Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Law and Order CI: Neighborhood Watch

Law and Order: Criminal Intent ran an episode for the new season regarding vigilantism as the result of being placed on the sex offender registry. The RSO in the story was a person who, at 19, pled guilty to sex with a 15 year old, and placed on the sex registry, which led to his murder. Though the show was obviously inspired the the murder of two sex offenders in Maine a few years back, it illustrates perfectly the mentality of the vigilante groups. In fact, I would not be surprised if Tracy Golden, Marina Hammond, Chris Brocious, Barb Ireland, or Xavier von Erck himself ended up killing a former offender someday.

Anyways the show synopsis is below:



Anonymous said...


And you can see parts of this show, here:


WarpedOhio said...

Thanks. I don't watch Flaw and Disorder much these days because the show has plenty of inaccuracies, but its a drama run by NBC, which gave us another phony show called "To Catch a Predator," starring chief predator Chris Hansen. That being said I may wath this one because it seems for once they swiped a real scenario and got it right for a change.

Anonymous said...

These clowns have already tried to kill using mere words and this hasnt worked thus far! I think Tracy is too timid to do otherwise but I cant vouch for the others!



WarpedOhio said...

Mens rea (intent) is only half of the crime. Absolute Zero already has the intent part down pat. Many murders in general have occured as the result of feuds or long-running disputes. In fact, a local vocal activist was killed by someone he was feuding with. Honestly, we're feuding with Absolute Zero. Who is to say the devil won't drive up from Georgia to shoot me someday? After all,I'm easy to find. Or Tracy drives down from Columbus after taking a detour to Canfield to pick up Chris Brocious to shoot me? They have malicious intent already. All it takes for murder is a moment and opportunity. These viggies are a danger to society and need to be civilly committed!

Anonymous said...


Once again, Your logic prevails! If only I could get AZU to write something meaningful. Those asshats act soooo childish sometimes you know. take care.


Anonymous said...

"mean" Stitches said:

"You are quite mistaken Mr. Logue. This is no game. It has never been a game. Right now in this country there are an estimated 27,160,752 ADULT female survivors of child sexual abuse and 12,220,488 ADULT male survivors for a total of almost 40 million ADULT survivors. You want to call up your 630,000 and incite violence against those whose only desire is to protect children from predators? Bring it on, Derek. Bring it on. You aren't doing anything to create empathy to your cause, you are making it worse Derek. This is what people think about those who abuse children.

I've asked Stitches numerous times to present "workable" and effective solutions regarding the prevention of child sexual abuse. Stitches has thus far IGNORED my reasoning. How effective is AZU in harassing SO activists? Very ineffective. These fools arent interested in preventing abuse, its not their main goal to present workable solutions when their primary goal is harassment. Stitches, I know you read this blog and I'm calling you out! Start being effective and bring REAL solutions to the table or else. You know the recidivism rate for sex offenders is LOW but you refuse to admit it. You know all convicted sex offenders dont reoffend but you refuse to admit it. You know the currrent sex offender laws are ineffective but you want admit it! You help catch one perp...yet hundreds rise up to replace the one and you think you've done something positive. Ha! Stitches, You need to grow up and get out of victim mode and be an effective survivor seeking real viable solutions....or you can continue on your current ineffective journey of doing nothing. So far, you have choose to do nothing!


Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it funny that vigilantes use an anti-Semite as an ideal image?


Anonymous said...

Also, in case you did not know this already, Blogger has man new options, which allow you to backup and restore your blog, in case the idiots decide to hack into this blog or others.

Go here, and use the Blogger in Draft, it has some cool new options.


And their official blogs:


Anonymous said...

I tried to post the following the other day at the evil stitches blog but it was rejected, So i'[m posting it here for all to see:

Quote from evil stitchbitch herself:

"That type of attitude is only a very small part of what's wrong here. You are not "reformed" you still obviously have the same thinking disorders that allowed you to commit a crime in the first place. And, yes you and Zman both have committed subsequent crimes, though not necessarily a sex crime say in Zman's case, it is still considered recidivism. He HAD a second chance. YOU had a second chance."

IF only LE could find the bodies, Then I'd be a convicted serial killer too! Gee, I must of reoffended at least twenty times last week but wasnt caught (chronic stop sign runner)! Neither Z or I have a 2nd sex offense conviction and you only attack us because were RSO activists. Believe me, I'm more of an activist than you'll ever know but thats besides the point! You attack because of MY activism, Not because of whether I pose a "threat" to society. Jan Kruska has yall listed as John/Jane Does in her lawsuit, Yet I dont see you viggies breaking down the door in revealing your real identities to Jan, So you can stand up and "justify" your past misconduct. rather you cloak yourselves in secret anonymous BS names and hide! If everything you say is TRUE, why are you hiding from the lawsuit? Your scared!!! Why not file suit against Derek for slander/whatever? Your scared!!! In your extreme distortive thinking, Your scared to come out in the OPEN and stand up for real truth because then you would have to justify the past illegal bullshit you've done!!! Your not only scared, Your afraid to pay the piper for your misdeeds!!! "reformed"? You know not the meaning of the word! Hiding behind a silly anonymous name...why cant you vigilantes go public like Tracy Golden? I guess all that illegal activity would cramp your social life huh? Afraid big Bubba would come into jail cell late at night to cuddle! Hahahaha.

tsand a "anti anti"

WarpedOhio said...

Actually, TSand, Tracy Golden still hides her personal info, because she fears a lawsuit

Anonymous said...

Yes but she is known by her real name, using real photos of herself, whereas, the aZU idiots hide like cockroaches when the searchlight come on! Obviously the vigilantes are dirt poor and dont want to lose what lil $ they have, to Jan. Xavier refuses to foot the bill for AZU, So they hide...like terrorists! Good they cant afford to fly...!

WarpedOhio said...

The irony is they say they don't fear us, but they hide. A face and a name isn't the same as having a legitimate address that doesn't involve a Mailboxes Etc. like PJ or just have a web run comments page like WASP. You may have hadsome decent discussion with her, but all I see from Tracy is a crazy psycho bitch who has a muddled mind and a spiteful heart, which makes it impossible for me to see her as anything but a monster