfish.
Sunday afternoon, the sheriff's office was called about a fight in the Glasgow area. At that same time, they also got calls about a fight that had been posted on Facebook.
After talking to Elijah Bobbitt, the man beaten up in the fight, they realized the two fights were actually the same.
But the case soon got trickier for law enforcement. A few days before two teen boys were messaging on Facebook ,with what they thought was a woman, and those messages turned sexual, according to Captain Tony McFaddin. McFaddin says the boys found out it was actually a man, so they decided to lure him to one of the boy's houses.

One of the teens involved says that isn't the case. The teen, whose name is being withheld due to his age, says the man was posing online as a girl named "Sammy Floyd." He went on to say that "Sammy" told the teens that to have sexual relations with her, they would have to have sex with a guy.
When Bobbitt got to the house, deputies say one of the boys started beating him up while the other recorded it. That is confirmed by the teen who said he beat up Bobbitt while his friend laughed.
The teen says he did it to "protect the kids of my community."
Bobbitt is a convicted sex offender, and according to the terms of his release, he is not to be talking online to anyone. If deputies confirm it was him online, he could be going back behind bars.
But so could the teens. McFaddin explained, "We don't want sexual predators preying on our children but we need to use law enforcement to take care of that versus this vigilante type justice."
The teens say they didn't know who the man was, or that he had been previously charged until after he left the teen's house. The teen says, he learned who the man was from his neighbors.
The video of the fight, and the video of the teen planning the ambush have both been pulled from Facebook.
The teens are being called heroes by many people on social media, but the sheriff's office says they have also received messages of people condemning all three people involved.

Creep Catchers America! and this is insane.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

An UK Vigilante is accused of killing a disabled person he accuses of being a paedophile. He is really a disabled person on Dialysis.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

Heres a take by the BBC News.