Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog article targets Wikisposure/ Pee-J

It is too long to repost here, but below is a link to an awesome article on the androgeny of the Perverted Justice/ Wikisposure movement:

"The Cunts Versus The MEN." What a fitting title, since you wave to be emasculated to be a member of the Pee-J cult!


Warped Ohio said...

Looks like AZU has stated a bit of a feud with this guy, apparently confusing him for someone else. AZU has jumped the gun before:

Anonymous said...

His article is a bit crude and badly written for the most part, but then he comes good at the end, with this:

"The War Between the Sexes is over, and the Cunts (the feminists) won. We men live under a Feminist Dictatorship that seethes with hatred for male sexuality. The cops, the media, the therapists, the educators, everyone just about, are working for the Cunts. And millions of our brothers have cut off their dicks, grown manginas and gone over to the enemy.

What bullshit."


AZU Stitches 77 said...

I can think of at least three people with "manginas" over at AZU -- Static, Metanoid, and Rob Taylor.

Speaking of Rob Taylor, this song reminds me SO MUCH of his sorry ass:

Voice of Reason said...

I have no idea who Metanoid is but I've clearly documented previously Rob Taylor's deficiencies and Jeremy/Static's overwhelming inadequacies are common knowledge.

Jeremy is a walking mangina.. there's something fishy about him. BTW, he's still hiding away from responding to the challenge I issued him 6 months ago (in the post below)... what a pussy!!!

Warped Ohio said...

Ever teen the movie "88 Minutes?" Ever time I hear that "Tick Tock" line I think of the movie. Anyways, Metanoid is a self loathing sex offender who believes we should emasculate ourselves because people like AZU deserve our blood. You can add Tsand/ Roar for Bullshit to the bunch these days, seeing as how his idiotic feud with Sosen made him grow a mangina for AZU too!

Tyciol said...

That's an interesting read there. It took patience to read through the excess paranoia about feminism (I think I might be one of those 'manginas' he's talking about...) but getting past that, he did make some frank and accurate observations about the generalizations that are occuring.

I guess that's what happens with extremists, they don't pussyfoot around with their prejudices, but as a beneficial side-effect, may not do it with other things as well which may be valid.