Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stitches 77 on a skinhead forum


I locked out the http so Google won't link directly, but the link is to a bona fide skinhead site. So is anyone shocked Stitches 77 is racist? I'm not.

PS: No matter what the disclaimer there says, a skinhead is a skinhead.


Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

So what if I am racist, hate blacks and Jews etc etc ? This is "America" and I'm free to hate whoever I want to! I hate everyone who isn't MY friend or supports my viewpoints.Skinheads rule the world!

Anonymous said...

Heigh ho! Who is there?
No one but me, my dear.
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll give to you.
A stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky
And tie the ends together.
Heigh ho! I am here
Am I not young and fair?
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll show to you.
Would you have a wond'rous sight
The midday sun at midnight?
Fair maid, white and red,
Comb you smooth and stroke your head
How a maid can milk a bull!
And every stroke a bucketful.

WarpedOhio said...

WTF? A maid milking a bull? Oh you must be talking about Stitches and Static again LOL

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...


Now dont be saying bad stuff about my "boy toy"! I take what I can get and I'm keepin him!

Anonymous said...

WarpedOhio said...

A template for anytime you run into the AZU fucks online:

The fake name "*****" is really a member of cyberterrorist group Absolute Zero United, who has a leader in the skinheads, called Patty Wetterling (the one who crated the first national sex offender registry a "pedo enabler," promotes rape and murder of their detractors, and exploit children for personal profit. They are a danger to society and should be reported to the FBI immediately.

WarpedOhio said...

Little Danny better be careful. The BNP may be trying to reform their image but a good 40% of those guys at least are still hardcore National Front types, repleat with the Skinhead footsoldiers to back them up. They have enough problems as it is, if they find out he's making them look bad...
Rob Taylor | Homepage | 02.18.09 - 1:51 pm |

WarpedOhio said...

This is AZU in a nutshell, emphasis on NUT

Didn't you know that we're nothing but a bunch of angry professional victim violent blogger pedo hunters?

Stitches77 | Homepage | 02.14.09 - 8:30 am

WarpedOhio said...

Stitches is quite the sadist, no?

But I'll bet that if you ask them what should happen to people like you **** fuckhead child porn sadistic monster I guarantee you that 99 out of 100 people would want you hung by your testicles from the empire state building while King Kong hangs onto them swinging back and forth for dear life. Nobody would think it was a funny sight either, they'd just walk away saying under their breath "well another one bites the dust

WarpedOhio said...

I've never been out-hated before.

Stitches77 | Homepage | 02.25.09 - 11:40 am |

WarpedOhio said...

I blog violently. I collect notches on my keyboard

Of course I had to shave my head, don combat boots and get swastika tattoos to do it. But hey, to each their own I guess.

Stitches77 | Homepage | 03.06.09 - 2:22 am |

static mind said...

ya gotta love how this cunt will twist anything to fit her way of thinking.

If you say "have a nice day" she would twist it to mean "you're inciting violence, you are dangerous and should be locked up away from children"

Since she has the same mindset as someone who is offending, how many children do you think she abused???and justified it to herself.

louge is right said...

Reply to stitchcunt (she is in quotes, she's........just a dumb cunt;

" Children need age-appropriate education. They don't need education to teach them adult behaviors...."

no shit sherlock, I never said anything to the contrary.

"You don't make children be the responsible party for an adult exploiting them."

You teach them the skills so they wont be exploited....einstein

"Children are not adults in little bodies."

are you trying to convince yourself?? sherlock

" so that people like you can turn around and say "See? They do understand sex after all let me at 'em!"

people like me????? you are one delusional freak, a pathetic one at that. It's this shit that loses you any and all credibility.

WarpedOhio said...

Have you ever noticed when you appeal to ego or divulge in name calling, they post it, but make a learned dissertation calling for a scholarly response to a deep question you get crickets and frogs in the background? I guess the lazy bastards are growing too dependent on Static Cling's long winded illogical responses to cover for their incompetence these days. Of course, what few brain cells StatiCunt has left has been burned by his growing AZU fetish. How much CP and Nambla mags does StitchCunt feed him these days?

louge is right said...

my last and final reply to that dumb bitch. I know she wont post it.

No that's not what it's saying you fucking idiot!!

only a distorted freak like you would spew "putting the responsibility of abuse on them".... No shit sherlock go spin something else bitch.

blame gaming? you are fucking stupid

Go fuck yourself

tell static he can go fuck himself too.

louge is right said...

I just love how they cannot comprehend and then spin anything other than the AZU whores giving each other a high five and a pat on the back for there enlightening articles.

oh, and did you know everyone is a pedo, blame gamer, delusional freak....that doesn't agree with their 'tactics'

Stitches is just a dumb cunt that hides behind a keyboard and justifies the harm she does to the innocent people she leaves in her wake.

She has reduced herself to nothing more than a cyber slut

WarpedOhio said...

I see Static got pwned over at corrupted-justice the other day. He thinks he's so smart but people see through his LAME-O attempt at logic. He's nothing but a loudmouth cocksucking bitch.

WarpedOhio said...

Look at that pathetic StatiCunt take up for his boyfriend StitchCunt. And have his ass handed to him.

WarpedOhio said...

Static, your sarcastic commentary has pretty much reached its limit. I know you think you're being clever but to most, you are simply being irritating.

This *could* have been an interesting thread, had there been a few more adults involved.

Rather than allowing it to continuously degrade into some sort of personal spotlight for you, It has now been locked. Please take your personal issues elsewhere.

[In short, Static got PWNED... again]

louge is right said...

That's too funny. Static has lost his mind.

and stitches is still a dumb cunt. but hey, she can fool the public and declare herself a hero for 'fighting pedophiles.......blah blah.

problem is she thinks everyone is a 'pedo' and justifies her actions accordingly.

WarpedOhio said...

Static never had a mind to begin with. He fits right in with AZU. You ever hear a kid when they hear a big phrase like "cognitive distortion" and have only the vaguest of notions as to what it means, then they go around parroting it inessantly? That's AZU in a nutshell.

anti-static said...

my latest reply to the idiots, which they wont post of course.

hey Static, you're an idiot.

Show me where I said "the best way to deal with child abuse is to focus on the children" Show Me you fool.

We were talking about PROTECTING CHILDREN from people like you!!!
and before you come up with another spin on what was said,or how to protect them from idiots like you let me just say, GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!

You are as dumb as stitches.

Speaking of stitches, be careful you don't make yourself dizzy from all the spinning you do. You're too stupid to realize you're even spinning from your ill conceived notions.

when a bus is being driven, the driver is paying attention to everything around him regardless of what is around him. If there is an obstacle in the way you take the appropriate action, thus the driver is focused on driving the bus. You idiot!!

I would tell you to stop and think before you reply, but you might hurt yourself.

You can go fuck yourself right along with static. You're just a dumb bitch!

antistitchcunt said...

another reply to the dumb bitch. this is getting fun.

"Focusing on "saving" children from sexual molestation by strangers distracts us from far more serious forms of violence against children and young people. Most child abuse has nothing to do with sex. It is important to speak out against sexual harm, which has often remained hidden and denied within families and communities. However, non-sexual violence against children is at least as pervasive as sexual violence."

Hey stitchbitch, read what it says not what you want it to say, dipshit!

the author is stating that there is far more danger within the family than from strangers- TRUE!

Also stated is that non-sexual abuse can and does cause damage to a person just as in sexual abuse, and it's real, just like sexual abuse! TRUE

Also stated is that abuse is 'kept quiet in the family and community' TRUE

And you sit here putting your demented spin on it.

Don't sit here and try to minimize abuse just because it didn't include the element of sex.

Does anyone REALLY take you seriously???? How can anyone take these articles of all these 'pedo's seriously if you don't understand what the hell you are doing???

Warped Ohio said...

Oops, sorry I accidentally rejected the comment Tyciol. But no, "cunty" is TSand in disguise, back before he decided to join Stitches and her merry band of misfits.

By the way, he was the one who started the Cunty thing, because calling Stitches a cunt is a sure-fire way to piss her off.