Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vigilante Scumbag Roundup 6/29/16: GoFundMe scams and more vigis getting away with murder

I've been busy doing other things so I haven't had much time to devote to this blog lately, so here's a roundup of vigilante scumbags:

Zach Sweers running GoFundMe scam: was more than willing to help promote Zach Sweers's crappy GoFundMe campaign to raise money for lawyers after one of his victims sued him. "'Despite my strong defenses, I'm greatly disadvantaged,' Sweers wrote on a GoFundMe page. 'I've been representing myself in the few weeks this lawsuit has been going on so far and I have realized that Michigan law in civil court procedure is way over my head.'... His GoFundMe page shows nearly $6,700 in donations, with a $25,000 goal." Interestingly, he has doubled his campaign request once he earned $25,000. Gee, you'd think $25k would be enough for a "frivolous lawsuit." It seems to me Zach discovered the path to easy money, and there are plenty of suckers willing to throw money at this loser. He should be in jail!

UK: No Charges for teens who beat and killed a man they mistook for a "paedophile."

Predator Panic is just as bad 'across the pond, and so are the vigilante scumbags. In the UK Sun piece, "THEY GOT AWAY WITH MURDER Fury of woman whose dad was beaten to death by paedophile vigilante gang after teens walk free," the following was reported:

"Lorry driver Kelly was lured to his death by a then 15-year-old girl, who said she was an adult, after meeting on an internet chat room.

Witnesses saw all four teens repeatedly punching and kicking Darren before 20-year-old Chris Carol, who was convicted of murdering Kelly last year, stabbed the dad six times.

The remaining three teens, two boys aged 17 and the girl, now 16, were cleared of murder and manslaughter after a six-week trial at Chelmsford crown court. Carol was jailed for a minimum of 21 years....

A fourth teenager, aged 13, who was seen attacking the 42-year-old, never faced charges...

“It is an immense sense of injustice only having one in five behind bars. The girl who organised it has got away scot-free, which leaves me with a very bitter taste in the mouth," said Zoe Kelly, the daughter of the man beaten to death.

And, since they aren't guilty by court rule, there are no picture of these thugs. You'd think since they didn't kill a real sex offender, they would have gotten in trouble!

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Echo said...

gods, how rotten can it get?
bad enough that they beat and killed a man but to let all but one off scot free??
the last sentence is even worse, "You'd think since they didn't kill a real sex offender, they would have gotten in trouble"!