Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impersonation 101

Here's members of AZU doing what they do best, impersonating people. They make fake profiles of people and post under their names. Makes you wonder how much stuff that goes on there that is simply made up by AZU. After all, they never truly allow opposing opinions at AZU. Go there and try it out if you don't believe me. It makes me wonder if ANY posts presented at AZU are ever true. Of course, they do they very things they whine about others doing. They embrace the same guy that spent years blasting them and impersonating them; integrity has never been a requirement at AZU. ROFL @ Stitches and TSand. Stitches a "famous anti-pedophile activist?" Famous as a crackpot, maybe! And TSand was just a troll. Eventually he'll get pissed off at AZU and turn on them again.

PS: Jacey needs to work on her math skills. Somehow she believes $300 = $15. Apparently basic math skills are not an AZU requirement, either. I guess that explains why AZU is always misreading statistics.

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