Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Too weird for words

This comment is too weird for words:


How about I castrate you dressed up as a little girl? That way we both win! Sorry, fresh out of anesthesia. lameo 08.04.08 - 5:08 am


WarpedOhio said...

Looks like I have a comment after all!

*Ahem* Most PJers only like playing little girls on the net, Lameo wants to dress up like one! Well since he's into to YuGiOh! maybe he can find a "Dark Magician Girl" cosplay kit on Amazon.com or something LOL

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Lameo has a crossdressing (mental illness)problem? Dressed up as a lil girl (with dentures), I just cant picture this w/o being scared! Maybe AandJsmom will bitch slap some more sense into Lameo!



WarpedOhio said...

Lameo? Sounds like sicko psycho to me. Now is Psycho a male or femle nutjob? It'd just be sicker if this was written by a dude

Anonymous said...


Lameo is a general term that describes anyone who is completely socially retarded, does not do drugs and spends their life chasing after women and fucking with safe mateys birds. They are rediculously keen and try extremely hard at everything, especially there appearance, this is what makes them lame. A dick noone but other dicks like or hang around, the type of person you avoid and run away from and silence phone calls from and do not reply to texts ... you know who you are you sad bastards. They are a wart on the anus of society and a drain on anyones social energy... they shoud be harshly ignored.

WarpedOhio said...

That may be but they're also fun to point and laugh at. Lameo fits righ in with AZU alumnus

Anonymous said...

After getting bitch slapped twice by his fellow AZU friends, Lameo had to do something to get back in the good graces of his scumbag vigilante friends. Now he is making threatening comments that are more inline with the azu line of thinking. Frankly, We AZU'ers arent impressed with Lameo and we think he is a closet pedophile homo primate. We are watching him closely.


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