Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Lucifer Effect on Absolute Zero United

Ah, what a difference a week makes. I took a vacation, spent a wonderful Valentine's Day with my girlfriend and, well, just live life. Meanwhile, while I was out enjoying the sunshine and scenery without a single thought about the trolls at Absolute(ly) Zero (braincells), the AZholes "never sleeps."

I am an Anti and Anti's don't have time to sleep. -- Stitch-cunt

It is no wonder they suffer from so many cognitive distortions down at Absolute Zero United. Perhaps that is why they see the devil in everything but themselves. But when you see evil in everything, and you spend your time looking for the devil, it really distorts your thinking.

Rather than the usual retort of AZU's spiel, noting they couldn't go a day without talking about me, I want to share something education. I'm sure as a consequence AZU members won't read this, then.

Does anyone remember the "Stanford Prison Experiment?" --"The Stanford Prison experiment cast students as prison guards and inmates in a fake prison environment. It had to be terminated when the students bought into their roles so much that the guards started abusing the inmates and the inmates started to riot."


In the famous Stanford Prison experiment, the mock prison guards were given the power and authority over the mock inmates. One of the psychological tactics employed by the mock guards was the "dehumanization" of the enemy. By seeing the mock inmates as somehow less than human, the mock guards committed atrocious acts against the mock inmates, including even mock homosexual acts and physical abuse. Some guards consumed by their roles they were upset when the experiment closed after only six days. The conclusion is that the situation caused the behavior ("Situational Ethics/ attributions") rather than any predispositions of the guards, as they were thoroughly screened. [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_experiment]. Hence, Zimbardo has deemed this the "Lucifer Effect."

Absolute Zero United suffers from this same effect. Whatever noble cause they professed to engage in has devolved into casting pretty much everyone but themselves as evil. I'm sure along the way they sucked in a few people looking to legitimately combat pedophilia. And the anonymous internet gives them a power they could never obtain in the free world. But in "never sleeping," reading hours upon days upon weeks of "boy-chat" or "girl-chat" sites, NAMBLA, or whatever other illicit sites they pop into these days, it obviously has this effect on them. Coupled with man's tendency to generalize, we find AZU finds evil in pretty much everyone, even a woman who lost a child and helped create one of the first national sex offender laws in the country:


Absolute Zero Members have admitted to dehumanizing their targets:

Stitch-cunt admits that she sees all sex offenders the same (except for her pet RSO Static -- hope she put on his flea collar and walked him today LOL):

As a result, AZU feels justified by demonizing everyone that does not buy into their "kill all sex offenders" mentality. Below is a review of some of the effects of their distorted thinking:

1. AZU promotes vigilante violence. Stitch-Cunt takes it one step further by suggesting if you disprove of vigilante violence you are a pedo yourself:

2. Stitches states that even Romeo and Juliet offenders should be dehumanized (unless, of course, we're talking about Mark Lunsford):

3. AZU claims to detest sex crimes, but sees no problem promoting rape or mutilation of their victims:

4. AZU, or in this instance, their sister hate group Perverted-Justice, is not beyond exploiting a child's death for financial gain (note the case has nothing to do with a sex offender):

That is just a few of the issues surrounding the mindset of Absolute Zero United. Unlike them, I take the time to go out and enjoy life. Perhaps that is why I can see the good in people. You'll never really see anything but hate and mockery at AZU. That is why you see the same here. AZUnites IS merely a mirror of AZU after all.


WarpedOhio said...

Feel free to cut and paste this one. I put this up at the Boston Herald:




Speaking of Stitches 77 and Absolute Zero United, here is what her group is all about. Her group supports vigilante violence against Former Offenders, and if you don't support vigilantism they accuse you of supporting "pedophilia:"


AZU believes if your teen son has consensual teen sex with his teen girlfriend, they should be treated just like a repeat rapist:

AZU, ironically, supports violence and even rape so long as it is done against sex offenders:

The clincher-- AZU went around the internet stating Patty Wetterling, the person who pushed the first national registry through Congress (The Jacob Wetterling Act), had a "sex offender son" because she wrote an article calling for bringing common sense and reform to these sex offender rules.

Since Stitches 77 couldn't even go without making a nasty comment about an individual poster on the board, it is only fair to bring the facts about her organization to light. AZU is the perfect illustration of why these laws are in serious need of reform, and why we must educate the public on the truth about sex crimes and offenders. No doubt you'll see every member of AZU spam this site now with their hate filled propaganda and lies, but as long as the Boston Herald insists on dehumanizing those with the label "sex offender," people who frequent sites like AZU will continue to be attracted to this place.

S77 said...

"I am an Anti and Anti's don't have time to sleep."

That means she is a "zombie" yikes, run for the hills!!!

Defanged zombie cunty bitch has "no bite" left after Valigator chewed her up!

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...


Its sooo hard. I try and be nice and try to win people over but they say something I DISAGREE with and I have try and bite them back. I thought I could try & win Valigator over to our side but she saw right threw me! What can I say, She kicked my ass to the curb and then stomped me senseless. My boy toy (Jeremy) tried to defend my honor but he didnt try hard enough cause VAL whipped our butts good. I will "try" again but expect another ass whuppin is acoming!

WarpedOhio said...

Well let them continue to run like scalded dogs for all I care. Sometimes I wonder if AZU can ever be rehabilitated. Check out Cunty Stitches over at the Boston Herald.


Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

Hey Derek,

I'm finally right about somethin! I told you I'd get stomped again soon and lo and behold, over at the Boston Herald, I get repeatedly slapped AGAIN!

Fallenone, TMax and SusanK done exposed me.

Did you know Susan IS A lesbian and skinhead X friend of mine? I miss her terribly!

Tyciol said...

That prison experiment is interesting, it sounds like it provides some insight into the human condition. I imagine the problems are only amplified in real situations, perhaps even in spite of the sensitivity training that guards go through.