Friday, May 18, 2012

Memoir of a Deceptive Life: Roseann Zoggyie attacks activist citing a troll site as "relevant" info

Roseann Barr Zoggyie
I guess my expose on feminism will have to wait. For the moment, I need to take yet another Evil-Untruth supporter to task.

Meet Roseann Zoggyie of Salina, Kansas. Zoggyie thinks she's pretty educated. Well she does have a Master's degree from the prestigious Western Carolina University (What's a catamount, by the way?). But her field is GERONTOLOGY. You know, old people. So apparently working with old folks and others with developmental disabilities makes you an expert on everything?

Despite all that, that does not make her an expert on anything else. After all, when you base your opinion on the ramblings of the crazy people at Evil-Untruths (Evil-Unveiled), then you prove your lack of expertise.

So Zoggyie, mad because she was censored for her personal attacks on Paula Gloria for allowing me the chance to tell my story on her show, decided to post a hate-filled response (which she recently set to private, but will likely be removed altogether once Youtube processes the complaint), in which she attacks me personally using info from the Evil-Unveiled page, and includes my personal information. She thinks it is okay to attack me because she has a right to "inform people" that I somehow don't have a right to speak publicly.

It is funny how when a woman, especially one with a degree and thus assumed to be more intelligent than the uneducated fools at EU, will post an ad hominem video, filled with slander and personal info, based upon a gossip site, then complain that her victim would retaliate by raising awareness of a deluded wannabe-expert by collecting her personal info and publishing it. And oh, did she complain. By doing less than what she did to me, I'm accused of harassing her.

Speaking of her blog, she claims it is a blog about "forgiveness" and "redemption." I say bullshit. Forgiveness is not retaliating and attacking someone just because someone else accurately referred to her as a CUNT. Well since Zoggyie CAN'T UNDERSTAND NORMAL THINKING, I find the WOMAN (yes, a woman called her a cunt) who called Zoggyie a cunt was right on the money. And anyone who propagates the long debunked myth of Ritual Abuse (aka Satanic Panic) should have her sanity questioned (she claims to be a victim of "Ritual Abuse" while denying the accepted condition known as FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME, deriding it by callinng it False Memory SWORD, whatever that means). I believe she is the living example of False Memory Syndrome. See her insane posts about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation:

I noticed lately that there are searches on Google questioning what FMSwordF is. It stands for False Memory Syndrome Foundation. I choose not to spell syndrome because there is no such thing as FMS. I decided to go through the blog and put all of my research/posting on FMSwordF. Why I choose not to use the syndrome word is because there is absolutely no empirical evidence to support that there is a syndrome. I personally feel that FMSwordF played a large role in harming survivors of child ritual and sexual abuse. If you look into their background you will see that FMSwordF was started by parents accused of sexually abusing their child. You will also see that FMSwordF's advisory board has pedophiles on it and there were two prominent pedophiles on the original advisory board. When I found FMSwordF's connection to pedophilia this blog changed some of it's direction. Instead of just focusing on my surviving multiple traumas to outing FMSwordF's role in promoting the Normalization Of Pedophilia.

I decided to Google FMSwordF, as well as spelled out the phrase False Memory Sword Foundation. Anyone want to take a guess where the words lead? Just one person. One who flew over the cuckoo's nest.

She contradicts herself a lot. She uses the term pedophile for every sex crime yet denies later she sees all RSOs the same. She is a denier of the term "situational offender" but yet she posts an article describing the difference between a situational offender (she calls him a child molester) versus a pedophile. She wil cut and paste the medical definition of pedophilia yet will call someone over 18 who has sex with a 17 year old a pedophile. And she's accepted and promoted the DSM-V definition of pedophilic disorders even though the DSM-V has yet to be released and is still in the discussion stages.

The truth is Zoggyie is just another crazy woman playing the perpetual victim role to elicit sympathy. She stirs the hornet's nest and cries for sympathy when she gets stung, because people like her NEED that kind of attention. I hope she likes the attention she just got from this blog. Enjoy your new troll buddies at EU, they are in need of a gerontologist since their shit's getting old.

PS: I've heard so many threats of police and courts from people over the years, but AZUnites, and all my other sites, have been here for years and will be here after you come to terms with the fact that I fight back and will laugh at your idle threats, railings, and bitching, and post it online. Freedom of speech and the ability to post personal info works both ways, as well as that cyberstalking law you cut-and-paste but haven't read (police don't care about a flame war you started). If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Now, next up, the folly of the Occupy Patriarchy connection to online vigilante groups.


oncefallendotcom said...

LOL At Roseann. You can file all the false allegations you want, but police will not bother with your complaints. You committed a crime when you abused the registry to harass and threaten my life. You also made yourself civilly liable by making a claim that is not true.

Your buddies at Evil-Untruths can't do anything about it, either, because they are not members of law enforcement, just other brain dead twits with questionable mental health histories. I have heard plenty of threats by you and your ilk over the years, but you can't bully me or scare me into silence. You will only cause me to be MORE persistent.

The registry needs to be abolished because of losers like you.

oncefallendotcom said...

Youtube removed Roseann's video because it violated her terms of service. And yet she claims she had done nothing wrong. Well Youtube disagrees.

oncefallendotcom said...

I hope this fucking bitch likes being unemployed but she better realize I'm not the one who got her in trouble with her employer, she did by attacking others.