Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun with Brett Franklin

After Lame-o disappeared from AZU, there's been a lull in my interest since being a Lame-o Flame-o was SO much fun! But all is not lost! WE have... BRETT FRANKLIN from SEDALIA MISSOURI! Who IS Brett Franklin? Depending on WHEN he calls you, he's a member of "Homeland Security," or a "Social Security Administration Auditor," or an "Ex-Marine." I think he's FAR more MORON than Marine! So I decided to mess with the clown. Anyways, his phone number (starts with 660) calls me, and knowing he's called my friends to harass them, I decided to have a little fun with the idiot. You can't blame me, not only does the idiot call me from a LISTED NUMBER which you can Yahoo Search to get his NAME and ADDRESS, he allowed me to RECORD the conversation! Thanks, Brett! I'm SURE the proper authorities will be interested in the conversation. However, not one to lay down and play sissy for a sissy who won't meet me in person, I did throw a couple of quick jabs:

He kept mentioning "Soldier of Fortune" (the magazine) so I replied he's a Soldier of MISfortune.

Brett says F*** Pee-J and "do'nt assosiate with those assholes," but then he says they should be more PROACTIVE. I of course called him out on his hypocrisy.

Funny thing is, he claims he DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM with my activism. Then why bother me? Guess he wanted my endless supply of putdowns and one-liners directed at him.

He claims to have served time in Levenworth. Okay, if you served time in a FEDERAL prison, how can he be working for the Feds? My guess is he's the Otis of Sedalia, MO.

Anyways, if this clown calls, call the police. Tell him not to call. Record the conversation. Just to be safe, consider him a threat

ADDENDUM: Looks like this Brett Franklin Idiot has ALREADY pissed off other people:



CJ Black Widow said...

I got to listen to this conversation. What a twat! "Moron" does not describe this idiot. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. It was like listening to a Missouri Barney Fife.

Poor twit. He tried so hard to sound tough only to be shot down again and again.

I loved "aint none of your fucking business, bitch!" And you made him into your bitch. The more this dumb-ass spoke, the the more of a bitch he became.

Thanks for sharing. I'd like to see that piece on Mad TV. Right after the skit about Stewart.

"Look what I can do!"

Voice of Reason said...

Idiots like this deserve everything they get.