Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rob Taylor on the defensive

Poor Robbie Taylor. A man so confused to his identity, he can't even identify with a race, religion, or sexual orientation. Perhaps that is why he feels the need to bash people with his incessant communist/ zionist rants. What do you expect from a hate group that bashes child victim advocates for calling for sex offender law reforms:

hXXp:// [link incomplete, Sorry Robbie, no advertising here]

It is a long boring tirade filled with more lies and personal attacks than an hour of Nancy Grace. To summarize his rant, essentially he's mad because a Conservative Christian paper printed an article he didn't like, and went on the attack. First he attacks the author with AZU lies, including a false statement perpetuated by AZU, false allegations of rape, claiming him a pedophile, and claiming he is "actively lobbying to lower age of consent laws." The author must have a stunt double if that's the case because not a single allegation on Taylor's trash site is true.

Of course, not satisfied with bashing the author of the article, Taylor goes on to bash the magazine that published the article. He's mad because said paper removed inflammatory articles that bashed the writer and fuel AZU's unhealthy obsession with the writer. Taylor, despite being a PAGAN, goes on a rant about how paper is not acting "Conservatively Christian." He accuses them of being racist and anti-gay. So if you disagree with Rob Taylor, you're a Klansman and a gay basher. If you don't allow AZU to attack people and bash victims, you hate blacks and gays.

The author has nothing against gays. Many issues with laws addressing sexuality are wrongfully applied to homosexuals. The author does not agree with homosexuality but feel it is not his place to condemn anyone for their lifestyles, and only the individual can change their ways. Hell, there may even be hope that some dy, AZU repents from their wicked ways, but its only the slimmest of hopes.

Ironically, Rob Taylor DEMANDS someone give him and AZU what AZU and Rob Taylor does not give others. AZU routinely censors comments they don't like, in addition to creating false comments out of thin air. I'd love to know how Logue was making comments on AZU when he was out on a date at the time. Unlike AZU, this site or Logue's sites are not monitored every waking hour of the day. In fact, Logue hasn't even been around since September, except to release two new articles, due to moving to a new location. Yet within 2 hours, AZU was all over the article, bashing it and making personal attacks. AZU truly has a sad, sick obsession. They make a very good case for civilly committing every member.


Tyciol said...

Dude, you should stick to more serious concerns that you have with other people's conduct. When you pick on petty ridiculous crap like not identifying with a race/ethnicity is just makes you look like you're grasping at any insult possible.

If anything, identifying too strongly with a group simply because you share an appearance or common origin seems silly to me.

Warped Ohio said...

Your assumptions are no more silly than AZU's assumption everyone who believes sex offender laws need reform is a "pedo-enabler."