Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AZU post of the year!

Is it too early in the year to claim a post the POST OF THE YEAR? This one will be hard to beat! More funny is the fact that Absolute Zero United posted this WITHOUT EDITING! (i'm sure that'll come not long after this post, I bet, we know how cowardly AZU is)


In case you are wondering, I'm Stitches and I'm a really stupid worthless fucking ho!
Stitchesisretarded 02.03.09 - 4:13 pm

It wasn't me (trust me, if it was I'd be taking credit for it LOL) but whoever it was deserves a medal for telling AZU like it is!

UPDATE: Yup, the comment was taken down. But hey, Stitches 77 herself just came over here and admitted she's a cunt! Check out the message board and see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Forrest Gump famous quote:

"Stupid is as Stitches does"

HA HA! What a cunty poo bitch wacko she is! I ought to know, I'm her daughter!!!

daydreamer of OZ

Anonymous said...

I think it's because, whoever wrote that must have gotten away with it by beginning the sentence with it sounding a like like a threat?


"In case you are wondering, I'm Stitches and I'm .........."

The truthful part is in the center.

"...a really stupid...."

And this must have helped convince them to let it pass

"...worthless fucking ho!"

Because it's just violent sounding?

Does that make any sense?...
They let it pass because they thought it was Stitches just being her normal self - nobody else can talk like that at her, but she..

Oh yes, hats off to whoever wrote that!

Voice of Reason said...

Too late.. the thought police have already done away with it.

AZU Stitches 77 said...

Whoever were right about me. I am Stitches 77, a skanky retarded ho, a pedo-enabler, a regular at girlchat, I get my Tier 3 sex offender boyfriend to download CP for me, oh yes, and I'm a CUNT!

WarpedOhio said...

Can you believe AZU's resident RSO Jeremy "Static" trying to lecture someone on sexual offending? Why would I take advice from a Tier 3 REPEAT offender?

My reply, since they love doctoring posts over at the troll's den.

Isn't that funny? Jeremy Static, AZU's pet repeat tier 3 sex offender trying to condemn someone who never rew-offending. You fit right in with the rest of these cognitively distorted twits around here. Funny thing is you wasted another 2 hours of your life writing a cognitively distorted pice of crap no one will bother reading. Plus its rather pathetic how you've sucked up to the AZU crowd. I guess it goes your lack of integrity. I for one would not colloborate with the same people that decided to tell the whole world about your repeat sex offender status.

And another thing, its funny when you try to distort a message ten point to some old screenshots. When you post an actual link, people can see you twist things out of context. There's a reason you clods tend never to post actual links to actual websites, because when you do, you end up looking stupid. Which is an easy thing for AZU to do. As far as anyone having their "asses" handed to them, you've got to be kidding me. What a joke! AZU suffers from Midas in reverse, everything this place and its members touches turns to crap. No one takes them seriously. Ever. This place is suffering from some serious denial. For a year now I have asked time and time again for proof of this allegation Stitches made against Patty Wetterling. To date she evades the question by resuming her attacks against me. But the truth is that is all you can do -- distort words, lie, and make up the justifications to your hatred. Funny how AZU coddles a person who is a repeat sex offender simply because he turns his back on an organization that AZU despises. Any enemy of AZU's enemies is a friend now? Looks like the lack of integrity is a two way street at AZU. You have more in common than I first thought.

I love how you think you know everything about me but don't. Someone posts a comment using a variation of the screen name I use here and you assume its me. What? You don't check IPs these days? Anyways, there's no point in arguing the reality of my personal life. I'll let you continue to believe you had some impact on my reclassification case (you didn't, you dumbasses, but hey if that's what you WANT to believe, go right ahead). Maybe I should just leave you to your cognitive distortions. I guess since your lives are so pathetic you need your distorted fantasy land so you all don't end up in the rubber room. Enjoy your lame excuse of a boycott. Maybe you can find Bumcheeks Jones's cousin Toejam Earl to sign that petition too! I bet some money it was one of you guys that bought that Judith Levine book I sold on Amazon recently. Enjoy!