Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dodia Fae and T-Sand = Beavis and Butthead

Maybe comparing DOH!-dia Fae and T-Sand to Beavis and Butthead is an insult to the latter duo.

Recently Dumb and Dumber have made it a point to mock Mary Duval's personal battles with a serious illness.

T-Sand: I do not care to wish evil upon this person but really, Karma is a bitch! Supporting a RSOL pro pedophile agenda is not good is it?

DOH-dia Fae: While I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, I have trouble feeling badly for her. I see it as Karma's kick in the ass for her. On another note, I have always had trouble believing that those pictures of Mary weren't photo-shopped to make her look... deformed... so I did a google image search. Wow. Both she and Ricky look like they're right out of "The Hills Have Eyes". Scary.

If Karma causes diseases, I wonder what is in store for members of Absolute Zero. I wonder if DOH-dia is as butt ugly as those malformed women who showed up at the Columbus rally back in 2007.

Since we are on the subject of stupidity, did anyone catch T-Sand's latest snafu? From his only Sept. 2010 entry in his snore 4 truth blog:

Once upon a time, I was a FB member. I was often searching for pedophile sex offenders. I "reported" many to FB.

Imagine that--T-Sand the sex offender ADMITTING to having a Facebook page? I wonder if the authorities have been notified.

The only question now is, between DOHdia Fae and T-Sand, which one is Beavis and which one is Butthead? T-vis and Doh-head!

Doh-head: Hey T-vis, uh-huh-huh-huh, check this out! uh-huh-huh-huh
T-Vis: heh-heh-heh. This sucks! heh-heh-heh!
Doh-head: I don't like stuff that sucks, lets watch something cool.
T-vis: Fire! Fire! heh-heh-heh
Doh-head: Let's go break something! uh-huh-huh-huh
T-Vis: yeah! Yeah! This rules! heh-heh-heh

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