Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stitches 77 and AZU exposed yet again

Did you know the Anagram for Stitches is "SHIT SECT?" That describes Absolute Zero United perfectly! A shit sect!

Her day of being exposed is coming soon. Maybe Marina will end up getting a job as a Gardner, eating Rice a Roni [the SAN FRANCISCO treat], going to school at some art school in Valencia, CA or something so she can draw pokemon characters and playing Zelda: the Windwaker. Who knows?

My favorite comments of the day:

No, my name above should have been "L.S.D. Lysard" so please stop editing my posts. I wonder if there's any posts by people here that you haven't edited in some way. It makes you wonder..L.S.D.Lysard 01.27.09 - 4:34 pm

AZU does more than edit posts, they doctor web snapshots and create lies out of thin air. They still haven't shown me proof of that false accusation they made against poor Patty Wetterling.
Sounds like you've got some professional whiners around here. LOL
WAH WAH WAH 01.27.09 - 7:00 pm

You don't say? That's what AZU is famous for, a society full of bitchy, moaning losers who contribute nothing more to society than proof of what happens when nutjobs stay off their meds too long. Since they love books, here's one for them:


Voice of Reason said...

It is extremely dishonest to edit people's posts to distort what they actually said. I had to think long and hard before deciding on censoring some posts on my blog but I limit it at simply rejecting the comment. I would certainly never publish comments that I've amended to suit my own purposes as that's disgraceful.

Anonymous said...


WarpedOhio said...

Voice of Reason:

EXACTLY! How can we trust anything Absolute Zero United or Perverted Jusice says about ANYONE? They never cite a source, they've proven its not only possible to distort everything they present, they do so ALL the time. AZU is like that Weekly World News rag that makes claims they found Satan's skull in Colorado or something like that; its entertaining to a point, but totally unbelieveable.

Anonymous said...

From the AZU idiots R us:

Anybody who comments here and finds their comment edited should make some quick deductions:

#1 - They are obviously in enemy territory, solution: get out of here as fast as possible and don't come back

#2 - They said something highly offensive, solution: take a long look at what they're saying and don't say it anymore

#3 - We don't owe you anything -- which includes saying whatever you want to say here. This is not your site. You have no rights here. In other words: We are not an equal opportunity blog.

If you don't like those simple facts then you only have one option and that is to DEAL WITH IT and don't come back.

Funny how they keep changing the "rules"! too bad they cant edit the blogger sites that oppose their silly antics ha ha. Anti's hiding because their afraid some pissed off RSO will come kick their ass and the BACA girlies cant protect them either! lol!

Editing comments just shows how "openminded" they are. Their just scared silly by the RSO advocates who are willing to stand up against their repeated stupidness.

Stitches77 (the NICE one)

Anonymous said...

"It says in various places you expose scum - but if that's the case then why aren't you giving out your own home addresses??"

To scared...?

Derek, their scared! Haha


WarpedOhio said...

Of course they're scared? Anyone hear from Barbara Ochoa lately? Brett Franklin? Didn't think so. When people see an anti (social), they find out really quickly they're all a bunch of sick, twisted, cognitively distorted individuals, but most of all COWARDS. The internet empowers people because of anonymity. You can tell off your boss, dis an old flame, or spread nasty rumors without any proof, which is utilized extensively by AZU because they're pussies in real life. Like the cockroaches they are, they scatter when you bring them into the light. I betcha if I ever met that clost pedo "Logue Hater," he'd cry and beg me not to hurt him. Pffffft. Bunch of sissies, every last one of them.

Voice of Reason said...

That'd be Logue Hater the pro-rape advocate. How scum like him who has publically expressed joy at the thought of someone being raped can try and claim the moral high ground is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Barbara wised up and realized that we refuse to back down to her threats+ appearing on 20/20 and commenting like a drunkard, She quickly realized she was her own worst enemy!

Brett has a paranoid "catch me" attitude and sooner or later, He will be arrested and introduced to Bubba at the local jail! haha.

Tracy Golden has been quiet also.She hasn't written any new garbage since that news reporter dissected and exposed her for the sham she is!

Stitches77 (the NICE/Righteous one)

WarpedOhio said...

I like theat! Stitches 77/ the NICE one ROFL! I know people who prefer the "cunty" Stitches. Any anyone who has to refer to himself as anything-HATER obviously is deficient in moral fiber.

Now, some AZU sympathizer [Kelli] tried to post the other day defending the trolls' den, and stated how since I only listed 6 phony names and 26 anonymous names, that that does not invalidate their invalid petition. Come again? If they've created false signatures in such a significant percentage of their petition, what makes you so sure that a larger number isn't faked. Also, has anyone actually verified the claims AZU has made about Amazon? How many times has Stitch-Cunt, Jackassey, Violent Leaves, and others lied to us? Pretty much every time. Why would now be any different.

Personally I think they're just pissed their dildos and hentai they ordered got confiscated by customs... again.

Anonymous said...


You ought to be ashamed! These AZU idiots suffer from V.A.P.D and there is currently, NO cure:( but through rehabilitation, They can learn not to reoffend again!

VAPD is Vigilante Antisocial Personality Disorder.

VAPD is a psychiatric condition characterized by an individual’s common disregard for social rules, norms, and cultural codes, as well as impulsive behavior, and indifference to the rights and feelings of others

Stitches77 :-)

Anonymous said...

"Brett has a paranoid "catch me" attitude and sooner or later, He will be arrested and introduced to Bubba at the local jail! haha."

Is that the sort of thing a nice person would say.

I really don't know what else to say - a sex offender partner, fantasies of rape and violence etc..and yet she claims to be some sort of a warrior for the good cause. Come off it, Bitch77!

Now then what I'm wondering is what happens with Stitch-Bitch when hubby comes home with a tub of KY and a broad grin after a long day at work and she hasn't even done the dishes...

Oh noes!!!!


WarpedOhio said...


Funny. Stitches calling someone ELSE a vigilante. To Valerie's credit, she doesn't cower in anonymity like everyone here does. Nor does Valerie have to resort to editing posts. I wouldn't be surprised if you edit this post but at least you'll be forced to read it beforehand.

AZU is getting desperate because we all know your message is little more than ashes scattered to the winds. At the most, AZU appeals to a very small group of people who all share the same characteristics. Few people listen to AZU, and fewer respect AZU, because this place serves no real purpose and offers nothing of value.

Quite frankly, AZU is the internet equivalent of the Jerry Springer show. After all, like the Springer Show, this place is full of fake stories, pissing and moaning, gossip, fighting, mindless cheerleading, a freak show, and the reputation of offering nothing more than shock value. No one takes Jerry Springer seriously; no one takes AZU seriously either.

Lets be honest, you're only hating on Valerie because she had the guts to address the issue with the other side of the issue in a RATIONAL manner. Something no member of AZU could ever do. Sure, I'd love to have some of you on the show, but ReFORM Radio is a show of serious and rational discussion, and quite frankly, I doubt there is anyone here who is capable of debating issues in a rational manner. So why bother?

At least some people, like Valerie, are willing to look at the issue from another standpoint besides the blind ignorance, fear, hate, and stupidity, which are the typical traits here at AZU. Not everyone shares your cognitive distortions, your willingness to wallow in self-pity and unwillingness to work on your mental dysfunctions, and your blind ignorance and hatred, and some people are willing to seek positive and common sense solutions to such a difficult issue.

Oh, and just for the record, I do have admiration for and respect Valerie, even if I disagree with some of her views, but I have no respect or admiration with any member of this sorry excuse of an organization. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to. Enjoy spending the next few months stamping your feet and huffing your breath over my latest post. Oh yeah, and thanks for boosting my ratings by listening my show. Maybe someday you'll actually learn something someday. Maybe....

WarpedOhio said...

My next post at AZU but I doubt they'll post it without their trademark editing.

Someone asked why I keep coming back. I enjoy watching this equivalent of the Springer show from time to time. If you'd keep my name out of your mouth and take down your lies about me I wouldn't bother with you at all, but since you're so obsessed with me to the point you spend hours blogging about me, reading every forum post I ever made, not to mention the time y'all take making up stuff about me based upon your cognitive distortions, listening to my radio show (boosting my ratings), visiting my websites (boosting my site rankings), and that unhealthy obsession with my lips and teeth, its obvious you envy me because no matter times you try to burn me, I rise from the ashes again and again. Now, if you used that obsession to work on something credible, that'd be better.

And Stitches, your claim that you "know more" about sex offender issues is invalid. I have yet to see you validate your claims. I've never seen you reference your findings from a credible source. I think you are incapable of doing so. I back up my claims with evidence. Ad hominem attacks don't count as rational debate, Stitches. Evading the question is not rational debate, Stitches. In the end, the only thing that matters is cold hard facts. And that is something AZU just doesn't have. That is why AZU will always be nothing more than dust scattered to the winds.

Now, do you have the guts to post this without editing it? I doubt it.

WarpedOhio said...

Whoever did THIS one deserves a medal! ROFL! Even more amazing -- AZU ACTUALLY PUBLISHED IT!!!

In case you are wondering, I'm Stiches and I'm a really stupid worthless fucking ho!
Stitchesisretarded | 02.03.09 - 4:13 pm |