Monday, November 28, 2016

Alabama vigilante Jay Maynor shot a man in cold blood and shot into a building full of kids, yet people think he is a "hero"

I covered the story of Cullman AL vigilante thug Jay Maynor back when the story first broke in June 2014.Here are some basic facts of the case:

The day of the murder, Jay Maynor got into an argument with his stepdaughter’s boyfriend (investigators say there was “bad blood” between the two men), and apparently, somewhere along the way, the boyfriend used the sexual abuse narrative to criticize Maynor, sending him into a rage. Maynor pulled out a gun and shot into the Berlin Quick Mart gas station where the boyfriend was sitting. Theere was apparently a child's birthday party taking place nearby at the time, and the bullet came within a few feet of hitting a child. Maynor then went to the home of Raymond Earl Brooks and ambushed him, killing him in the home of his parents.

At Maynor’s bond hearing, “Cullman County District Attorney Wilson Blaylock called two witnesses, Jeremy Trimble and Bobby Weeks, who were present for the gas station shooting. Trimble testified he was present in the store at the time of the shooting and claimed one of the stray bullets came within 10 feet of hitting his child. ‘I was alarmed for my son’s safety and it made my heart stop,” he said. “He tried to shoot someone and shot another man.’Weeks was attending a child’s birthday party at the karaoke business located beside the gas station and said he heard a gun shot then looked outside to see Maynor with a gun drawn chasing another man. At that point, Weeks said he gathered the children together and took them inside for safety. ‘It sounded like he was yelling, ‘Come here you motherfucker,’ Weeks testified. ‘It scared me and the kids."

“Mike Hays, who cooks and operates a small barbecue restaurant inside Berlin Plaza Quick Stop, where the shooting occurred, said he came face-to-face with the shooter after the man opened fire outside and then entered the store looking for his intended victim, who wasn't hurt. ‘People here are calling him a hero for killing a child molester. I'm calling him a psychopathic lunatic for endangering peoples' lives, including mine,’ Hays said. After stopping his motorcycle at an intersection outside the store, the father fired once at a man who was standing beside an ice cooler, Hays said. The bullet entered an exterior wall of the store and chipped a window but no one was injured. Hays said he retrieved his own weapon and confronted [Maynor] near the cash register. ‘He had the gun down by his side. He was calm, as calm as you are standing there now. But he had that look in his eye,’ said Hays. ‘I have no problem with him shooting a child molester, just not 12 years later. If it was my daughter he would have died back in 2002.’”

“Brooks' father, Ralph Brooks, told WBRC-TV in Birmingham that his son did not deserve to die. He said Raymond Earl Brooks turned his life around after his conviction and lived a godly life that included being active in his church. Because his son's conviction happened so long ago, he said he couldn't be sure if the shooting was a form of revenge. ‘It would be unbelievable to hold animosity in your heart for 12 years,’ Brooks said.”

It should not be surprising with anyone that Jay Maynor had a criminal history. Maynor had made several court appearances over the years—once for DUI and three times for domestic violence (though the domestic violence charges were eventually dropped). It is laughable Maynor’s defense attorney brought these prior charges up in attempt to show the court that Maynor would come to court responsibly and should thus receive a lower bond. Thankfully bail was not reduced.

Ultimately, Jaybird became a Jaylbird for 40 years, because let's face it, he is a dangerous vigilante scumbag. Good fucking riddance.

Despite these facts-- murdering a man 12 years after the fact and only after getting angry with his daughter's boyfriend and trying to shoot him instead-- people want to call this thug a hero:

Not everyone is ready to proclaim Maynor a hero just yet:

Interestingly, the Sinclair News Media would not publish Jay Maynor's name citing they don't identify ALLEGED victims of sex crimes, yet the alleged victim Julia Maynor gave a media interview. Also worth noting, didn't even publish Maynor's mgshot. 

Bottom line-- Jaybird is not a JAYLBIRD and will be until 2054.

ADDENDUM: The Maynor family is now trying to get a pardon via a petition. You folks do realize NO ONE takes these things seriously?

Julia Maynor can't testify in court but can go on TV? Hmm.....


Ricky L Bennett Jr said...

lets not for get this guy is not a hero and dose not deserve to be pardend this guy killed in cold blood and he almost killed 1 or more child in cold blood as will. this guy needs to be locked up for life no questions.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Damn I remember one of the commentators about Jay Maynor made the narratives sounds like the president elect during the election.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Well the NRA supports a culture of Vigilantism. See the NRA would defend Jay Maynor they want these types of events to happen because its good for their bottom line. The NRA would support Patrick Drum and other vigilantes for their cause. They have the political support to do so.

Yes we only talk about the NRA when a mass shooter is at play though like Omar Mateen or Anders Brevik. but in reality they lobby for the Paul Lepage type events and Elle Nesler type situations to take place.

oncefallendotcom said...

Well, Ricky, he's gotten 40 years. I'm not sure how much he'll actually serve of it but knowing the Alabama parole board, he likely won't get out early.

Former Vigilantes united said...

CHeck this fake news story out "Note there is no Boston Tribune". Well there's no other outlets that did this story but its roughly based on Dexter and some actual mass shootings in other parts of the country and the real Davao Death squad President Duterte is in. It's really a vigilante manifesto written by a wannabe vigilante group justifying their crimes. They are NRA type propagandists here.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Jaclyn Amber Rose, 33 Arrested for Homicide

Apparently Moore was a meth addict who killed you guessed it a offender Moore. This is a repeat of the David Haiman Murders in Minnesota back in July.

Former Vigilantes united said...
A feud worthy of the Hatfields and McCoys has been brewing in the Robinwood neighborhood for some time between Martin and his neighbors, who are parents of six.

Earlier this month, Jessica and Jeb Lessley erected a banner in their yard, on the side of the house that faces Martin's. It bears his photo, his address and notes his 2013 convictions for the second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy of a 15-year-old girl.

The Lessleys have lived in their home for 11 years, and said they had no problems until Martin moved in across the street about a year ago. Since then, they've said, Martin has terrorized the neighborhood children and their parents, threatening to call the cops, call DHR and even skin their cat. "It's just a nightmare,'' Lessley said.

Heres an insane set of updates.

Former Vigilantes united said...

Well theres a place for Donna Zink its the Philippines. President Duterte and Allies have used the registered drug dealers list from the PNP and NBI as a hitlist. Yes like in subsequent investigations it always turn out the mentally disabled and homeless get killed off. See did it make the Philippines safer? Its always when vigilantes are in control the country ends up in a bloodbath. Did Mexico get safer? No Bloodbaths escalated in Mexico when Vigilantes there argued similar things

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

This is the reason why we don't condone vigilante justice.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

This is the reason why we don't condone vigilante justice. THis is courtesty of MundaneMatt. Except people want a Duterte Solution here in the USA.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

Update! The President of the Philippines is confessing to being a blood thirsty vigilante.

In a statement, High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein called on Philippine authorities to investigate Duterte over his admission that he "personally" killed when he was his city's local chief executive.
“The killings committed by Mr. Duterte, by his own admission, at a time when he was a mayor, clearly constitute murder," Zeid said.
"It should be unthinkable for any functioning judicial system not to launch investigative and judicial proceedings when someone has openly admitted being a killer,” he added.
Zeid said Duterte's acts while still mayor "directly contravene" the rights enshrined in Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, and violate international law, including the right to life, freedom from violence and force, due process and fair trial, equal protection before the law, and innocence until proven guilty.
Zeid said Duterte may also have committed incitement to violence when he encouraged others to follow his example in killing suspected criminals.
On December 14, Duterte admitted that he led by example to the police and joined them in operations and personally patrolling the streets to "personally" kill criminals when he was still Davao mayor.
“In Davao I used to do it personally. Just to show to the guys that, if I can do it, why can’t you? And I go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around and I would just patrol the streets and looking for trouble also," Duterte said.
"Talagang naghanap ako ng engkwentro para makapatay," he added during the Wallace Business Forum in MalacaƱang.
In a news conference after midnight on Saturday, Duterte said that he killed three kidnappers during a police operation.
In his state visit in Cambodia, Duterte also said he might have shot a criminal.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

GLASGOW, Va. (WSET) -- Multiple charges could be coming for two teens accused of vigilante justice.
Rockbridge County deputies are still doing interviews into a case of a double catfish.
Sunday afternoon, the sheriff's office was called about a fight in the Glasgow area. At that same time, they also got calls about a fight that had been posted on Facebook.
After talking to Elijah Bobbitt, the man beaten up in the fight, they realized the two fights were actually the same.
But the case soon got trickier for law enforcement. A few days before two teen boys were messaging on Facebook ,with what they thought was a woman, and those messages turned sexual, according to Captain Tony McFaddin. McFaddin says the boys found out it was actually a man, so they decided to lure him to one of the boy's houses.
One of the teens involved says that isn't the case. The teen, whose name is being withheld due to his age, says the man was posing online as a girl named "Sammy Floyd." He went on to say that "Sammy" told the teens that to have sexual relations with her, they would have to have sex with a guy.
When Bobbitt got to the house, deputies say one of the boys started beating him up while the other recorded it. That is confirmed by the teen who said he beat up Bobbitt while his friend laughed.
The teen says he did it to "protect the kids of my community."
Bobbitt is a convicted sex offender, and according to the terms of his release, he is not to be talking online to anyone. If deputies confirm it was him online, he could be going back behind bars.
But so could the teens. McFaddin explained, "We don't want sexual predators preying on our children but we need to use law enforcement to take care of that versus this vigilante type justice."
The teens say they didn't know who the man was, or that he had been previously charged until after he left the teen's house. The teen says, he learned who the man was from his neighbors.
The video of the fight, and the video of the teen planning the ambush have both been pulled from Facebook.
The teens are being called heroes by many people on social media, but the sheriff's office says they have also received messages of people condemning all three people involved.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

Apparently an inmate sentenced for attempted murder is now accused of vigilante justice

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

In Nigeria Jungle Justice had lead to insane lynch mobs

oncefallendotcom said...

I can't keep up with all vigilantes but I try to focus on those who have attacked folks on the "sex offender" registry. Even narrowing the field still leaves me plenty to discuss.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

But still Vigilantism in General always leads to more insanity. and now a Nigerian News outlet talks about vigilantism going to far with Graphic photos.

Former Vigilantes Society. said...

Umm OnceFallen you might want to see the Adam Goodridge Case of the UK. Adam Goodridge is a Murderer who killed a disabled person on kidney Dialysis he accuses of being Chomo.