Friday, February 6, 2009

Absolute Zero United's pet sex offender

-Jeremy Jason Bolick - aka static - Staff Member of SOSEN, convicted of 3 Counts of Possession Of Child Pornography, and 2 Counts of Indecent Exposure, in two different places, at two different times. -- From AZU/PJ's "Wikisposure" site

Ever heard the old principle "any enemy of MY enemy is a friend of mine?" Such is the case of Jeremy "Static" Bolick. Static is the kind of individual Absolute Zero allegedly hates most-- a tier 3 sex offender, a REPEAT OFFENDER at that, as least according to the Wikisposure site:

AZU is filled with the "one strike and you're out" mentality. However, for a few months now, Jeremy/ Static has been AZU's pet sex offender. Now, if you believe AZUs crap you'll here one strike and you're out, yet, the attacks on Static, well, are non-existent. Its no secret Stitches 77 and Static have been the best of buddies for a while:

So all it takes to compromise principles at AZU is a few sweet words to the resident cunt and to proclaim AZU's enemies your enemies as well? Absolute Zero United certainly suffers from a lack of integrity. Which means Static fits right in with AZU.


Truth About Logue Hater said...

Logue hater is part of a cyber-terrorist group, Absolute Zero, that does nothing more than go around harassing and defaming people. They even tried to claim that Patty Wetterling has a "sex offender son."

Logue Hater and the Absolute Zero group also promote sexual violence and murder:

These individuals are dangerous extremists and should be ignored, or better yet, incarcerated

WarpedOhio said...

Thanks for spreading the truth, Mr. Truth.

Anonymous said...

Ever seen this guy before? He's another AZU supporter on YouTube. AZU loves hiding their pet pedos:


im just a lonly 46 year old who hasnt gotten laid by a young girl in a while lolz :(

Interests and Hobbies: young girls around the age of 3 and 10,watching litte girls play outside,child porn,lolicon anime/hentai,and anything that involves extremely cute girls

Voice of Reason said...

Are you friggin kidding me? Jeremy/Static is a repeat sex offender? I had absolutely no idea. I thought he was just a regular, run-of-the-mill wanker but he's worse than that. I hope you don't mind but I really need to post about this given the piece of shit has tried to take the moral high ground against me. Fancy that - a repeat sex offender trying to take the moral high ground against a non-offender. Who'd have thought it hey!!

louge is right said...

and now static is an 'anti' calling other people 'pedo' along with his new pals, you know stitchcunt and friends.

He's a complete idiot.

I called him out for it on AZU. In the 'censorship' article message page. We'll see if they post it.

What does he think he is accomplishing by doing the name calling to people who probably didn't do anything that he hasn't done himself. Does he want them to be an offender like him and be on the SOR like him??????

louge is right said...

as suspected, they didn't print it. Stitchcunt is protecting her pet from answering my questions on his hypocrite ways.

He want's to yell out, pedo this and pedo that, stitches is right and now I got my face up her ass...blah blah blah.

louge is right said...

(I sent this to the azu site, and I'll send it here because of the fact that they will edit with *****and pretend like I was inciting they do)

Static, you were called out for your new involvement in calling anyone a pedo who doesn't agree with your new friend stitches, and you know her thinking is flawed when it comes to how to best 'deal' with the physical/Sexual abuse problem in the world. The registry issue is separate.

Stitches Doesn't know that all of her hard work of 'protecting children' by 'hunting pedo's' on "the internet" is all in vain. Stitches doesn't know that the 'pedo's' she is 'hunting' today are the children she was supposed to be 'protecting' yesterday.

Stitches also doesn't realize that to actually help children the focus must be on the children and the children only.

If you do that the worst that could happen is less people would go to the 'pedo' sites you love so much! Barring any damage you cause to the children that is....

Now, Stitches, Static, You two think long and hard before you come back with your same 'your a pedo' bullshit!!
Because I think, as usual, that you will not comprehend anything I said because you haven't yet!!!

anti-staticunt said...

(hehehe another reply to static err stitches, hell I can't tell those two apart:)

Yes stitches, you are an idiot that's one thing we can agree upon!

Where do you get helping children confused with child abuse??? Obviously both you and static haven't a clue on what you are reading.

You are the one who claims; "We are committed to the safety and emotional well-being of all children."

you are doing nothing to accomplish this, and you can 'nab all the 'pedos' you want.

You need to change your slogan to just 'hunting 'pedos' and posting all their information on line'! But then again, with your abusive behavior, you accuse people of being a 'pedo' when they are not, so who can take you seriously. Of course I expect you to not understand this either!!

What do you want to do, drive a bus or HELP a child? Pick one! you have contextual issues!! Just like static, you are confused! and it was static who tried to use his stupid bus analogy that doesn't fit the context of what he was replying to.

Hey stitches, by your logic of what the 'regard' is is that when driving down the road you would run over anything in front of you except a child, while myself on the other hand would take the appropriate action to avoid WHATEVER IT IS THAT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IT IS!!!

Hey I got an idea, I'm gonna help-focus children so I will become a bus driver, thanks for your profound idiots...

So how long are you going to keep up your foolishness???