Friday, March 17, 2017

P.A.P. Smear: Sonia Parker's Texas based "Parents Against Predator" group is getting away with harassment

Heads up to my Texas followers: This woman is Sonia Parker, "CEO" of "Parents Against Predators" out of Houston. She was recently on KHOU news for her targeted harassment campaigns, or as the media calls them to minimize the damage they cause, "awareness campaigns." (Here is their list of sponsors so we can avoid patronizing their stores.)

Her Facebook page is filled mostly with discussions about her paranoia about transgendered folks and the whole bathroom issue. I think it is rather funny that her online group focuses on this issue so much, but maybe she's just mad because people confuse her for a man.

Here you can see Sonia Parker name dropping folks who are connected to Black LIES Matter (gee, what a shock, eh?) but what does the families of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner have to do with this issue? Nothing.

What is she doing to protect her community from gangbangers, dope boys and other hoodlums who are causing far more damage to her community? You know, the REAL predators?

Even the organization's mission is unclear. Their mission statement states, "To bring awareness  to parents in our communities by providing information on registered sex offenders locally and worldwide." Yet, many of their services doesn't have anything to do with their mission:

We welcome the City, County, State, National Law Enforcements, Businesses, Schools and Churches to join in our efforts in keeping sex offenders behind bars

Easter Egg Hunts -- Not relevant
Coats and Shoe Drives -- Not relevant
Sock & Undergarment Drive -- Not relevant
A Day of Remembrance for Victims of Child Abuse
Missing and Murder Children Balloon Release -- OK what does that have to do with registrants? That's more BLM
Stanger Danger Awareness -- Not even NCMEC teaches stranger danger, lady, get with the times.
Sex Offenders Awareness
Christmas Toy Drive -- Again, irrelevant
Thanksgiving Food Drive -- Irrelevant
Mother's Day for Mothers of Murdered Children -- Based on her videos I assume this is BLM propaganda
Parents Against Predators "Big Sister Program"
Court Appearances for Murdered Children -- Again, a BLM thing
Trafficking Awareness -- You do realize most trafficking is made up, right?
Bullying Awareness -- Irrelevant

It seems to me that many of these events are done to raise funds for the organization and most have nothing to do with "sex offenders awareness."

Add this woman to the pile of vigilante scum that I've featured here over the years. I have even grrater disgust for those who try to mix Predator Panic with Black LIES Matter Propaganda. What a disgusting person.


Anonymous said...

According to Vice News a Child rape victim has came forward and oddly enough condemn the Creep Catchers. Also This victim in the link is saying that more mental health reform should be debated too. The victim is asking that her abuser should get mental help issues.

VICE has viewed the profile of the man Martinez said raped her on the Michigan sex offender registry. He is 61 years old, and has been convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13, as well as one count of criminal sexual conduct with intent to commit sexual penetration. The latter conviction, which took place in 2009, relates to Martinez, she said. VICE is not naming Martinez's abuser because Martinez said she doesn't currently have unredacted court records showing she was the complainant in that trial.

On the witness stand, Martinez said she was grilled by a "ruthless" defence lawyer, who asked her everything from the colour of pyjamas she'd been wearing to the positioning of furniture in her abuser's home. She was asked how she could identify her perpetrator if she'd been pretending to be asleep.

"I would peek once in a while," she told VICE. "Plus, it was an adult man's hands."

Eventually, he pleaded guilty to sexual assault with intent to commit sexual penetration on a minor.

"Our prosecutor said I should take what I could get."

Martinez, who now works as an ophthalmic technician near Detroit, believes her offender was a serial pedophile.

"Vigilante justice has never been the logical answer."

She said if pedophiles were less stigmatized, they might be able to get counselling before acting on their urges.

"How are we going to understand these sorts of people if we don't talk to them?... If they're too scared to speak up and say anything, how is it going to be prevented?"

As for vigilante predator hunters, like Creep Catchers, Martinez told VICE she thinks publicly shaming people like her abuser will only push them further underground—a theory that's been echoed by police and experts in pedophilia.

"Vigilante justice has never been the logical answer," she said. "You can take all of them and shoot them in the head, and that's not going to change my life."

Anonymous said...

Damn the more I think about this. Oddly enough its easier to help victims, and perpetrators of abuse than it is to help a vigilante the more I think of this.

Arturo Lascanas of Davao Death Squad, Pedro Filho, Creep Catchers, John Bunting, Patrick Drum, Michael A Mullen, Stephen A. Marshall, and others you can't help these people because any criticism of a vigil2ante is automatically "Blame the Hero"

2. These people ended up in the abyss as the saying goes "He who kills Monsters will end up in the abyss"

3. These people are favored by the NRA in some cases.

Anonymous said...

Vice News tried to explain the demographics for vigilantes.This was when Creep Catchers was trying to explain one of their civil rights violations

The question that kept replaying in my mind as I investigated vigilante "pedophile hunting" in Canada is "Why would anyone do this?"

Why would a civilian spend every waking hour posing as a child on the internet, engaging with adults in sexually explicit conversations, and then meet those alleged perverts in public places, scream at them, and film the whole encounter for the world to see?

As bizarre as it sounds, that's what the so-called Creep Catchers do. Some of them, including Ryan Laforge, president of the Surrey chapter, have quit their jobs to pursue pedophile hunting full-time. Their rabid audiences eat it up. Each video, posted on Facebook and YouTube, receives thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of views, likes, and shares.

Most of these vigilantes will tell you they're doing this to protect children and raise awareness about the perverts that live amongst us. But research into the phenomenon of public shaming suggests there could be something more sinister at play.

Erin Buckels, a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, studies the "dark tetrad" of personality traits: sadism, psychopathy, narcissism, and machiavellianism.

She believes the popularity of pedophile hunting could be linked to sadism and psychopathy.

While everyone has a little bit of these traits, Buckels said vigilantes exhibit higher levels of them, making them manipulative and lacking in empathy.

She said psychopathy is linked to a recklessness in behaviour—Justin Payne, a Brampton, Ontario pedophile hunter has swung off the side of a moving car while attempting to catch an alleged predator. He told VICE it's easy to judge what he does as reckless, but that the risks he takes are calculated.

"Given the things I've heard and seen in the chats or on the phone or on a webcam, I'd say I'm more in control rather than reckless. I don't escalate anything further than a conversation and maybe a little bit of verbal assaulting."

Buckels also noted that psychopathy can lead to people being more deceptive, which would "really come in handy with luring pedophiles, pretending to be a child."


Anonymous said...

Now Mundanematt is being targeted by a Creep Catchers Type Trolls over an article he read and talked on his youtube show over a 19 year old girl being accused of raping a 14 year old boy. MundaneMatt argued that the victim and rapist needs mental help.

However, Creep Catchers inspired people have now went international and targeted an American Youtube show host over how the police is handling a female being accused of rape.

Anonymous said...

GOSHEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — An Orange County man has been sentenced in the vigilante killing of a fugitive rape suspect in 2013.

Arriving at court Tuesday, David Carlson seemed an unlikely vigilante. The union carpenter stood convicted of manslaughter in the 2013 shotgun killing of fugitive Norris Acosta-Sanchez near his remote Orange County home.

Family and neighbors tried to cope with the idea that he’ll soon be heading off to prison.

“He was definitely remorseful,” co-worker Jeff Mallett said. “He’s a stand-up guy; he’d do anything for you.”

In court, still images showed the victim’s mother — who flew in from Spain — delivering an impact statement. She said her life has become “a permanent internal cry.”

Her son, wanted for statutory rape, eluded police twice in the woods near Carlson’s home. It was a manhunt that left Carlson and his neighbors rattled.

“We were really frightened staying there that night because the guy’s on the loose,” neighbor Amy Mann said. “Police lost him.”

Acosta was unarmed, but reappeared after police left. Carlson held him at gunpoint and says he fired when Acosta turned on him.

In court, his mother called the way it ended “cruel, vile, and absurd,” and of Carlson she wondered, “did he want to be a hero?”

For his part, Carlson said he was panicked when it happened.

“If I could go back in time, I’d go back to October 11, 2013 and do something different,” he told the judge. “I took a life and I’m not here to make excuses.”

As CBS2’s Lou Young reports, Carlson could have gotten as much as 25-years for first degree manslaughter, but the judge gave him five, the mandatory minimum.

It was a sentence that satisfied no one.

“Some small solace,” his brother Eric said, “but I’m losing my brother for I don’t know how long.”

“David is a very sensitive, community-minded individual,” defense attorney Ben Osterer said. “This is a sad, tragic event. I believe in David; I believe he’s a good man.”

Wow David Carlson will end up more insane than even the victims ever was. A part of me thinks this guy needs mental help but at the same time based on Oncefallen's data theres no way to help for people like Carlson who do this for the alleged right reasons.

Anonymous said...

This guy will end up more insane than the original victims

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones from Infowars is under pressure to come clean on the Pizzagate scandal! Wow this scandal is crazier.

Anonymous said...

Now Mundanematt goes on a wild rant on Alex Jones and Pizzagate's fallout.

Anonymous said...

Update Now ALex Jones is being investigated by the FBI over the Russia connection. This is on top of the Pizzagate verdicts. According to McClatchy

InfoWars is published by Alex Jones, a Texas-based conservative talk show host known for embracing conspiracy theories such as one asserting that the U.S. government was involved in the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. During the 2016 campaign, was a loyal Trump public relations tool. Trump was on Jones’ show and praised his reporting.

“It’s the major source of everything,” Roger Stone, a longtime Trump confidant and campaign adviser, said last fall. Stone, who has regularly appeared on Jones’ show and was on Monday, has said he invites an FBI investigation into his campaign role. The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked Stone to preserve documents in connection with the Russian election inquiry.

Jones responded to questions from McClatchy on his talk show.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say, ‘I’m not a Russian stooge,’ because it’s a (expletive) lie,” he said, denying any contact with the Kremlin operatives about bots. He said this issue stemmed from “this whole ridiculous narrative of the bitching left.”

“It’s as if we didn’t build InfoWars,” he said. “It’s as if we don’t have a huge audience.”

Noting he had appeared on RT “probably 100 times or more,” he said sarcastically, “There’s my Russian connection.”

Anonymous said...

Now Ben Swann is under fire for his role in Pizzagate

Anonymous said...

Wow Now Creep Catchers are targeted for a CBC Comedy Rant

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones in a save the $$$ ploy

A heartfelt apology can be a beautiful step toward healing.

Alex Jones’s “Pizzagate” apology doesn’t come close.

For one thing, the motivation seems to spring from his wallet, not the depths of his heart. Its timing strongly suggests that he wanted to minimize legal consequences for spreading, on his Infowars website, the bizarre and dangerous lie that a child-sex-trafficking ring was being run out of a Washington pizza parlor, Comet Ping Pong.

What’s more, his words — even if you believe them — don’t fix the damage.

That damage lingers in the effects on James Alefantis’s restaurant business, not to mention his and his employees’ peace of mind, considering that they have received death threats.

Comet Ping Pong customers came out to support the restaurant after a gunman entered it with an assault rifle, firing it at least once. Several other businesses on the block have received other threats as well.
It lingers in the fear that neighborhood residents continue to feel months after a gunman — who came from North Carolina to “self-investigate” the situation — opened fire there in December.

And it lingers in the continuing, if evidence-free, belief of gullible people about what was claimed to be happening there — not only that the restaurant was the site of sex trafficking but that Hillary Clinton and her presidential-campaign chairman, John Podesta, were deeply involved.

“I made comments about Mr. Alefantis that in hindsight I regret and for which I apologize to him,” said Jones in a six-minute video released last week, titled “A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage.”

“We relied on third-party accounts of alleged activities and conduct at the restaurant,” Jones said. “We also relied on accounts of reporters who are no longer with us.”

This has about the same level of sincerity as the downcast “sorry” muttered by a 6-year-old after kicking his brother while Dad glowers over him with a yardstick in hand.

Jones, of course, is a great favorite of President Trump, who was interviewed on his radio show last year. Trump has cited as fact some of Jones’s outlandish ideas — for example, that the news media has covered up terrorism by Islamist extremists — and has complimented his “amazing reputation.”

No surprise, then, that Jones, who at best can be called a conspiracy theorist and at worst a cynical wacko, recently bragged about his ability to get White House press credentials, should he want them. Trump’s crony, the political trickster Roger Stone, said he thinks that’s a good idea.

If Jones were really interested in cleaning up the bilge he spreads, he wouldn’t be starting now.

He would have recanted the disgusting claim that schoolchildren were not gunned down in Newtown, Conn., in 2012 and that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a government-run hoax to take away gun rights.

He would have taken back claims that fluoridated water is a government plot to control your mind.

He would have done penance for spreading the lies that 9/11 was an inside job and that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

But none of those lies seem to have merited a second thought.

Farhi wrote: “Under Texas law, the Austin-based Jones had to retract or apologize for the stories by Friday — one full month after receiving Alefantis’s letter — to avoid exposing Infowars to punitive damages in a libel suit.” And Friday, indeed, was the very day that Jones’s apology video was aired.

Friday was also the day that the Comet Ping Pong gunman, Edgar Welch, pleaded guilty to assault and weapons charges.

Anonymous said...

Now Ireland has their vigilante issues to deal with.

A 'vigilante' crowd of well over 100 people gathered at a west Dublin housing estate after they received information that a recently-released serial sex attacker was staying at an apartment there.
Up to 10 gardai from Ronanstown Garda Station responded when the large crowd of angry local residents gathered at Weaver Court in Neilstown.
The incident is understood to have started at about 9.10pm on Thursday and continued for around two hours before the crowd dispersed.

It is thought people in the crowd believed that sex offender David Radford (20), of Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham, was in the property.
Radford was released from the Midlands Prison in Co Laois less than a fortnight ago.

Gardai reassured the angry crowd that Radford was not in the property after that information was incorrectly posted on Facebook.
However, this did not initially stop the crowd from leaving the area, as a garda told them he considered that a "mob had taken over the car park" where they had gathered.

The large group responded by chanting: "What do we want? The rapist out. When do we want it? Now." However, Radford has never been convicted of rape.
Shortly after this, the crowd left the area. No arrests were made as gardai said no criminal offences were committed.

"This mob mentality does no one any favours. Garda resources could have been better deployed in that area on Thursday night," a senior source said.
The exact whereabouts of David Radford were unknown last night but it is understood he had been staying in Tallaght for a number of nights after his release from jail.

In November 2015, Dublin Circuit Court heard that Radford tried to drag a 15-year-old girl into a cul-de-sac after telling her he wanted her and her body.
He was given a two-and-a half-year jail sentence after the court heard that gardai nominated him as a suspect having viewed CCTV footage from the area. He could be seen following the girl from her Luas stop before he approached her asking directions to a main road.

Radford denied the allegation in interviews with gardai but was re-arrested in January 2015, two months after the attack, when his DNA was found in a semen stain on the girl's bottoms.
The teenager was able to give gardai a good description of her attacker and said she could feel his penis against her backside as he was pushing her along.

She said she didn't want to sleep because she could only see Radford's face
His 15 previous convictions include three for sexually assaulting women in similar random attacks, dating back to 2010, when he was aged 14.

Anonymous said...

Vigilante Updates

Anonymous said...

New Update Alex Jones goes on a wild rant expect Pizzagate 2.0 to come into play!!

Anonymous said...

Now Alex Jones is to have been revealed for starting a conspiracy in Austin, TX over another false child rape allegation at a pizza joint there too? Wait is Alex Jones or his staff facing allegations that they abuse children at one point?

Anonymous said...

New Alex Jones rants. It seems to me hes still trying to justify pizzagate.

Anonymous said...

New Updates for Alex Jones and this is crazier.

Anonymous said...


Home Culture Wars
By Ian Miles Cheong | 9:42 pm, May 15, 2017

Update: Aleksandr Kolpakov is now facing the possibility of a first-degree murder charge following a court hearing at Mesas County Court this Monday, per the Grand Junction Sentinel.

According to Assistant District Attorney Rich Tuttle, investigators are taking a “hard look” at the higher charge. The suspect was previously charged for second-degree murder for the death of Heather Anable.

In most US states, first-degree murder is defined as both willful and premeditated, meaning it was committed after planning or “lying in wait” for the victim. Here’s what it means in Colorado.

The original report follows.

A member of YouTube’s skeptic community has been arrested in the fatal shooting of a woman, who has since been identified as his female YouTube co-host. Better known as “RDP” or Skeptic Feminist on social media, 29-year-old Aleksandr Kolpakov was arrested by police and is currently being held in Mesa County, Colorado jail on suspicion of second-degree murder.

RDP/Skeptic Feminist on YouTube
The Colorado-based YouTuber, who published numerous rants against critics of feminism, and long-winded response videos towards YouTubers on the other side of the political spectrum, always stood beneath the shadow of more prominent male feminists in the community.

At one point, he even shared his two cents on the GamerGate controversy in 2015 to denounce gamers for “misogyny,” but the series of tweets—like most of his videos, failed to pick up steam.

According to police, the shooting happened at around 9:30pm on Saturday night in Clifton, where police were called after neighbors reported hearing several gunshots. Police arrived to discover the woman dead outside of a home. Kolpakov was arrested on the spot.

Anonymous said...

An Oxford University student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife may not go to jail because it could damage her prospects of a medical career, a court has heard.

Aspiring heart surgeon Lavinia Woodward, 24, punched and stabbed her boyfriend during an alcohol-and-drug-fuelled row at Christ Church College. She admitted unlawfully wounding the Cambridge University student, who she met on the dating app Tinder.

Judge Ian Pringle QC, sitting at Oxford crown court, said he would take an “exceptional” course and defer sentence for four months, hinting that Woodward will not be jailed because of her talent. “It seems to me that if this was a one-off, a complete one-off, to prevent this extraordinary able young lady from not following her long-held desire to enter the profession she wishes to would be a sentence which would be too severe,” he said.

“What you did will never, I know, leave you, but it was pretty awful, and normally it would attract a custodial sentence, whether it is immediate or suspended,” he said.

Woodward, who lives in Milan, Italy, with her mother, stabbed her then-boyfriend in the leg after punching him in the face. She then hurled a laptop, glass and jam jar at him during the attack on 30 September last year, the court heard. She was in court to hear the judge’s comments.

The court was told that Christ Church would allow her to return in October because she “is that bright” and has had articles published in medical journals.

Mitigating, James Sturman QC said his client’s dreams of becoming a surgeon were “almost impossible” as her conviction would have to be disclosed. She had had a very troubled life and was abused by a previous boyfriend, he said.

Woodward will be sentenced on 25 September. She was given a restraining order and told to stay drug-free and not to reoffend.

A spokesman for Christ Church said: “I’m afraid that Christ Church does not comment on the circumstances of individual students.”

Topics: Damn!!!!