Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brett Franklin At It Again

Action Alert!

Brett Franklin, crazed cyberterrorist, is at it again! Calling people erroneously listed on Perverted Justice's "Wikisposure" project. This site lists lies and slander directed at individuals, along with their personal information, for the sole purpose of causing harm of others. Or as they puuting, the love of "pwning" people or for the "LOLZ." Anyways, this is from another site that spoke about this guy:

Name : Brett Franklin
Phone Number : XXXXXXXXXX
History : Possible ex-felon. gang member, comic shop owner

Criminal Activity : Calls former sex offenders, regardless of their risk level, and threatens violence against them and their family members.One report we recieved is that Brett has called one of my associates while he was visiting his parents house late at night simply to harass him. His parents now plan to change their number to a private one.Another report states that Brett has threatened a man and his family so much that one of his teenage daughters is afraid to attend her classes.Brett also claims to be a gang member and creates violent gangster videos for YouTube that he stated he is proud of. If you have further verifiable data about this vigilante, please contact Nicholas Raz or leave a comment.

Extras: He is also a frequent visitor of Absolute Zero United and the anti-Corrupted Justice blog. He has a fascination with raping males, and uses screen names that depict violence, such as Mr. Punch or "hater" in it.

If you have more info on this cyber-terrorist, contact me at

You can find instructions to file an IC3 complaint and tips for dealing with internet trolls here:


Anonymous said...

There was once a blogger known as... Hellpig!!


WarpedOhio said...


What does that have to do with Brett Franklin and AZU?

Anonymous said...

Brett is just a chicken livered coward! If only he had the guts to come to Florida and threaten me IN person rather than call, we could see who rapes who first heh heh! I know where the wild Florida gators live chop chop! I'll be visiting his state soon and maybe I'll look him up:)

Of course, His harassment is also a good thing, as it exposes how absolute Zero thugs operate and enables us to file criminal complaints against him and his thug associates at AZU. Keep on thuggin Brett, you'll be meeting "bubba" in a jail cell soon!


WarpedOhio said...

Brat Franklin told one of his victims he was SPECIAL OPS. I think he's more like SPECIAL ED!

Anonymous said...

You were right about me. I'm really a cocksucking loser and a closet pedophile, and I'm also a pussy in real life. Please please PLEASE don't kick my sorry ass!

Brett Franklin

Nick Raz said...

Thanks for linking to Brett's data on my blog.
He apparently has no life at all to harass law-abiding people in the middle of the night, lol!
Brett is just one of AZU's pathetic pawns.
BTW, he also told my associate he has a fetish for old ladies. Total weirdo.

oncefallendotcom said...

Name : Brett Franklin

Address : 404 E Sixth St, Apt 6

Sedalia, MO 65301-4562 *

Phone Number : 1-660-851-0069 *

History : Possible ex-felon. gang member, comic shop owner