Saturday, December 18, 2010


SSDD-- Same Shit, Different Design

First, the bad news-- Apparently some former members of Pee-J has repackaged the highly inaccurate Wikisposure information under the new name "Evil Unveiled."

The good news-- it gives those who missed out on suing Pee-J another opportunity to expose these frauds once and for all.

Despite Perverted-Justice's best efforts to deny this fact, Wikisposure was taken down because the info contained in the site was so slanderous and cast such a false light on the victims of Wikisposure made them criminally and civilly liable. Von Erck has been in and out of court over lawsuits, barely escaping a federal lawsuit which was even featured on ABC 20/20. It will be interesting to see if Pee-J can still be held liable for this new website.

On the plus side, the repackaged site has brought back T-Sand's old Wikisposure page:

UPDATE-- It didn't take long for Evil Unveiled to go back down as a result of "non-payment or abuse of account." Bye bye PJ wannabes!


Voice of Reason said...

Brilliant!! I may still get my own page yet

Once Fallen said...

I doubt they'll get the amount of attention Wikisposure did because I doubt the ones currently running this site have the "mad hacker skillz" of the old-school Pee-Jerks, which they used to get Wikisposure at the top of search engines. To me it seems more an exercise in both futility and stupidity.

Voice of Reason said...

I did a couple of searches on the new site and can report that they've included Clay Keys (Tsand) - although omitted his picture - in the new site but again they've left out Jeremy Bolick (Static). Forget the nickname of 'Static'... he should be called 'The Teflon Man'.

Once Fallen said...

Static was taken off Wikisposure a year ago at AZU's request. That's likely why he's not on the new site, since they simply reposted the info that was on the final version of Wikisposure.

I sonder why AZU hasn't lobbied to get Clay off the list is because they know someday soon Clay will turn on them too. I think they tolerate his rantings but fear confronting him on his bad behavior. To them, an enemy of their enemy is a friend. Clay Keys is the living example of the term "Frenemy."