Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If these online vigilante groups are "heroes," then why do they have to host their operations overseas

Here is a thought I've had before. It is obviously okay in America for people to harass Registered Citizens, as message boards are filled with the same tired comments.

But over the years, members of online vigilante douchebag groups like AZU have often posted their shit overseas because websites like Youtube actually have some degree of standards and it is possible to have hateful videos removed (although Facebook allows far more hate groups to routinely post murder discussions on their websites). Now, given the fact that it pretty much takes a court order to have anything removed from various websites, and given the acceptance of harassing and slandering registered citizens online, it is obvious that so-called "Antis" need to send their trash overseas because even the average American doesn't want to deal with them.

The bad news for those who have been negatively impacted by "Evil-Unveiled" are being victimized again because the defunct Evil-Unveiled info, already a project plagiarized from the earlier Perverted-Justice trash project Wikisposure, has now been reposted on another garbage site called "Encyclopedia Dramatica," another internet filth site run by internet trolls and other assorted  losers.

Now, while Encyclopedia Dramatica is not a site to be taken seriously by any means (it is a site created "for the lulz" meaning its only purpose is to make fun of and hurt people), some assholes at ED have decided to "archive" the Wikisposure/Evil-Unveiled tripe "as part of a lulz preservation project," as the cowards at ED proclaim.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is hosted overseas of course, and claim to be under Ukrainian jurisdiction, though having the .se extension. ED has a pretty shitty reputation, and they are pretty hypocritical considering they are re-posting and promoting the inaccurate Evil-Unveiled website and yet they are promoting rape and molestation:

This is actually quite typical of internet troll groups. After all, I've covered the hypocrisy often on this website. I wouldn't doubt many current members of ED are actual sex offenders like T-Sand.

Of course, that means little to the dozens of Anti-Registry Movement reformists who have been continuously slandered by the lies started by Perverted Justice and continue to spread like a disease. And there is little that can be done about it except to consider the source. Encyclopedia Dramatica isn't exactly a site known for accurate info. In fact, they freely admit their site isn't about the facts.

I doubt there IS much any of you impacted by having this info can do, save gong to court in a foreign nation, but perhaps you can file a suit against the the big search engines, especially Google, to have the links buried. Maybe someday, I'll catch one of these trolls in person. You'd be amazed how weak these people are in real life, just like the typical bully.

But, obviously even the trolls know that they are doing something wrong, because they go to great lengths to conceal their identities and posting their harassment outside the reach of American courts. There is nothing heroic about that.

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