Saturday, February 7, 2009

Static says Waaaaaaaaaah!

Everyone stand in awe of Derek's manliness. -- Static

OH NOES! I MADE STATIC CRY! Quick! Someone call a WAAAAAAAAHmbulance for him!

Static cries. Boo hoo, someone accuses him of "cognitive distortions," he crumples like a sheet of wadded paper, then proceeds to his CP as usual. But not without leaving a number of his sleep-inducing dissertations but he makes it a point to whine:

DL- You are hereby to cease and desist using my methods, tactics, and insults henceforth, ipso facto, e. pluribus unum, vini vidi vichi, etcetera, ad infinitum...

Another idiotic post from an idiotic man, who thinks now he has the copyright on logic. Give me a break While AZU spends the next few months bouncing back and forth between Static's special "file sharing" that landed him on the registry, their cognitive distortions, their denials of the truth, and the time it takes to follow their enemies around the internet, its no wonder they lack the ability to comprehend anything besides personal attacks. Maybe he just hates getting whipped at his own game. Static has really deteriorated into a sniveling sissified AZU yes man, shines their shoes, cleans their gutters, washes the dishes, etc. Hope he doesn't mind the smell!


WarpedOhio said...

I'll leave this here just in case AZU doctors my latest post as they tend to do. Ten bucks says they can't go a week without mentioning me again LOL!--

There goes AZU's pet predator Static talking about rehabilitation. Its funny how your sorry excuse for a group has devoted so much time reading everything I've ever written just to distort the message only goes to further prove your unhealthy obsessions and distortions. Funny how especially Static, your little "logic" pet doesn't know the difference between the past and the present. What I wrote about back then was a reflection of the past. What I write about now is the present. You all are too distorted in your thinking to see anything different. I guess since between you and I only you visit the boy and girl chat sites its essentially made your brains FUBAR. See, a great many people have the ability to actually READ something and ascertain the message through the contextual approach. When you approach a message with your distorted bias as a result of tons of time at the real pedophile sites you are already lost. You fill the comment boards with comments from the used to, was, and would have, all speaking in the past tense. Problem is, you try to apply it to the here and now and it doesn't fit. The whole point of telling my story back in the day was upon request for one to satisfy the curiosity of the other side, and because no one wanted to be the first to speak up so I tried. I don't mind taking the risk to speak out about my mindset at certain points at life, its part of the healing process. See, unlike you people, I'm not so obsessed and consumed with hatred for the opposition that I forget about what is most important. People may not like my brash honesty, but its there whether people want to accept it or not. And you are still FAIL. You've brought up some old stuff, describing feelings I put behind me long ago. That's what people call rehabilitation and healing. I guess since you don't believe in either one, its a totally foreign concept to you.

I offered you up a challenge a few months ago, after another one of Stitches 77's idiotic proclamations that my re-offense was imminent or some crap like that:

I know why you didn't accept my challenge. Because you will lose. You know it. You hate me, but deep down you know I'm right. Your only counter is some dusty old posts taken out of context from a stressful time in my life that I overcame. Even now you try to destroy me but your ad hominem attacks are like squirt guns pointed at the sun. And I'll continue to rise above all obstacles and move into the future, leaving behind the troll den in their dust filled past.

Its sad that you all are so bitter and angry at the world you hate everyone who says anything less than kill all sex offenders, except for a certain tier 3 pet of yours that sucks up more than a Hoover. But anyways, as far as rehabilitation goes, your opinion is not an assessment, it is nothing more than an opinion based upon your own stupidity and ignorance. I could care less about changing your opinion. You have to resolve your own transgressions on your own, but your hatred is unhealthy. Its so sad to spend each and every day blogging about someone who comes here once or twice a month if that just to laugh at all the crap you've spent every day that month in addressing your hatred about him. I'm leaving on another trip soon, so I won't be back for a week or two. I bet not a day will go by you'll leave my name out of your mouth (if you guys ever quit talking about me and following me around the internet I wouldn't even bother coming here BTW) I didn't even think about you clowns for a month while I was busy living a life. Maybe you should should take static cling's advice and try something new before all these flashing computer lights give you an epileptic seizure or something.

You all need some serious professional help. Hate me all you want, but unlike your RSO boy toy, I am not, nor will ever be, a recidivist. That's what people call rehabilitated. Go look it up in a dictionary sometime. And the fact that you KNOW in your heart I'm right and you're wrong about everything just tears you up.

PS: Looks like you're the one who needs to fuck off, Static. Let me guess. Now you're going to piss and moan that I wrote a long reply and that's YOUR thing too? Grow up, loser.

And to Stitches, I'm STILL waiting on proof Patty Wetterling has a sex offender son. Guess you'll never deliver, as usual.

WarpedOhio said...

Too bad AZU didn't take me up on my offer. As I predicted, NOT ONE DAY WENT BY WITHOUT THEM TALKING ABOUT ME!

Pedophile Hunters, Inc. said...

Static has to DISPLAY logic, before he stands a chance at gaining a copyright. LMAO

Pedophile Hunters, Inc.

P.S. PHI is no longer endorsing or defending YVI either. lol YVI allied directly with Petrafied Lunatic, betraying the Cause in the process, as well as every Minor in the world, past, present, and future.

Warped Ohio said...

Of course, assuming this is a true post, I guess this means they'll add you to the list of "pedo enablers" simply because you posted here.