Saturday, December 12, 2009

AZU infiltrated by same "pedophiles" they've attacked before

Recently, self-loathing sex offender TSand made the following statement on his crappy blog:


Interesting that Derek doesn't object to the RSOl plugging his website! I don't think the RSOL has any plans to condemn the pedophile NAMBLA group anytime soon, Like Sosen recently did. Derek will condemn the RSOL in a private email but won't public-ally condemn them & why is that Derek? Your "silence" only sings praises. Your silence says you APPROVE!

I see TSand has learned Distortion 101. By the way, the fact that AZU posts so much boychat stuff on their site and links to them must mean AZU supports Boychat. After all, AZU is the biggest promoter of Boychat material there is. And going by his logic, then this anti-anti blog supports the antis simply because the antis have put links to my sites and vice versa. .

It is funny how AZU has accepted TSand into their ranks. Why, just a couple of months ago, TSand was attacking AZU while using Jessica Lunsford's photo as an avatar. Or the old "Cunty" Stitches 77 blog

They even added him to their idiotic Wikidposers site

  • Clay Keys - aka Tsand, flahaulboy, brownbilly68, jhnjoneson, jonbulb, BigBird, Big John, toesinthemud - convicted of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16, in addition to a long rap sheet
And of course, there's Static, who STILL graces the pages at Wikisposure:

Jeremy Jason Bolick - aka static - staff Member of SOSEN, convicted of 3 Counts of Possession Of Child Pornography, and 2 Counts of Indecent Exposure, in two different places, at two different times.

Its amazing what a little ass kissing at AZU does. Lets not forget TSand's old feud with Stitches: (still up but with articles erased)

Stitches has stated many times in the past these two were imminent threats. Now, since they attack a common enemy, they overlook such things like how TSand's following all sorts of children groups on Twitter. -- simply click on the tab to see who he follows. Again, AZU misses this... at least until TSand pisses them off again.


ROAR for TRUTH! said...

I'm leaning towards becoming a full bonafided AZU member :-)

Neither Static or myself are pedophiles but if you can prove that instead of only saying we are, step up, I'm listening!

Have a great Christmas!

Warped Ohio said...

Why don't you ask your buddies at AZU that question instead, dipshit? After all, I'm merely using THEIR words they once used to describe you and Static. Just before you decided to turn your back to the truth and join the cunt, they were blasting you on a regular basis.

Ask AZU for THEIR proof instead. This site merely highlights AZU's own words, thoughts, and actions. I guess you must be having loss of oxygen from having your head up Stitch-cunt's ass!

Voice of Reason said...

I must admit I have a good laugh at Tsand's comments on AZU. He's so transparently using AZU as his own personal forum to air his grievances against you.

As for his comment here - maybe he and Jeremy aren't paedosexual but that just goes to prove the point that sexually abusing children isn't limited to paedophiles. He completely misses the crucial point that his sexual orientation isn't important... it's what he does that counts. As I've said before, we must judge actions, not attractions.

Warped Ohio said...

Tsand/RoerForLies/BrownBilly/CindyK/whatever the fuck he goes by these days, is nothing more than a classic troll. Honestly, he's nothing more than a classic troll. He gets a hard on attacking others, and he's just mad at me because I wouldn't join his little tirade against some other activist he had an issue with. AZU never cares about the facts so they mindlessly allow him to post bullshit. But of course, having TWO Tier 3 sex offenders on their site really screams hypocrisy. Maybe that's why no one outside AZU supports them. Its laughable. When was the last time any media outlet gave AZU an open invitation to write a story? Or when were they featured in a story? They love to attack me, but somehow my argument is more convincing than theirs, and I'm supposed to be on the side no one wants to hear. AZU's simply envious of me, of my success, and my ability to rise from the ashes, while they burn themselves to ashes and scatter to the winds. AZU will ALWAYS lose to me.

Anonymous said...