Thursday, February 15, 2018

Idiots in Ireland & the UK are wanting their registries to be made public. These vigilante scumbags are the reason why

Vigilante douche George Keenan did not like a dose of his own medicing
The BBC exposed a few of these scumbags. It is amazing that any loser believes that these pathetic excuses of humanity are "heroes." Al they have proven, however is that vigilantes are all cowards yet they are prone to violence. Sharon Shanks and George Keenan are among those exposed as filthy scumbags in this BBC report. By the way, one of these vigilante scumbags has been arrested and will be prosecuted, with more to follow. Round these thugs up!

Self-styled 'paedophile hunters' revealed
By Kevin Magee
BBC News NI investigations correspondent

Some of the leaders of self-styled paedophile-hunting groups operating in Northern Ireland have been identified for the first time.

There are increasing concerns about the methods many of the groups use, and their lack of accountability.

The so-called paedophile-hunting groups target people online who they believe are sexual predators.

They confront them and broadcast the encounter live on the internet, then call the police.

There have been more than 100 incidents of that nature reported to police in Northern Ireland, but no-one has been charged as a result and there have been no convictions.

Former senior police officer and child protection expert Jim Gamble warned that some of the tactics used by the groups are criminal.

"Anyone live streaming these incidents is not about the justice of catching someone who represents a threat to children," he said.

"They are about the self-publicity and the self-centred approach about themselves, much more than about making children safer."

All of the groups keep their identities hidden.

'On whose authority?'

BBC News NI approached two of the people involved in setting up the "hunting groups" in Northern Ireland to ask them for an interview.

Sharon Shanks, from south Belfast, is behind the group called Justice Reborn Northern Ireland and she uses the alias Chelsea Lewis.

Ms Shanks declined to do an interview, saying in an online message that she was unhappy that "journalists and news stations have so far called the hunting groups vigilantes".

"Our identity we keep to ourselves so meeting isn't an option," she said.

During one confrontation that she posted live online, Ms Shanks is overheard using explicit offensive language and threats of violence against a man who came across the scene.

When approached by the BBC just after she had broadcast other live footage on Facebook of herself interrogating a man she had alleged was a paedophile, Ms Shanks refused to answer our questions.

We wanted to ask about the methods her secret group used, and on whose authority she had been detaining people who she believed to be paedophiles.

She declined to answer any questions.

Instead, Ms Shanks pulled on a scarf and was driven way at speed.

There are up to 10 different, self-appointed paedophile hunting groups operating in Northern Ireland.

Often they are in competition with one another, but sometimes they join forces.

'Won't answer questions'

One of those who introduced the concept of "paedophile hunting" to Northern Ireland is 34-year-old Belfast man George Keenan.

He uses the alias James SJ O'Neill and was linked to a group calling itself Silent Justice.

One of his targets last August was a man in County Antrim.

Two days after he was confronted, the man took his own life.

His family said they wanted to maintain a dignified silence.

Mr Keenan recently had a public falling out with other paedophile hunting groups in England and, in an expletive filled video, issued various threats of physical violence against them on Facebook.

Mr Keenan declined a request for an interview using his own name and identity.

BBC News NI approached him in west Belfast to ask him on whose authority he was confronting people he thought were paedophiles.

When asked if any of his actions resembled those of a vigilante, he replied: "Are you serious? Get out of my sight, leave me alone.

"Stay away from anybody that I have previously worked with.

"You are harassing people, I am not here to answer your questions.

"You are absolutely disgusting. Get out of my space right now."

Later the same day, Mr Keenan led a group of people to confront BBC investigations reporter Kevin Magee in a coffee shop in Belfast.

Mr Keenan claimed he had been able to mobilise more than a dozen people from various paedophile hunting groups.

For a short time they blocked off Botanic Avenue and published the episode online.

Eyewitness account: 'Terrible, outrageous behaviour'

A mother-of-two has told of her terror when her home was mistakenly surrounded by a group of masked paedophile hunters.

The self-appointed gang surrounded the house in the Springfarm estate in Antrim in January, claiming that a paedophile was living there.

But the group had made a mistake - they had picked the wrong house.

The 34-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, said she was "absolutely terrified" when members of the gang approached her home.

Her 66-year-old mother and two young children, aged seven and three, were in the house with her.

"A crowd of people got out of cars and they started banging and kicking at my front door - one of the women was screaming," she said.

"They were all saying there was a paedophile in the house, but there was no man in the house, just me, my kids and my mother.

"It was terrible, it really was outrageous behaviour - we felt really intimidated.

"One of the children was hiding under the bed and my mother was petrified and shaken afterwards.

"Now she doesn't want to leave the house."

The woman had only recently moved into the house.

'Job for police'
Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator Seamus Davis went to the house when he heard the commotion.

He said: "There were three or four cars full of people.

"I said: 'Look you're in the wrong place' - and they called me a paedophile lover.

"I told them I hate paedophiles as much as anybody else, but this way you are doing is totally wrong - this is a job for the police.

"You are behaving like a bunch of vigilantes."


Anonymous said...

Hey Oncefallen the reason vigilante justice is incited is because people like the #metoo leader in Sacramento has skeletons we are not supposed to know in Public just yet.

A leading voice of the Me Too movement at the state Capitol faces further allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior.

An anonymous complaint delivered to the state Assembly by San Diego employment law attorney Dan Gilleon on Thursday alleged that Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia regularly discussed graphic sexual encounters in office, belittled staff, and forced them to work on campaign activities while on taxpayer time.

Gilleon identified the complaint as from four of former Garcia aides, who worked with her from 2011 to 2016. He says they wrote the complaint as a reaction to the lawmaker’s prominent role in the outcry against sexual misconduct, including an appearance in Time magazine.

“They’re particularly upset about her gall and the audacity to come forward and act like she’s a true Me Too mover and a true silence-breaker,” Gilleon said. “And they’re saying that’s anything but the truth.”

Gilleon says the former staffers are willing to identify themselves and testify to the Assembly Rules Committee if they’re assured protection from retaliation.

Garcia took an unpaid leave of absence last week after two allegations of unwanted advances and groping at work events.

In a statement on Facebook, Garcia wrote that she’ll wait until the Assembly completes its investigation to respond. “I am confident I have consistently treated my staff fairly and respectfully,” the statement read.

Garcia also has been at least temporarily replaced as Assembly chairperson of the Women’s Caucus, which has risen in prominence over the past year.

In a statement today that did not mention her name, the caucus announced it has appointed Assemblywoman Susan Talamentes Eggman as interim chairperson

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And people like this are the reason vigilante justice exists.

Anonymous said...

Here are other updates for why Vigilante Justice exists.

Anonymous said...


Police have said forensic evidence links a man who died in December to the double murder of a convicted sex offender and his daughter in the same month.

Scotland Yard announced a major development in the investigation into the killing of Noel Brown, 69, and Marie Brown, 41, naming Nathaniel Henry as a significant suspect.

The Browns were found dead at a property in Deptford, south-east London, on 4 December.

Henry, 37, a youth worker, was found dead in a block of flats in Southwark, south-east London, on New Year’s Eve in “non-suspicious” circumstances.
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A GoFundMe page set up in memory of Henry said he was last seen alive at the community centre where he worked on 5 December.

The page, which has raised £1,480 since 12 January, reads: “Nathaniel worked at the Damilola Taylor Centre as a basketball coach and mentor. He was a true pillar of the community who loved helping to make a difference. He would always go above and beyond his job by helping the children with any problems they may have had at home.”

Police said Noel Brown was strangled and his body dismembered, and the killer removed some of the body parts from the flat over the course of several visits. They said Brown’s daughter was believed to have been strangled after disturbing the killer when she visited to check on her father on 2 December.

Detectives are trying to piece together Henry’s final movements. They have previously trawled through 1,000 hours of CCTV footage in the investigation and issued images of a man seen carrying a distinctive large rucksack.