Thursday, July 17, 2008

City Beat, WASP takes heat

"Aside from providing no evidence to support her claims about JFS obstructing investigations, Golden's logic is flawed. She assumes that any person convicted of any sex crime is a risk to a child."-- Cincinnati City Beat Magazine

Here in these parts we call them there mistakes "cognitive distortions," Tracy Golden!

Its been a while since Tracy Golden of Columbus, Ohio (aka, "WASP Ohio") did something stupid, so this is especially enjoyable. I wonder how Cincinnati's City Beat magazine got her contact info, since the bug has been in hiding for a while, except when holding spaghetti dinners in the sticks. Anyhoo, City Beat reveals to us how Tracy suffers from "Foot In Mouth" disease:

"The potential for false accusations and botched investigations is something Tracy Golden, president of the Ohio chapter of Women Against Sexual Predators, avoids addressing. When asked to comment about the potential harm done to children and families when false accusations of abuse are made, she doesn't respond."

Okay, we have a situation where we are taking about HARM TO CHILDREN. After all, WASP claims to be a victim advocate. Yet when the reporter asks about potential harm from children as a result of a nonsensical law (a law WASP supports of course), you could here the crickets chirp from Columbus all the way to Cincinnati. She does say this little piece of stupidity:

"Golden says children won't be taken from a safe home environment as a result of HB111."

Forrest Golden-- stupid says as stupid thinks.

Did I ever mention I was a foster child, Tracy? Oh yeah, we can trust overzealous 241-KIDS workers to handle allegations with fairness and diligence. In her email she sent to the AZhole thugs, the Lunsford Foundation, and the rest of her cyber-trolls she says this:

"I am in need of your help! I need you to write or call the Ohio Senate members and tell them you are in support of HB111. Children should not be led to the slaughter by careless parents."

The sky is falling, Tracy Little!

By the way, she adds her usual spiel of uncited statistics, except now she's finally admitting that stanger danger is as full of shit as SHE is! She flip flops more than, well, a pair of flip flops! I reckon she's thinking of running for congress or something! As idiotic as most Gestap-Ohio politicos are, I better not give her any ideas.

Misquoting statistics, dodging legitimate questions, and fear mongering tactics are typical AZU fare.


Anonymous said...

The reporter's comment:

"Aside from providing no evidence to support her claims about JFS obstructing investigations, Golden's logic is flawed. She assumes that any person convicted of any sex crime is a risk to a child."

Tracy once again misses the boat. The primary danger to children today, Are the predators whom have NEVER been arrested or convicted of a sex crime. I thought Tracy was above saying such bullshit not based upon factual evidence. I guess not. Good article Derek!

tsand aka "Thriver"

WarpedOhio said...

"I thought Tracy was above saying such bullshit not based upon factual evidence."

Shit, Tracy Golden is the reason I was sucked into the war on antis to begin with! If you read the stats she throws in at her idiotic WASP site, she throws in random stats which is intended to strike fear and panic in the hearts of the average reader. But she throws in stuff which has NOTHING to do with the nature of sex offenses specifically.

For example, she brings up the topic of pornography in her stats page. Obviously there is a legitimate and legal porn industry out thee, whether you like it or not, and it makes some money, but she tries to connect it to illicit child porn, which is smaller and rarer. But Tracy is ALWAYS twisting the facts. What else is new?

• Pornographic web pages now top 260 million and growing at an unprecedented rate. - N2H2, 9/23/03

• 345% increase in child pornography sites between 2/2001-7/2001. - N2H2 press release, 8/01

• Sex is the #1 searched for topic on the Internet. - Dr. Robert Weiss, Sexual Recovery Institute, Washington Times 1/26/2000

Then she throws out a stat which has nothing to do with anything:

• The survey found that 90% of teens and young adults have gone online, and that half (49%) of those online plug in once a day or more. Three out of four young people (74%) have access at home, and nearly one in three (31%) has access from their own bedroom. - The Kaiser Family Foundation in consultation with International Communications Research, 2001

No shit, Dick Tracy! People use the internet a lot. It is theprimary form of communication in this age.

Of course, Tracy Golden of WASP Ohio fails to cite her sources anyways. She gives a general location and a date. She needs to read my other website in order to learn how to cite valid statistics. Then again who can trust this deluded bitch with citing an actual fact?

ZMan! said...

Here is Tracy's response, more BS as usual:

ZMan! said...

This is unrelated, so you can post it or just save it.

PetraLunatics forums, if you care?

WarpedOhio said...

Thanks for the great links! I have enough material to make more articles when I'm not busy working on other projects.

Petra's Army of One is still lurking? She's been awfully quiet since Stossel ripped her on 20/20. Maybe she'll retire, not from harassing but rom SINGING. She makes William Hung sound like Mariah Carey

WarpedOhio said...

PS: Keep em' coming! I need some good laughs! I'm off to shop at Its a great place to shop, most of the time better than Ebay!

ZMan! said...

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Anonymous said...

WarpedOhio said...

I wasn't sure why anonymous posted that video until I was forced to endure watching it. Seems like PJers are targeting each other. That guy was featured on Messy Medic's youtube site. Now they're turning on him. Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

WarpedOhio said...

What a tangled web. I shouldn't be surprised Tracy Molden supports Family WatchMUTT. After all, Family Watchmutt supports vigilante violence, much like WASP does

Anonymous said...

Check it out. Seems Tim is getting harassed by the vigilante squad, VioletLeaves and others.

Anonymous said...

The vigilante squad is spewing their usual BS to Tim, here:

WarpedOhio said...

Check out THIS comment from Violent Leaves:

"Anybody who would talk about a child on YouTube as a doll baby. Anyone who would put their childs image on not a good person. Period."

Well, Tracy Golden of WASP Ohio has pics of HER kids on her MySpace page. So its okay for MySpace but not YouTube? Or are THEY just the EXCEPTION to their own rules?

Anonymous said...


You know the viggies play by a different set of "rules" daily! violent Leaves is just another V fool using the different rules method. Its ironic that Tracy would blast every SO activist because of Jim Freeman's arrest, Yet tracy associates with Baca even though one Baca member was implicated in a murder for hire scheme. The big DIFFERENCE here is, The SO activists condemned Freeman for what he did but Tracy...Still stands up for and supports Baca! Funny how the viggies think they can act like dumb asses and still get away with it!


WarpedOhio said...

I'll have to make it a point to comment on this little spat on the opposing camp. This Troyriser/ED/AZU/PJ drama is worthy of futher inquiry.

Tracy fits in with murderers like BACA and Perverted-Justice (Don't forget their involvement with that death in Texas--driving a person to suicide is at the least criminally negligent homicide, so if they think I'm slandering, tough shit). Tracy is nuttier than a fruitcake. She IS a member of a cult, after all. And cult leaders like Xavier Von Erck are like squirrels, they both tend to collect NUTS LOL

Anonymous said...

I just wonder when they will do like all other cults seem to do, and commit mass suicide?

Not that I want them to, but most cults usually do that.

WarpedOhio said...

LOL! If Chrissy Brocious invites you over for Kool-Aid, run away!

Anonymous said...

Care2 Page


WarpedOhio said...

How funny. Crazy Tracy lists her husband as a "pet."

Things that bug her: Stupid mean people (yet she hangs with them), "people who do harm to others" (she must hate herself), injustice (like sex offender laws she supports), evil people (again, self loathing), cruelty, and bullying (at this point the self loathing should be unbearably painful).

Guess that's why tubby Tracy loves her chocolate and failing miserably at staying healthy. She's out of shapeboth physically and mentally

Anonymous said...

What Bugs Me: doing housework, Those who hurt others weaker than them, Stupid mean people, People whom do harm unto others, people who rape, injustice, indifference, Evil people, Drunk Drivers, cruelty, bullying, Any one that would hurt an animal, any one that would hurt a woman.

"Stupid mean people"


"Evil people"

Again refering to AZU!


More AZU bashing!

Funny ole Tracy just cant stay level headed or follow her own "advice"! Calling her husband a pet...I wonder if he's paper trained yet or has to go do it in the yard? Ha!


WarpedOhio said...

That explains why her husband said nothing while she spent two hours chatting with Yours Truly online calling me hot lips LOL. If her "man" had any balls, he'd tell that fat cunt to go see Jenny Craig or go buy her some Slim Fast

WarpedOhio said...

Good news, Miss Piggy-- Slim Fast comes in CHOCOLATE!

Anonymous said...


Dont feed your pet husband dog any chocolate, It could kill him!

tsand Wasp stomper

WarpedOhio said...

Tracy Golden, if you're looking for your post, I rejected it. Sorry but when you're in MY castle you must show proper respect to the king. If you want to discuss issues, use my real email address at my website. You already have it. My answer to your question has been on my website since around April or so (Prevention 101). How about going there and reading it sometime in between your many trips to Dairy Queen and Jenny Craig (You DO realize that after workout binge defeats the purpose of the gym, right?)? Sorry my study guides aren't available in Moron-ese so I doubt you can understand it anyways, since you are a lost cause.