Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why do they hide?


Static Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:48 am    Post subject:-- Oh, I think that if she ever decides to go public with her identity, you and many other people will stand in shocked disbelief. You haven't figured out who she is yet? Think about it, and it'll come to you. So far, no one has gotten it right, not even CJBW. But as for how she'd feel that the public would know that she stands against pedophiles and pedo-sympathizers, I imagine she'll feel just fine with that- I don't know, you'd have to ask her. One thing I'm sure of though is that she won't run around whining about being "outed" because there is not one word she's written that she wouldn't stand by. Now if others would learn to be more careful about what they say in public, and would learn to retract any falsehoods they've spread- at least half of their problems would disappear...

Static Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:08 am    Post subject:-- "I can't really speak for Stitches, but I tried to tell him what I *think* her response would be to being "outed."

Static:-- Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:02 pm    Post subject:
I'm sure that if you have any questions for her, she's capable of speaking for herself.

I'm sure you've been wondering about this for a while, but why is it AZU members hide from the public eye? That's the million dollar question. To hear AZU's resident cock-in-mouthpiece Static tell it, we'll be in "shocked disbelief." I doubt it. But consider this, why would Stitches 77 hide her identity? Or pretty much every member of Absolute Zero United for that matter? After all, society has canonized lots of psychotic self-professed child advocates like Mark Lunsford and John Walsh. So why would AZU hide their identities if what they were doing was noble, given we allow deranged lunatics like Tammy Lee Gibson off the hook for the brutal assaults of Former Offenders? 

Of course, what StatiCunt won't tell you is Stitches 77 has never stood behind her words or answered a direct question. After 15 months I still have never receive a response to that comment she made about Patty Wetterling. Which, of course, explains why she has her Tier 3 RSO yes-man speaking for her outside the confines of her dungeon. On the other hand, I have stood behind every assertion, every comment, and every stat I have inundated throughout the internet, because unlike AZU I back up my words with evidence. It takes more than a barrage of juvenile videos and doctored webphotos to bury the truth you stupid fucking trolls. But they're so deep in their cognitive distortions they'll never figure it out.

Back to my original question, why hide?Are they scared of being targeted like they have targeted so many others? Maybe, but the answer is a tad easier.The REAL reason they hide is because every time they HAVE gone public, they have ended up looking stupid:




For far too long AZU has spread their disease but the more they do so, they more foolish they end up looking in the eyes of society! So much so even Walsh and Lungsfull won't publicly support AZU.

Just look at the rantings of deranged lunatic/ closet pedo "Logue hater," who thinks the following comment is "depraved:"

"Those of us who have these illicit desires are obligated by the law of the land to either not participate in these illicit activities or suffer the consequences. And that doesn't matter whether you think that is fair or not."

"Logue hater" thinks being obligated to the law is somehow wrong, and if you obey the law you are a sick bastard! That is why every member of AZU should be civilly committed or euthanized for the benefit of society. At the least, turn them over to the FBI.


Anonymous said...

You're right about me! I stalk you but I'm really a pussy, and if you figure out who I am, I'll join the FBI witness protection program because I'm scared of getting my ass kicked by you. The truth is I'm so jealous of you I wish I could be like you.

"Logue hater"

WarpedOhio said...

I'm glad you admitted you're a pussy, Logue hater. Admitting you're a pussy is the first step to the road to recovery. The second step involves turning yourself in to the local sanitarium!

AZU sucks said...

Stichcunt stands by everything she says? why hate her for 'hunting pedos and their enablers'??


Voice of Reason said...

Welcome back!

Yes, I've also found it rather odd that these loonies are so keen to keep their identities secret. Only Jeremy is open about his true identity and that's because he has no option given his past.

I wouldn't be surprised if StitchesCunt came out as she needs to do something dramatic to take the spotlight away from Jeremy. He's really taken over as AZU's number one and it's clearly bugging her.

WarpedOhio said...

I just post this in response to StitchCunt's excessive ranting about me personally, so enjoy:

quit your fucking crying, bitches 77. If you want me to "get the fuck out of your face," you cunty twat, then leave my name out of your mouth. I'm merely doing what you do, blogging. After all, its just words, right? We all know why you hide. I posed a very good question over at my anti-AZU site. Actually, you cowardly cunt, I have posed many valid questions you have ignored and evaded for years. And of course, you never will, because I know the truth about you. You're retarded and crazy. You're just another armchair quarterback who knows nothing about the subject she professes to know about. I guess that is why you quit going around the internet spreading your filth as of late, because you're the one who ends up looking like a jackass bitches77 aka massmom. You're not even convincing in your denial these days. I know who orangejello/ Logue hater is, and yes she is another cowardly member of AZU. Just another cyberstalking cunt like you. You want me to get the fuck out of your face? Tough shit, you slut. You should have thought of that before you and your cocksucking cronies decided to attack me. In the words of Rambo, "Don't push it, I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go." So if you want this war to end, sit back, grab a nice tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up, and keep my name out of your mouth, or just do the noble thing and off yourself. Unlike you, I haven't spent the last six weeks keeping your skanky name in my mouth, I was busy taking trips and enjoying life, but in reading here, you and staticunt have talked about me everyday like a couple of obsessed schoolgirls. So go ahead and stamp your feet and huff your breath and continue your daily obsession while I continue to live my life to the fullest in spite of your best efforts to suppress me. So keep talking shit, and I'll continue to destroy the credibility of Absolute Zeroes Retarded... Oh Wait, AZU HAS no credibility. Game over. You lose!

WarpedOhio said...

In sum, AZU brought it upon thewmselves. Did they think they could just bully people incessantly and not expect anyone to fight back? But anyways, attacking me has kept them so busy they can't keep up with all the good things the RSO community is doing to reform sex offender laws. AZU is failing worse than the hunt for Bin Laden.

I think it IS funny how nearly every stitchcunt and staticunt post in the past 3 months has my name in it, while I was gone from here a month and a half and never gave AZU any though. Tell me, who's the ones obsessed now?

PS: Stitches 77 deleted my post on the truth about Mark Lunsford, obviously they can't handle the truth! I think it is time I make a post about Mark Lunsford.

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

Here are Static's own words:

"Do I know everything Stitches may or may not have done? No. Is she a master manipulator? Well- actually yes, if by "manipulator", you mean master of psy-ops. But I also know that I pissed her off more than most, and that she definitely retaliated, but never was I made a victim of vigilantism. Now why would she bother to be a crazy vigilante to everyone else but me? The fact is, she hasn't. She treated me the same as anyone else who pisses her off. And guess what?- Not one instance of vigilantism. I've also now seen that certain RSO's are more than willing to lie about people who disagree with them. You both have done it to me. Considering all this, it becomes clear that , although Stitches is certainly not one to be taken lightly, she is no vigilante. Many bad things could be said about her- she's mean, she's sometimes stubborn, she can be intimidating, she can definitely be rude when she's pissed. But she's not stupid, and she's not a vigilante. And once you get to know her a little, she's actually a very cool person. That's not ass-kissing. There are a few RSO's I've met who I could say the same thing about. I just speak the truth- even about Stitches. Another thing is that I've been more free to speak my mind at AZU than I ever was in any RSO group. They've been fair to me- even before I started "hanging out" at AZU. I fought them, they fought me. But they didn't do anything unfair, imo. I can't say the same about the RSO's. Sorry, but it's true. "

" she's actually a very cool person. That's not ass-kissing."

What the fuck??? Jeremy is diluted in his thinking! Of course S77 treats him differently but he refuses to admit it. Dork head.

S77 hides her identity because if she goes "public", Someone she has pissed off in going to pay her a personal visit and rearrange her teeth! I KNOW several people waiting in line to kick her ass!

Jeremy is such a pussy diluted fool and a AZU pawn being used and manipulated to promote their evil agenda. He is a REPEAT SEX OFFENDER and we know what AZU thinks about "repeat" offenders but they make an exception with Jeremy Bolick and he either doesnt see this or doesnt care.

WarpedOhio said...

Static is one dumb cocksucker. AZU KNOWS why I've been taking the fight back to them.

I love how Static denies everything wrong about AZU, which is everything.

I'll have to explain it in words even staticunt and bitches77 can understand.

Look at the day this blog was made. April 2008. When did AZU start attacking me? December 2007. Now, December 2007 comes before 2008. Do the math! And yet they have the audacity to claim I'm the aggressor? They tried to silence me for months, including creating a blog and video of me, following me around the internet, even sending their lies about me to the DA in hopes that they could interfere in a reclass hearing which ultimately became absorbed in the class action suit against the state of Ohio. And now they piss and moan about how I'm punking them out. Now Stitchcunt (I know you're reading this), stop playing dumb... oh that's right, you're not playing! You truly ARE dumb. I have backup files of everything I've everything I've ever said about you. You can't delete the truth, you dumb cunt.

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...




the joke is on them said...

I left a few posts at the zero brained site. They think I'm Derek. And when they read this they will think it's Derek.

go check it out. Stupid people are funny.

Stitches is one dumb cunt

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

Jeremy said:

" Now if others would learn to be more careful about what they say in public, and would learn to retract any falsehoods they've spread- at least half of their problems would disappear..."

What a foolish idiot! Yes, if Jeremy would shut up and disappear,we'd have one less idiot problem roaming the internet!

stitches is a dumb cunt said...

(sent to azu)

what's the matter? You afraid to show my last post? Doesn't fit your agenda?

as a taxpayer, YOU owe me money bitch and I'm coming to get it.

Mark lunsford IS a sex offender and so is his son!!!!!!!!!!

They just get a free pass, and now dumbass stalker and child porn lover mark gets to be a vigilante. He will sacrifice everyone else's children except his own. All for his own vengeance because he had more important things to do than be a father to his kids.
I wonder who he is threatening or stalking today.

and you will continue to be a dumb slutty whore.

Pay up bitch! ohh, that's right, you don't even have a job you worthless piece of shit. you arrogant cunt.

your day will come you fucking coward. a jail cell will be waiting for you.

stitches is a dumb cunt stitches is a dumb cunt stitches is a dumb cunt stitches is a dumb cunt stitches is a dumb cunt stitches is a dumb cunt. and she swallows too.

WarpedOhio said...

They think that everyone who speaks out against them is either me or some guy they call "TSand." TSand? Never heard of him. Even if I did, I guess they never considered lots more people hate them than just me. Hell, if this keeps up, the number of AZU haters will outnumber the actual active members of AZU. Actually, we may have reached that point already. These days we just see StitchCunt, StatiCunt, Jackassey, and.... well these days that's about it!

stitches is a dumb cunt said...

can't take the truth can you you dumb slut.

go fuck yourself you useless piece of shit.

Go get a job and quit being a whore.

[in response to the cunt not posting my comment about proof of lunsford being a sex offender and a stalker]

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

go check it out. Stupid people are funny.

Stitches is one dumb cunt!

HEY, I might be "dumb" and just because I hang with stoopidd people dont make me stoopidd!

The REAL Stitches77