Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exposing a couple of "Shoalanda Speaks" members

A few years ago, I was targeted and threatened by the anonymous scum from a trashy Alabama blog called 'Shoalanda Speaks." It seems their obsession with me hasn't stopped long after I moved to Ohio, as they continue to blog about me. And now, one of the douchebags who works at the blog attacked me on a recent OpEd I was featured in at (of course, career criminal Valerie Parkhurst was there too but that's par for the course). 

One of my favorite things to do is exposing online scum like the ones who work at Shoalanda Speaks. They have been mostly anonymous but every now and then, they slip up. 

(By the way, for those unaware of what a "Shoalanda" is, there is a local interest blog in Muscle Shoals, AL called "Shoalanda Speaks," run by a few gossipy losers with nothing better to do than complain about how much the Shoals area sucks. In other words, just another group of anonymous cowards afraid to show their faces online, so they fit in with the rest of the scum I feature on this blog.) 

Apparently, Kathryn Sperry-Wheeler created an account just to attack me, but added her Facebook page to her account. I guess she must have thought I wasn't going to think to click the link, but I did.  Interestingly enough, she also participates in a Facebook page called "Larry Stutts is a quack." This is the same Senator who is pushing SB 272, a bad bill that could allow for really young kids to land on the registry. Texas registers 10 year old kids, so I guess Alabama wants to play, "Me too!" Gee, I wonder if she'll support the senator on this bill? What an idiot!

And, Kathryn made a new account just to attack me. LOL!
Speaking of idiots, Ed Truitt was already exposed as part of the Shoalanda Speaks out of her ass blog. I just never got around to mentioning him until now. He's been in hiding as of late after someone at the old Times Daily site exposed his identity. I wonder how he felt upon discovering that his contact Clay "T-Sand" Keys was busted for CP in Pensacola? It must have been embarrassing for the Shoalanda Speaks blog, knowing they aligned themselves with a criminal recidivist just to attack someone who has not been rearrested. 

Shoalanda speaks of vigilante violence. 

The reason I haven't forgotten Trollanda and fiends isn't even personal. It is because of stuff like the above post. People like Kathryn and Ed and Valerie are the TRUE monsters. They project their hatred to a socially accepted target to feel better about their miserable lives. I'm curious how many criminals besides T-Sand Shoalanda has worked with over the years? 

Someday, when I have nothing important to do, I may take the time to expose the identities of every member of Shoalanda Speaks. In the meantime, I have a bill to kill and a Rally in Tally. Later!

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