Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More trouble for Canada's "Creep Catchers" after Carl Young is arrested for harassment.

It seems that Carl Young has quite a long criminal record.

Dawson Raymond has a breaking-and-entering conviction as well.

What a couple of "outstanding" Canadian citizens, eh? What's that aboot?

Not guilty plea in Creep Catchers harassment case
By Troy Gillard (Twitter: @Troy_Gillard)
February 9, 2017 - 12:24pm

A member of Red Deer Creep Catchers facing charges in relation an incident in Lacombe has pleaded not guilty.

Karl Young, 37, who is also known as Carl Murphy, was charged in December after Lacombe Police say he targeted another individual online using vigilante-type tactics and lured them into meeting in person without justification or facts.

Police say a video of the encounter was posted on the Red Deer Creep Catchers Facebook page making false allegations against the individual.

In Red Deer court on Wednesday, Young pleaded not guilty on counts of mischief and criminal harassment.

The case has been adjourned to May 26.

Vigilante pedophile hunters slammed by police

February 19, 2017 Newswire  
Fame hungry’ Canadian group of vigilante pedophile hunters is slammed for naming and shaming innocent men and interfering with police work

A group of vigilante pedophile hunters in Canada has been slammed for interfering with police work and labeling innocent citizens as sexual predators. 

Creep Catchers, which has a handful of chapters across the country, has its members pose as underage boys and girls online and arrange meetings with would-be predators. 

They film the encounters to share online and also post screenshots of the conversations leading up to the meetings to name and shame the adults involved. 

But police say the network of vigilantes, whose most prominent members have criminal records themselves, is doing more harm than good. 

They say the meetings can drive predators they are on the verge of arresting underground and that the vigilantes are only seeking to make money and find fame.

‘What they’re doing is absolutely not protecting children in any way,’ Insp. Dave Dubnyk of Alberta’s Integrated Child Exploitation unit told

In one case in Alberta, the group confronted a pedophile who police were preparing to arrest. He disappeared after their meeting and is accused of molesting a baby and a toddler afterwards.

‘There’s nothing good coming from this, nothing good at all, except for an emotional response that’s very acute and very short lived,’ Staff Sergeant Stephen Camp of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team’s Integrated Child Exploitation Unit told of the group.

Another allegation is that it wrongly targets people who haven’t committed any form of child abuse.

The parents of a 22-year-old who was profiled by the group for inviting a 15-year-old boy over to his house say the group made his life torturous.

He said the meeting was innocent and that the boy told him he needed support coming out as gay.

In messages beforehand, he said the boy could go to his house ‘as friends’ and that they mustn’t ‘fool around’ but he was shamed by the group.

In a video of the confrontation, he wept: ‘I’m not a creep. I’m not a molester. I’m nothing.’  The man’s father said he had been used as ‘cheap entertainment’.

Last year another man lashed out at the group after being shown in one of its videos. He said he believed the girl he was meeting was 18.  

In Canada it is not illegal for an adult to arrange to meet a child if they show no intent to kidnap or sexually abuse them.

Some of Creep Catcher’s most prolific members have criminal records of their own and one has been arrested for harassment since joining the anti-pedophile crusade.

Katelynn McKnight, 27, took her life in September last year after the group accused her of soliciting sex from a 14-year-old

Karl Young has 25 separate convictions for offenses in New Brunswick, reported.

The newspaper also claimed that Dawson Raymond, who describes himself as ‘the original creep catcher’, has a breaking and entering conviction. Raymond vehemently denies the allegation.

He earlier told Vice he’d created a ‘movement’ which others had hopped on to.  

Creep Catchers has been blamed for the suicide of a transgender woman who killed herself after being targeted by the group.

Katelynn McKnight, 27, took her life in September last year after the group accused her of soliciting sex from a 14-year-old.

The group was also condemned for filming a disabled man with cerebral palsy and sharing his identity online. The man said he’d been told by the ‘girl’ that she was in fact a 20-year-old escort. 

He arrived to their meeting in a mobility scooter where he questioned why he’d been entrapped. At the time Creep Catchers defended the snare, telling CTV news: ‘Mental disability or not, it needs to be out there.’   


Anonymous said...

Carl Young had been accused of harassing drug addicts not just people he say are RSO's. but Carl Young is a drug addict too?

Anonymous said...

Im not surprised if Creep Catchers start purging their own people in the next few years. Look at North Korea they purged their own cabinet people without due process over corruption allegations and that even included Kim Jong Un killing his own Brother over a power struggle. Duterte in the Philippines using the anti-drug vigilantes to kill disabled people and other tribes in the Philippines for a power struggle.

The KKK leader and neo nazi getting killed by their own family for a family dispute.

And of course Putin to conquer the world. I find this insane I noticed Anti drug vigilantes kill for political tribal reasons. But anti-pedo/rapist vigilantes fight for allegedly to end abuse. But in both cases Both the anti-drug vigilante and anti-rapist vigilantes end up more insane than the original victim and original drug addict and original rapist they claim to rescue and punish and more prone to abuse their powers like a dictator. also the anti pedo vigilantes are more prone to profile disabled people and kill like adam goodridge.

Anonymous said...

update involving a trump ally

Anonymous said...

Even Putin likes to bash or accuse people who he says are RSO's as a ploy to shut down his critics and destroy their reputation completely. But in Russia RSO also mean LGBT.

Yes all of the critics go after Putin over hidden wealth and alleged bribery to President Trump.

Anonymous said...

And now Australia is facing its version to Creep Catchers.

Anonymous said...

Mundanematt does a segment on false allegations.

Anonymous said...

Update Creep Catchers Canada is facing an arson allegation. Damn these people chose the Kim Jong-Un tactics

This Man Trolled Creep Catchers Online. Then His Barn Was Burned Down

Police have confirmed it was arson but say they don’t have any suspects right now.

By a lucky coincidence, Josh Moore was up late watching Underworld: Blood Wars on his phone in the early hours of February 9. He had his earphones in, so he couldn't hear anything but the movie. At around 4 AM, he moved from the couch to the kitchen to grab a drink. That's when looked out the window and noticed a bright orange glow coming from outside, reflected on his neighbour's house.

"I was like, 'No, there's something wrong here,'" Moore, 28, who was staying with his sister and her son and boyfriend in Sydney, Cape Breton told VICE. "I went back there and sure enough the whole barn was engulfed. There was no way in hell there was saving it."

The barn, which sits about six feet away from his sister's home, was on fire.

"When I went out, a couple things exploded. I couldn't get near the fire," Moore said, noting his teenage nephew's room is situated closest to the barn. "I had to call 911 a third time and tell them to hurry up because if they didn't get here, my house was going."

There's nothing left of the barn, everything inside, his parents' possessions, was torched. The siding of the house and part of the roof melted and two windows broke, indicating that the home too was close to catching aflame.

Anonymous said...

Creep Catchers now facing privacy violation allegations too. Also a Civil Rights violation allegation is being investigated on Creep Catchers.

Anonymous said...

OnceFallen you are correct with Creep Cathers but Vice is reporting that now Creep Catchers is facing an arson allegation. And some of the commentators are saying that Creep Catchers have also robbed drug dealers and assaulted drug addicts in some of the comments. We are seeing that an Anti-Pedo and Anti-Drug Vigilante group becoming more insane than the original victims, and original accused rapists and drug dealers combined in Canada its now Canada's Davao Death Squad.

Anonymous said...

If this story is True then we are more insane than we think

A mother who killed her disabled son because of concerns over his "pedophillic tendencies" and his vow to take his own life did so out of her great love for him, a judge has said.

Kim Margaret Earle, 49, sobbed and shook as she was sentenced on Tuesday in the Brisbane Supreme Court, which heard she was of diminished responsibility when she killed her 18-year-old Brandon on the Gold Coast in 2013.


Photo: Tamara Voninski
Justice Roslyn Atkinson said Brandon's interest in sadomasochism and child porn had reached the point where he wanted to kill himself following his arrest for child pornography offences and his mother couldn't see any way out.

"Essentially, you helped him to die out of your great love for him," Justice Roslyn Atkinson said as she sentenced Earle.

"There are not many cases where the killing is committed out of love."

After already spending just over three years in custody, Justice Atkinson said Earle had suffered enough and should be released in three months.


The court heard Earle had planned to die alongside her son but had woken up from an attempted overdose and made several other unsuccessful attempts to kill herself.

She now suffers from memory loss after undergoing electric shock therapy and has to be reminded of what she has done.

Asked if she had anything to say after pleading guilty, Earle spoke of her love for her son.

"I loved him very much. It was a privilege to be his mum," she said.

The court heard Earle struggled for 18 years to raise her boy, who had an undiagnosed condition thought to be Asperger syndrome and had been spending a lot of time on child porn websites and writing sexually violent stories.

She feared he would be arrested and he vowed to stab himself to death if he was ever caught.

When police raided their home in December 2013, he clashed violently with police and Earle feared what he would do when he was released.

She took a taxi to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where she worked as a nurse, donned scrubs, and stole drugs and equipment from a controlled-medication store.

After spending the night crying, she collected her son from the watchhouse and when they got home, he tried to find a knife to carry out his plan to kill himself.

Anonymous said...

Update another disabled person has came forward to say "Creep Catchers" violated my civil rights according to CBC News. Umm Oncefallen more shit is coming out on Creep Catchers.

Anonymous said...

Here two anonymous men from the Paedophile vigilante group Dark Justice tell James O'Brien they're better at tracking perverts than police.

The two men set up Dark Justice, a Paedophile Vigilante group in the North East, to track down sexual predators and bring them to the police's attention.

The pair pose as would-be victims and confront the perverts when they ask to meet up, and have prompted an impressive number of convictions as a result.

Now the UK has their own creep catchers to deal with

Anonymous said...

KEALAKEKUA — The man accused of a vigilante killing last year in Kailua-Kona told a judge Monday he didn’t mean to cause the victim’s death.

Originally charged with second-degree murder, Gafatasi Napoleon, 30, of Kailua-Kona, pleaded guilty to manslaughter before 3rd Circuit Chief Judge Ronald Ibarra for the death of Alanaokala Solomon Covington.

Napoleon is accused of shooting Covington, 36, with a shotgun on Oct. 14 near a homeless camp at the intersection of Queen Kaahumanu Highway and Henry Street.

Ibarra asked the defendant to describe what happened the day Covington died.

Napoleon said he loaded shotgun cartridges with rock salt and shot Covington in the chest from about 6 to 8 feet away.

“I expected it to just sting,” Napoleon said. “I didn’t think it’d go through.”

When Ibarra asked him why he did it, Napoleon said he heard a rumor Covington had been raping women.

“He had gotten a little too close to my girlfriend I had at the time,” he said.

Witness Rex King testified in an October hearing that it wasn’t their intent to kill Covington. Their plan was to assault him and possibly send him to the hospital.

“I knew we were going to beat the (expletive) out of somebody,” King testified Oct. 26, adding that Napoleon did not seem upset after the incident. “He didn’t panic, he didn’t freak out. But neither did I.”

Napoleon seemed to feel justified after the shooting, King said.

Napoleon allegedly had King help him remove the body on Oct. 16 from where it had been laying. Covington’s body was buried under lava rock and dry cement near mile maker 27 of Highway 190, also known as Mamalahoa Highway, in North Kona.

Napoleon was arrested a week after the killing at the scene of a detailed graffiti sketch on a street in the O‘oma Plantation subdivision. The work showed a man who appeared to be a shackled prisoner with one foot on top of a skull, on which the word “rapist” was written in red letters.

Damn heres a Hawaiian incident to look at.

Anonymous said...

A few years after his group of police officers, former communist rebels and other gunmen launched the killings in Davao, about nine other similar bands of assassins, collectively known as the "Davao Death Squads," were formed in many districts of the city, considerably inflating the death toll, he said.

"My testimony is very incriminating to me," said Lascanas, who added that he is ready to be convicted or even lose his life for involvement in the killings of about 150 of the 300 people gunned down by his group of about 50 hit men.

"It will have no relevance if I will not expose this to the whole world and it won't get acted upon so ... this will no longer happen again to the next generations of police and local government units," he said.

Lascanas said the government Ombudsman, who prosecutes government officials accused of corruption and other crimes, has asked him to submit an affidavit of his allegations against Duterte. He and his lawyers are preparing the statement, which could be submitted as early as Friday, he said.

Lascanas said he could lead investigators to places in a quarry in Davao where he and his group buried some of their victims. He said some officials might try to dig up the bones to protect Duterte, but that he and a few other killers were the only ones who knew some of the burial sites in the vast area.

The large monthly allowances and cash rewards given to him and other gunmen, allegedly from Davao government funds under Duterte's control as a mayor, could be investigated in relation to the killings, he said.

Lascanas said at least two other gunmen involved in the killings might be convinced to publicly back up his allegations and those of another self-confessed killer, Edgar Matobato, who was the first to come out in the open last year and accuse Duterte of being linked to the Davao deaths.

He said the Davao City crackdown initially targeted drug suspects and criminals, but the targets later included Duterte's political opponents and critics, including two hard-hitting radio commentators. As an insider who was involved in the killings and saw how the Davao crackdown spun out of control, Lascanas warned that a disaster awaits the country if the current killings are not stopped.

"If you kill, this will not be the solution, it will lead to perdition and anarchy," he said. "We will really end up in chaos."

More updates on the Davao Death squad.

Anonymous said...

I remembered a movie from the early 1970s: "Dr. Cook's Garden." It took place in an isolated village. The town had only one doctor and was incredibly nice, a virtual utopia. However it transpired that Dr. Cook, regarding the town as his garden, for decades had been weeding it by systematically poisoning all the bad residents. In courts, punishment can be inflicted only after a person has been convicted of a crime based on evidence beyond any reasonable doubt. But Dr. Cook felt free to kill anyone he believed — rightly or wrongly — had the potential to do something bad.

Then I recalled a Detroit crack house which upset its neighbors but the police were unwilling or unable to put it out of business. Some guys took up a collection, bought a can of gasoline and burned the house down. Problem solved! When arrested they freely admitted what they had done. When they were brought to trial I, joked with my students that if they were convicted they could sue their lawyers for malpractice. But they weren't convicted.

As the crack house arson case suggests, it is easy to be sympathetic when private actors do something illegal in pursuit of a goal that we regard as a good one. So perhaps I should not have been astounded by the ovations for the people who shut down the oil pipelines. After all, their goal was to prevent destruction of our planet's climate by the combustion of fossil fuels, which many of us consider a very important goal.

But do we really want to applaud vigilante "justice"? Do we want to live in a world where private individuals, frustrated because government has not punished something they believe should be punished, are free to inflict punishment themselves?

Let me just recite a few examples of actual vigilantism: Lynchings. Killing of a doctor who performs abortions. Destruction of laboratories by people who object to the use of animals in medical research. Armed seizure of government facilities over in eastern Oregon. Assassinations of political leaders. Terrorists who object to U.S. foreign policy by killing randomly selected crowds of people.

We do still live in a free country. People who oppose the use of fossil fuels are free to try to persuade people to stop using them and to persuade governments to make their use less attractive (as with a carbon tax with dividend) or even illegal. But they are going too far if they sabotage perfectly legal pipelines. They need to remember the implications of Kant's "categorical imperative," namely that we should act according to principles such that we would be willing for everybody else to act on the basis of the same principles.

When we think about it we probably don't want to endorse a principle that it is OK for private groups to use force against people whose legal actions they think ought to be illegal. Before we give standing ovations out lightly, we need to remember what the proverbial road to hell is paved with.

Paul F. deLespinasse, who now lives in Oregon, is professor emeritus of political science and computer science at Adrian College. His most recent book is "The Case of the Racist Choir Conductor: Struggling With America's Original Sin," and he can be reached at

AN editorial on Vigilante justice

Anonymous said...

Oncefallen you are correct but now the dictator of Creep Catchers are being sued for defamation charge. Damn this is the only vigilante group that I can think of that doubles down and deliberately starts a new scandal on purpose.

The president of Surrey Creep Catchers is being sued for defamation.

The plaintiff alleges that on February 6th 2017, Ryan Laforge falsely and maliciously communicated with the plaintiff indicating on Facebook the plaintiff was involved in a scheme to procure sex with an under-age girl.

The suit says Laforge knowingly published a video, that was viewed over 56,000 times, that he knew was false or in careless disregard as to whether it was true or not.

The plaintiff claims he has suffered damages to his reputation and his family restaurant.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Surrey Creep Catchers post videos to publicly name-and-shame people they claim are child predators.

Read More: B.C.’s Privacy Watchdog investigate vigilante group

The group says it’s netted several alleged pedophiles from stings including a Mission School Elementary School principal and a Surrey RCMP Mountie.

The group has also come under scrutiny for mistakenly naming another officer as part of the ambush.

And another Surrey man Darrell Berekoff said he was wrongly accused of being the subject a Surrey Creep Catcher’s sting which resulted in online death threats.

Anonymous said...

Now this comes out I stand corrected the Davao Death Squad is another vigilante group that deliberately start new scandals on purpose. Not even other vigilantes act this way. It happens to be that Creep Catchers and Davao Death Squad are the largest vigilante groups in their respective countries have an army of people doing these human rights and civil rights violations allegedly for the greater good of their countries. Except They are crazier than the people they are accusing

Anonymous said...

Now one guy had come out and said why he sued the dictator of Creep Catchers. Note Theres a w5 film in Canada saying that some members of Creep Catchers are also fugitives over theft, drug charges, and assault of an addict. These are also charges mentioned besides the Civil Rights Violations, profiling of disabled people, arson of critics and the death of one of the disabled people creep catchers accused of being child rapists.

A man who is suing the Surrey Creep Catchers is speaking out about his complaint filed against the vigilante group.

Peter Ferguson is one of two people involved in defamation lawsuits against Creep Catchers after he suggested karaoke in a response to a 'strictly platonic' Craigslist ad from a person claiming to be 18 years old.

“She said, ‘Okay, but the only thing is I'm 15,’ and so I said, 'Well okay, there's no age limit for karaoke that I'm aware of,’” Ferguson told CTV News.

His meeting with the poster turned into a meeting with the Surrey Creep Catchers, who posted video of the encounter on their website, claiming he had a "sexual agenda."

"I have the whole chat log and there’s nothing sexual at all,” Ferguson said.

After phone calls started rolling into his and his wife's tutoring franchise, he was pushed out of the company, and his wife was eventually forced to sell the franchise. Ferguson says he's become severely depressed since then.

“My life as it was before is over, basically,” Ferguson said. “One person said I should be incinerated, set on fire - the comments about me were such that I was afraid to leave the apartment.”

Surrey Creep Catchers told CTV News they weren't interested in speaking with the media.

Now, Ferguson is one of two people who are suing the group's leader Ryan LaForge for defamation. The group is also being investigated on complaints to the B.C. privacy commissioner.

Ferguson says he just wants his life to go back to normal.

“We lost our whole business, and we lost basically our life savings,” said Ferguson “It’s been a disaster.”

Anonymous said...

Update a new Lawsuit is out for Creep Catchers over Civil Rights violations and Defamation issues.

One of the Creep Catchers is a Fugitive for an assault charge on a drug addict and drug dealer while he is being sued in court for this new scandal.

The Surrey Creep Catchers are in hot water once again after allegedly labelling an innocent man a sexual predator on social media.
Sean Smith, a 48-year-old husband and father from Campbell River, was targeted on the vigilante group's Facebook page in December after he posted a video criticizing their methods, according to a lawsuit filed this week in B.C. Supreme Court.
His image was shared on the page twice, once with the words "What's a pedo even look like? Oh yeah, this guy…" superimposed around his face. The other said "I love the smell… of kids in the morning."

That kind of treatment is usually reserved for the people caught up in Creep Catchers' stings, but Smith, according to his lawsuit, was never targeted by the group.
"The plain and ordinary meaning, both indirectly and as innuendo, of the defamatory posts was to indicate that [Smith] was a child sex predator, with the further suggestion that this was motivating his opposition to the Creep Catcher 'movement,'" his claim reads.
The Surrey Creep Catchers' Facebook page had roughly 11,000 followers at the time. Even though the group's founder Ryan Laforge later posted an apology, the pictures of Smith remained online as of Thursday.
Even worse, the lawsuit alleges those posts were followed up with threats and intimidation against Smith by Creep Catchers' fans and members.
"I see this guy anywhere outside and I am going to break his f----- jaw," one wrote.
Another follower allegedly posted a picture of Smith's elderly mom, writing there would be "repercussions" for him criticizing the group. "Sister is easy to find as well," the Facebook user wrote, according to claim.
Smith works a social media consultant and educator, which sometimes involves presenting to groups of children at school, and he believes the allegations levelled against him have damaged his reputation and financial interests.
He's seeking damages and a proper public retraction from Creep Catchers.
LaForge and 20 unnamed fans and members of the vigilante group are all listed as defendants in the suit. None of the allegations against them have been proven in court.

Anonymous said...

Another Lawsuit is out for Creep Catchers.

The president of Surrey Creep Catchers, a controversial vigilante group that says it exposes child predators, is being sued for defamation for the second time in a month.

Sean Smith, a 48-year-old social media consultant and educator from Campbell River, says that he was targeted by the group after he criticized it in a video posted to Facebook in early December.

In the video, Smith did not specifically refer to Surrey Creep Catchers or its president, Ryan LaForge.

He alleges that after posting the video, LaForge published a number of posts to the Surrey Creep Catchers Facebook page, usually dedicated to "outing" people identified through the group's sting operations.

According to court documents filed in B.C. Supreme Court, the posts refer to Smith as a "pedophile," as well as a "goof" and "skinner" —colloquial expressions used to refer to child predators.

"LaForge suggested the plaintiff would be revealed as a child sexual predator through a Creep Catcher 'sting' operation," read the documents.

"The defamatory posts were false and were made deliberately and maliciously by LaForge knowing them to be untrue or with reckless disregard for their falsity."

Later, LaForge published posts apologizing for referring to Smith as a pedophile but did not remove the original posts.

In December, 11,000 people followed Surrey Creep Catcher's Facebook page. That number has since risen to over 16,000 people.

In late February, an Abbotsford man filed a defamation suit against LaForge, saying his group falsely accused him of trying to procure sex from a minor.

Business, family singled out

Smith said he first heard in October of the group's operations, which involve "outing" individuals it believes to be child predators in public places.

This prompted him to start a Facebook page titled "Truth About Creep Catchers," which he used to publish videos critiquing the group's techniques.

"They were doing stuff that I teach in high schools and middle schools, everything that is wrong about social media, using it as a tool to shame people and incite mobs and incite bullying. I just couldn't believe what I was looking at," he said.

Smith said he initially ignored LaForge's posts, until he started a hashtag campaign that drew hundreds of comments attacking his business and identifying his family's private Facebook accounts.

"I feel like I'm living in the 21st century version of a 17th century witchhunt," he said.

The court documents also list defendants John Doe #1 through #10 and Jane Doe #1 to #10, described as "members and/or supporters of Surrey Creep Catchers who rebroadcast defamatory statements."

Smith said these individuals were included in the filing to send a message to the "mobs of trolls" engaging with the group online.

"If you come online as part of the conversation saying defamatory things, you're going to be named in this suit as well," he said.

In an email, Ryan LaForge wrote: "I never said Sean Smith is a pedophile. I said he's a pedophile supporter. His actions prove it."

When asked about that response, Smith said LaForge's Dec.7 Facebook post on his website speaks for itself.

LaForge has yet to file a statement of defence.

Anonymous said...

Now Davao Death Squad facing an impeachment.

Anonymous said...

More Details on Creep Catchers

A Campbell River father is suing the president of Surrey Creep Catchers for defamation, after a social media attack on him suggested he was a pedophile.
Sean Smith is now the third person to sue the controversial group, claiming they’re vigilante justice is going too far and hurting innocent people.
Sean Smith says his reputation has been so badly damaged by the president of Creepcatchers Surrey he had to sue to prove the claims were false.

“You can’t go out and accuse people of something without any evidence to support it and expect to get away with it,” says Smith.

The Campbell River blogger and social media educator’s civil case centres around comments made on social media by Ryan Laforge last December. It was posted after Smith made an online video that was critical of the vigilante groups methods: posing as underage girls and boys with the aim of trapping men who are trying to hook-up with the children for sex.

“If you are a dissenter you are a target right away,” says Sean Smith.
He says almost immediately he was bombarded with threats from members of Surrey Creepcatchers.

“This guy must be a pedi himself,” says Smith reading the comments directed at him. “He’s acting like he got caught. All of these things and it starts to reach a saturation point when, where you know this is my livelihood,” says Smith.

Ryan Laforge says he has no intention of taking down posts that still remain active on social media.

Despite the lawsuit’s claims, many members of Surrey Creep Catchers have continued the angry campaign against him leading to intimidation that includes death threats.

“On a pretty regular basis if I see him I’m going to break his jaw, kill him, put a bullet to his head,” reads Smith.

This lawsuit is as much about online defamation as it is about clearing Sean Smith’s name, who says with defamatory posts about him still active on social media, that is something he is still trying to do.

Anonymous said...

You have a series of rants where a guy from community TV admit that he was a supporter of Creep Catchers but had second thoughts when innocent people were being targeted.

Anonymous said...

Now the Davao Death Squad has flip-flopped on extrajudicial/vigilante treatment of Drug addicts.

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver Sun has pictures of one of the members of Creep Catchers making a Hitler Salute and others making other gang signs. Wow Creep Catchers uses dictatorial tactics.

Vice says the Creep Catchers are Sadistic, psychopathy, narcissism, and machiavellianism.

Anonymous said...

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Two separate lawsuits have been filed in BC Supreme Court against the head of the vigilante group Surrey Creep Catchers.

The group is part of a loose collection of similar organizations across Canada that aim to expose people they allege are child sexual predators by posing as minors, arranging to meet their targets, and then sharing footage of the confrontation on the Internet.

A notice of claim filed by Campbell River resident Sean Smith on March 16th alleges the Surrey group’s president Ryan LaForge defamed Smith by sharing a series of public posts labelling him as a pedophile.

The claim alleges subsequent posts on Facebook by 10 users of the social media site threatened Smith with death or bodily harm.

Smith, who is a social media educator, says he took issue with creep catchers because the group’s practices are at odds with what he teaches people about online etiquette.

“The social media shaming, the accusations that are unfounded, the incitement of a social media mob to attack a person. The fact that what you post online today will never go away because the internet never forgets. It was everything that is not right about social media.’

An earlier lawsuit filed by Abbotsford resident Jamie Su alleges LaForge defamed him by publishing Facebook posts that wrongly insinuated he was procuring sexual relations with a minor.

LaForge denies the defamation allegations, saying he has the freedom to state his opinion.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Anonymous said...

Update Creep Catchers let money get in the way of their goals.

Anonymous said...

Update on Creep Catchers

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to include comments from Surrey RCMP.

SURREY — In a post to his Facebook page, the president of Surrey Creep Catcher claims police have put a warrant out for his arrest after letting him go Wednesday following a sting in which the group alleges a man had come to meet a seven-year-old girl.

A call to LaForge was not immediately returned.

In his post, LaForge said the group is “gonna step our game up.”

“Were going to get security licenses and a legal team for real,” he added.

LaForge also said he would be turning himself in.

Surrey RCMP said they arrested two men after responding to a call from 10100 block of King George Boulevard on Wednesday at 6:25 p.m. regarding allegations of child luring. Police say both people have been released while the investigation continues.

Police say they are aware of – and have seen – a video allegedly depicting a portion of the incident.

No charges have been laid in either case.

Ryan LaForge’s organization aims to weed out “potential predators” by posing as children online, arranging to meet adults who think they’ve been communicating with a child, confronting them, filming them and then posting the videos on Facebook.

LaForge has been slapped with a promise to appear (PTA) in Surrey provincial court on June 7, on an allegation of assault related to what he described as a citizens arrest. The incident took place on April 3rd, when LaForge was doing a sting on a man who he alleges came to pay for sex with a six-year-old.

LaForge can be seen on video pushing a man into a corner and yelling at him to stay put.

“I performed a clean citizens arrest,” LaForge told the Now-Leader. “Yeah, I may have got a little heated but everything was controlled.”

A PTA, Surrey RCMP Corporal Scotty Schumann noted, is not a charge.

“It is a process to get a person to court,” he explained. “A charge is contained on an information sworn by a justice of the peace or a judge at court. Only a sworn information is a charge.”

On Thursday morning, Surrey RCMP repeated its position on Creep Catchers.

“The RCMP does not support, condone or recommend vigilantism,” police said in a release. “Vigilantism, no matter how well meaning, does not involve police and therefore is void of ongoing safety considerations. Vigilantism is a risk to the safety of all those involved including victims or potential victims, the alleged suspects, and or the safety of those persons intent on broadcasting the suspected crime.”

Meanwhile, the man targeted by LaForge and his group in the April 3rd incident, 35-year-old Juljindenr Singh Bhatti, has been charged after allegedly trying to lure a minor for sexual purpose.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Earlier this month, LaForge told the Now-Leader he is undeterred by lawsuits and complaints to the privacy commissioner recently lodged by the people they target and “blast” online.

Anonymous said...

Bounty Hunters are bigger douchebags and have higher criminal records according to this Fox News story. At least Fox was sane in this article.

Anonymous said...

. Hey you gotta see this show called Chicago P.D. The episode is Army of One its a crazed insane guy who was really a pedo but he was accused of running the American version of Creep Catchers. Even this NBC show managed to expose creep catchers and based it on an actual event where a Canadian person died because of the confrontation. However, the episode also showed references to facebook murderer in Ohio prior to this episode release.

Also this show mentioned the what if scenario if The Stanford swimmer who was convicted of rape in 2016 got killed by some Isis type vigilantes here and cause escalation and insanity. It's more than even the original victim even considered. This is insane you gotta see this on NBC on Demand app for this show Chicago p.d. Army of one.