Thursday, September 19, 2013

Letzgo Hunting founder quits after his name is partially exposed online

Have you ever noticed how defensive vigilantes get when the spotlight shines on them? They don't like being outed. How ironic! But it isn't stopping members from threatening women for daring to question them. Well, I question them, so bring it on, punks!

[UPDATE: It appears the person who outed the Letzgo Hunting clown is Stinson Hunter, another vigilante scumbag group. I guess there is no honor among thieves]

Paedophile vigilantes terrorised us for daring to criticise them: Sisters left in fear after challenge to gang who outed online suspect 

Claire and Emma Harris have been bombarded with abusive messages
At least two other people have received threats from the group
By Andy Dolan

Two sisters who criticised a group of online ‘paedophile hunters’ for confronting a suspect who later committed suicide were themselves viciously targeted by the group, it emerged last night.

Claire and Emma Harris accused Letzgo Hunting of ‘acting like thugs’ after they were bombarded with abusive messages by the vigilante group, which also published one of the sisters’ social networking addresses online.

At least two other people have also received threats or abusive messages from the group, which yesterday denied responsibility for causing the death of engineer Gary Cleary.

One, who posted criticism on Letzgo Hunting’s Facebook page, said he received a reply from a follower warning: ‘I will cut your throat if I see you in the street’.

Mr Cleary, 29, was confronted by Letzgo Hunting members in Braunstone Park, Leicester, in early May, but fled as they approached him.

The group says it lured him there by posing as a 14-year-old girl in an online chat. The footage was posted online and he was arrested days later, questioned and released on bail.

Mr Cleary, who lived with his girlfriend in Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, was found dead in his garage four days later.

Letzgo Hunting claim to be a band of concerned parents in Hinckley, Leicestershire, who pose as girls aged 12 to 15 on internet dating and social networking sites to set up meetings with paedophiles looking for sex.

Footage of the confrontations is put on their website, as well as their Facebook and YouTube pages, with the suspect’s faces visible. If an arrest is made, the footage is doctored to disguise a suspect’s identity, but remains online.
Yesterday the group told the BBC it would not change its methods following the death of Mr Cleary.

But its founder, who uses the name ‘Jamie’, later posted a message saying he was leaving the group after his name was partially revealed online.

He denied being responsible for any abuse from the Letzgo Hunting Facebook page and added: ‘If someone’s been upset by it, I wasn’t aware of it.’

Claire, 31, said that after she saw the group’s footage of its encounter with Mr Cleary in May, she messaged its Facebook page to condemn the tactic.

But within hours she said it sent her a message branding her a paedophile. She was then blocked from posting further comments on its page.

When her 34-year-old sister messaged the site to complain, the group posted her Facebook address and Twitter name on its webpage, with a message claiming she was supporting paedophiles.

It urged the group’s 11,000 Facebook followers to ‘show her some love cuz I’ve had enough’.

The siblings each reported the abuse and harassment to their local police forces.

Last night Claire said some of those who had viewed the video had posted threats to kill Mr Cleary or said they knew where he lived.

Emma, a single mother-of-one from North Yorkshire, said she feared for the safety of her child after Letzgo Hunting tweeted the name of her street in a message suggesting they should ‘go hunting’ in the neighbourhood.

Another tweet warned her: ‘U will feel the love that paedophiles get, because, by condoning their actions and condemning ours, you are equal!’.

She said: ‘I actually warned Letzgo Hunting that I was worried their videos could lead to somebody getting hurt or taking their own life.

‘I can’t believe the way they went for me. It only takes one idiot to decide to look me up – all for trying to have a civilised debate with these people on Facebook.’

Claire, a mother-of-three from Leicestershire, said she came across the group’s activities when a friend posted a comment on their video of the confrontation with Mr Cleary.

She added: ‘I was immediately concerned that this way of working posed a risk to the public, not only to the men being targeted but also anybody mistaken for being the subject of one of their videos.’

Referring to Jamie, she said: ‘I also find it alarming that he works incognito to protect his own family, but thinks nothing of posting my sister’s details onto a public forum.’

An inquest at Loughborough last week concluded Mr Cleary had ‘died by his own hand’.

Coroner Trevor Kirkman made no reference to his encounter with Letzgo Hunting or his arrest.

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