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RIP Lunsford Foundation -- Foundation page closed with announcement -- Jessie's Rider's page down

Well, it's official! The Jessica Lunsford Foundation is off the air. As a side effect, Lunsford's thuggish posse, "Jessie's Riders," is disbanded as well. I guess the money train dried up with the foundation, so he'll have to find other ways to milk his daughter's death.

In case you're relatively new to this site and you wonder why I'm speaking about Lunsford on an anti-anti site, its because they're connected through Tracy Golden of WASP Ohio [since JML Foundation is gone, I had to use that Web Archive machine but luckily it is still accessible through them]:

WASP "Women Against Sexual Predators" A new and vibrant proactive subcommittee called WASP has been added to the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation. For more information. Please contact Penny Verde at or call 1.888.4jmllaw

Sorry Lungsfull you can't get away THAT easily!

In no particular order, I'm giving a very brief rundown of the controversy surrounding Lunsford:

1. The US Congressional SORNA committee hearing

This gave me the opportunity to approach Mark Lunsford. Explaining that my husband was on the registry for life for consensual sex as a teen. An ‘offense’ similar to the ‘offense’ his son would have faced if it were not for his intervention. Mr. Lunsford said that his son served ten days, on a plea to a felony offense. He said that he told the prosecuting attorney that he would “expose every sex offense case where they gave a lenient sentence to a true sex offender if they treated his son like one of those predators”. Thus, his son avoided registration. (Let us be clear, this is a good thing. No person should be forced to register for situations such as these.) I told him that I did not begrudge him his advocacy, that I was not sure I could live had one of my children suffered the same fate Jessica suffered...

I approached Mark Lunsford again about a comment I heard him make during his testimony that sounded as if he suggested that it was Okay for the wrong person to register if it meant saving the life of a child. I wanted him to know that it was most certainly not Okay, that my husband had lost his dignity and self worth because of wrongful registration and that it would never be Okay to register someone as a 'small sacrifice' for the greater good of potentially saving one child. He indicated that he did not believe that he had said something to that effect and that he did not mean for that to be my understanding. I know that others around me heard the same thing. -- see also

Mark Lunsford's computer had child porn on it, but thanks to his connections to John Walsh, got away with it. They used the Clinton defense, remember "I smoked but I never inhaled?" They said child porn was on the computer but not downloaded. Really? Well how did they get in the RECYCLE BIN? I'm a wiz enough at PCs to know you don't get files in the recycle bin from just looking at something, or you'd have a full recycle bin in an hour--trust me. But its all about who you know and who you blow. And John Walsh is a powerful man to blow. Which brings me back to his son's sex case:

2. Lunsford Jr. Gets off for a sex crime!

Note the "Please Find Jessica" T-shirt he's wearing IN COURT! Like father like son...
Anyways, as much as I'm an advocate of keeping Romeo and Juliet offenders off the registry, in this case, it was Lunsford's connections that got Joshua off the hook. In addition to the comment noted above, he told reporters it was not "some 37 year old pervert following a 10 year old kid around." But what's a small sacrifice to protect the children now, Lungsfull?

4. Misuse of Jessica Lunsford Foundation Funds

Lunsford used funds for plastic surgery; where else could he have gotten the money? Dirt druck drivers don't make that kind of money --

Initially, the money came easy. Lunsford received $50,000 in the 24 days after his daughter disappeared. Supporters held motorcycle rallies, races and festivals in Jessica's name.

But financial documents filed by the foundation show it remains a relatively small operation. In its first two years ending July 2007, the foundation received about $285,000 in donations. The organization's most recent assets were reported at $102,000.

The Internal Revenue Service records show growing signs of financial trouble. In the 2006 fiscal year, the latest figures available, contributions grew 10 percent while fundraising costs grew 170 percent. The bulk of the foundation's money went to pay salary and travel costs for Lunsford.

In the 2006 fiscal year, he earned $54,800, which is more than double his salary the previous year, records show. In addition, he received health insurance and charged the foundation for most of his expenses. In a recent interview at his parents' home in Homosassa, Lunsford deflected criticism, saying the board sets his salary.

It's not uncommon for foundation leaders to earn salaries — some make much more — but many smaller organizations often don't pay staff.

Lunsford couldn't clarify other questionable expenses in the documents without going through receipts, including a two-year travel bill totaling more than $40,000 and a one-year expense of nearly $14,000 for "entertainment." Amid this recent scrutiny, he acknowledged that he fired his treasurer and hired a professional accounting firm from Jacksonville.

The bookkeeping change meant Lunsford also couldn't explain why a number of big-ticket items weren't shown in the foundation's public tax forms. Among the known transactions missing:

• The $15,000 in early donations Lunsford used to buy a 2002 Chevy truck.

• The custom motorcycle with Jessica's image, worth an estimated $80,000, that was made by Santiago Chopper and donated to the foundation. (Lunsford said it was never donated, but Santiago owner Alan Bernard said the opposite.)

• A tour bus of undetermined value donated by a California company that now rests behind the home of Lunsford's parents in Homosassa.

By contrast, the financial records show relatively few dollars — about $10,000 in two years — provided direct assistance to child support groups, which is another tenet of the foundation's mission.

"We don't like a lot of the things (Lunsford's) doing," said Claudine Ryce, who manages a Florida nonprofit in the memory of her son Jimmy Ryce. "We don't think that's the way to fund the nonprofit."

Wrongful death / negligence lawsuit

On February 19, 2008, almost three years to the day after her kidnapping and murder, Jessica's father was represented by Jacksonville, Florida lawyers in a pre-trial brief filed against the Citrus County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.[19] After receiving notice of the pending suit, Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy stated that he believed the case to be "baseless... There is only one person in the world that should be held responsible for Jessica Lunsford's death and that's John Couey."[20]

Following complaints and suggestions from Citrus County residents that the pending litigation was being pursued out of greed and that had he been a better father his child may still be alive[21], Mark Lunsford and Jacksonville-based attorneys Eric Block and Mark Gelman held a news conference in Jacksonville, where it was stated that the pending litigation was "not for the money... but for change." Lunsford stated that changes were needed in procedures and policies. It is alleged that Couey had Jessica Lunsford alive in the trailer while Citrus County officials visited the trailer, that police dogs indicated Jessica was being held in the direction of the trailer and were ignored, that Citrus County officials actively pursued Mark Lunsford's father as their prime suspect while evidence pointed elsewhere, and that had Citrus County officials followed up on an outstanding warrant issued by Georgia, that Citrus County officials could have entered Couey's residence and possibly saved the child. Such inactions or lack of follow-up is believed to have led to her death.[21][22][23]

On February 28th, 2008, Mark Lunsford made a phone appearance on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show to defend his viewpoints.

Controvery follows Lunsford everywhere! Sadly, she's just gone on to other ways of milking his dead kid for cash. And to think THIS is who AZU calls a "hero?" But then again, AZI gets off on child exploitation, so long as it involves their own exploitation.

And finally, his harassment of an ex-gf leads to a restraining order: [extrapolated from the Citrus County Chronicle]

7-2-2006 Florida: Woman seeks restraining order against [Mark] Lunsford: Mark Lunsford’s ex-girlfriend is seeking to get an order of protection against him, after she said in her petition he has made threats to her. .Mechelle D. Willis, 35, of Homosassa, signed a petition Monday seeking a protection order against Lunsford, 42, of Homosassa. In her injunction petition for protection against domestic violence, Willis says he has called her cell phone and left threats, and on Sunday, drove by her “cussing” at her and a friend. Lunsford was the father of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was murdered last year; the man accused of killing her has pleaded not guilty to charges. “He has come by my house with about 15 bikers trying to scare me,” Willis wrote in the petition.

Willis states in the petition Lunsford drives by her home “all hours of the night,” flashing the lights of his truck, and that he has also appeared at a hair salon where she works. On Mother’s Day, she said she had to call the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office “because he was throwing my stuff outside.” When contacted about the incident, sheriff’s spokeswoman Gail Tierney said she could not find a report from May 14, though there was a follow-up report filed four days later for a traffic stop. No further information was available about that incident. [snip]

According to the petition, along with showing up at her home, Willis said on another occasion Lunsford, “tried to wreck me all the way down 44” when she was driving to work. And she said there was another confrontation when she met with a friend about “job information,” and Lunsford flashed his lights across the road. “My friend asked him what he wanted,” she stated in the petition. “Then a car pulled up, everyone was out of their cars, and they hit my friend with a board that had nails in it. He still has the marks on his back.”

Willis is seeking a protection order that would prohibit Lunsford from coming within 500 feet of her home or work. She also wants him to participate in treatment and counseling services. Willis, a mother of a 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, said the girl witnessed some of the incidents. ..more.. : by Dave Pieklik

Need I say more?


lungsfulofshit said...

The only thing the foundation did was give mark a free ride.

He's just a dumb hillbilly.

oncefallendotcom said...

And AZU idiot Rob T[r]Aylor-trash is now pissing and moaning about this article. We know how Rob Taylor loves his deviant porn, so we should know he and Lunsford have a lot in common. Cry all you want, Traylor-trash, but the proof is in the links I've provided. Lunsford has quite a paper trail which he did himself. Stop trying to blame me for Lunsford's bad rep, you loser pervert.

oncefallendotcom said...

Actually I should thank Traylor Trash, because thanks to that fucking idiot, more people will see the truth about the people he supports and will actually be counterproductive. What a tool!

Voice of Reason said...

Lunsford is as crooked as they come. What happened to his daughter was a tragedy but the way he's milked it for his own gain is a disgrace. AZU are really showing their complete lack of judgement by backing this slugshit redneck. They can go on about how people hate anyone who exposes the skeletons in his closet but it's wishful thinking on their part. Normal people can look at everything that he and his son have done and realise that the tragedy of Jessica's death doesn't excuse his behaviour.

slob taylor said...

I left a reply for dipshit taylor. of course it wasn't posted.
They can rip on ZMan for calling it like it is, but sure don't want to post the truth.

furthermore, they are confusing me with ZMan and Derek.

anyway, I replied with:

go ahead rob. call the lunsford foundation. Ask them if it's ok to sacrifice their children. lunsford thinks it's ok so long as it's your children and not his. lunsford is a hypocrite!

Your as dumb and blind as stitches

---there was more, but you get the point

fuck off stitches said...

can't take the truth you dumb whore?

I'm not Derek you idiot.

stitches is sucking robs dick now. What's the matter did static dump you, you dumb slut.

[posted here because they wont post anything countering their bullshit]

fuck off stitches said...

hey dumbshit Derek isn't forcing anyone to do anything. That's only your delusions fucking with you.

You sit here and attack Zman, yet refuse to post the reply's countering your claims.

You are a true piece of shit and you are smelling up this place.

you can find this post at Dereks blog since you don't post anything countering your bullshit.

mental masturbation? WOW the next thing ya know you will be saying something like 'you visually raped her'

Do yourself a favor and kill yourself.

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[posted here because they wont post it at their piece of shit blog]

fuck off stitches said...

wow what's your obsession with Derek?

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You fucking idiots don't give two shits about children. All you care about is satisfying your demented thoughts and speak on things you have no clue about.

That is exactly why you can go fuck yourself.

fuck off stitches said...

Oh gee, you posted one of my reply's.

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fuck off stitches said...

Hey shit for brains, you would actually try do drive someone to commit a crime to end up in jail because you don't like them? You are a danger to society. I should hope that the people you do this to would take it out on your dumb ass.

It's a good thing Derek is better person than you are. Quit using Derek to justify your dementia, you fucking freak.

fuck off stitches said...

I'm not Derek you fucking idiot.

This is the fucked up blog you speak of.

I post at Derek's blog because you like to 'edit' so much. So go fuck yourself bitch.

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fuck off stitches said...

You and 'logue hater'are the blame gamers you demented freak.

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"You don't antagonize people and then expect them to have nothing to say in response. Your problem is that you don't like the response."

Gee, pot,kettle,black-BITCH

it's fun watching you idiots make fools of yourselves

[Ok, this will be the last one I post here. Unless there is one that is to good to not post hehe]

(Hey Derek, these idiots are obsessed with you. the got blogs and everything just about you. It's clearly evident that these morons have such simple minds to attack you like this. And yet, when you, or anyone else, points out their dementia, they blame you for it. Even when I point it out to them, they blame you for it. Karma will bite them in the ass one day)

oncefallendotcom said...

Dang the shit's hit the fan eh? That's the problem with AZU, they talk their smack then they cower in their little corners and edit our posts like little schoolgirls. If Rob Traylor Trash, stitchstaticunt, or Logue masturb-hater had any balls, they'd just do the chivalrous thing and just come on over to my place and throw down the gauntlet rather than by running and hiding.

See, I don't spend as much time over at AZU as they think. Just look at the time I took beteen my February and March posts. And this post has little to do with them save their ass-kissing of lungsfull. The reason is the same 5 dipshits over at AZU make up all the site traffic and I want to visit as little merely because it boosts their rankings. So I only go there when I'm in the mood to piss on the antbed.

Logue hater is a retard. He thinks I'm the only one who has a problem with Absolute Zeroes. I guess its easy for him to talk shit with his head up their asses all day.

But I will say this much, I really want him to pay me a visit, I have a size 10 1/2 starry-eyed surprise waiting on him. I guess that's why they hide. If I'm such a pussy, why is it HE'S HIDING FROM ME?

ROAR for TRUTH! said...

"I'll be calling the Lundsford foundation Monday to let them know about the slander. as I said to Zman on is site Vengence, pretty much mine.
Rob Taylor "

Derek, you should let Robby Taylor know the Foundation is closed down so he dont waste hours listening on the phone to a busy signal! You know he's dumb enough to not hang up:)

the REAL Stitches77

stitches is a dumb cunt said...

They will hide because they are cowards. They like to hide behind you. I think in there minds you are supposed to be molesting 11 yr olds daily and 'it's only a matter of time' before they catch you.....

They are obvious losers to do the things that they do. They obviously have no clue about how to 'eradicate' the sexual abuse problem in the world.

I will say this; It's only a matter of time before one of them end up in jail or dead because of their own stupidity. I sure hope no children get caught in the crossfire!

We already know the damage lungsfullofshit has done to innocent children around the country.

That's what happens when you take your vengeance out on everyone for the act of 1.

oncefallendotcom said...

Its laughable how they're bitching about you going there to post under multiple screen names. Stitches 77 did it at some media blog recently, and it was discovered three different screen names came from the same IP address with one screen name being StitchCunt herself. She's not fooling anybody. And she WAS obviously fooled by you because I've only been there twice since my trip back from Alabama.

AZU has exploited more children by their filth than many sex offenders. Maybe we should put all of THEM on the registry!

fuck off stitches said...

my reply to that piece of shit after the cunt edited this
from a post where I asked static what he thought about it. Well we know what the cunt thinks of it.

stitchcunt is pathetic.

You have just proven once and for all what you are all about.

You pathetic piece of shit.

get statics dick out of your mouth you worthless whore

BTW: They think I'm someone named Clay now.

oncefallendotcom said...

That's alright, they think it's really me sending them hate mail. By the way, readership for this little blog has exploded. The funny thing is, Traylor Trash posted a direct link to here in a lame attempt to "expose" me, and he's leading his readers to the first bit of truth his readers will ever receive from red-alerts.

fuck off stitches said...

to bad all lunsfords efforts caused harm to children in his little 'war'

He is only interested in his vengeance as evidenced in your bullshit post.

The only part he was right about is the system failing. So what does he do? makes sure the system will always fail.

[response to 'lunsford says'. here we have a dumb hillbilly who runs off at the mouth on things he has no clue about and stitchcunt hangs on every word. Then we have a report by professionals in the field of sexual abuse and the dumbcunt completely dismisses it. That speaks volumes of that dumb cunts stupidity]

oncefallendotcom said...

That wasn't Lunsford who posted that, just some dipshit who posted Lungsfull's congressional testimony, but what WASN'T in that written testimony was his bullshit comment about sacrificing innocent people is okay for the sake of protecting children. Hitler did it for the children too. Shit, Lunsford even has that Hitler Mustache thingie going on!


Voice of Reason said...

Speaking of multiple screen names, did you notice how after I did my post on just how few people actually contribute to their comments section that all of sudden there were lots of new names who all had a rather similar writing style? LOL

fuck off stitches said...

they're not fooling anyone.

they are good at doing tricks though

oncefallendotcom said...

Doing tricks? Don't you mean TURNING tricks?