Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They can't take the heat

I thought for the longest that Zandir was just a fake person created by AZU just to pretend they are under assault to elicit sympathy from their readers but after watching Zandir (others too, but mostly him) punk out the AZU trolls on a consistent basis, I am convinced this person is not only real, but has AZU's panties in a bunch ROTFL.


Since someone knowing my real identity could result in harassment or possibly out me, i have decided to use my initials.Feel free to use your initials. RZ Homepage 07.13.08 - 5:55 pm

how are those for initials? FU 07.14.08 - 2:28 am

Very appropriate IMHO Stitches77 07.14.08 - 2:53 am

It is exchanges like these that get me laughing... Well, until Stitches of the seventy-and-seven venereal diseases starts "editing" posts. As previously noted from my SOA article, AZU is filled with idiots have trouble dishing out what they take. As usual, the whiny bitches over at AZU, who claims their site is an OPEN forum, has decided to.. *ahem*.. estblish ground rules just for him.


We are instituting a new set of rules specifically for the continued harassing, distorted and generally obnoxious comments of Zandir Effective immediately the following will not be allowed from zandirt

#1 - NO victim bashing
#2 - NO rationalizations
#3 - NO lies
#4 - NO promotion of pedophilia

These rules are subject to new additions as *I* see fit regardless of whatever-the-fuck zandir thinks about them Stitches Stitches77 07.14.08 - 2:52 pm

Two new rules for zandir

#5 - No disagreement with anti's
#6 - No questions Stitches Stitches77 07.14.08 - 7:07 pm

Why does stitch-for-brains sign her name twice? Anyways, AZU, allegedly an "open" forum, is VERY selective in what they post, and edit everything that they don't like. I can think of many others they have denied this "open" exchange to in recent months. I remember Stitchbitch telling me at SOA that if I wanted to discuss AZU go to AZU. Yeah, right. Like they've allowed Zandir, AZHK, and others to have equal say there. I wouldn't waste my time.

Apparently they can't take the heat!

There is something I don't get. If they represent the majority's view, and they are "heroes" and "child advocates," why do they hide their identities? If I was a "hero," I'd be parading my celebrity status around. I think it is because they KNOW theyare skanky cyberterrorists ready to be placed in the bighouse. That and they are afraid. They don't have friends, only enemies. They don't even have a life!

Ironically, they are crying Zandir's "harassing" them. WTF? And just what are THEY doing to people? I smell hypocrisy. I was given the same accusation a while back by Stitchshitstains; she claimed I was "harassing" the antis for calling them out on their own harassment of others! Apparently if you call them out for committing cybercrimes, you are "harassing" them.

You know what they say, though-- if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

You write such common sense articles! I am very impressed. These fucking idiots keep tripping over themselves! Dumbasses. The question remains, Is Nigel a real person or a figment of Stitches imagination? AZU plays games all the time and its hard to keep score of who is winning:). Thanks again for another thought provoking article!


Anonymous said...

At AZU today:

Violation Rule # 4 and 7]

Edited By Siteowner
zandir | Homepage | 07.17.08 - 3:39 pm | #

Way to go Derek! you have them FINALLY enforcing their own stupid rules. Who's going to bitch slap Stitches when she breaks her own rules? I volunteer!

Lameo (your friend)

Anonymous said...

we're pretty good in this area."

No, Lameo, you arent. There have been quite a few high-profile cases of orthodox rabbis in and around Boro Park who are convicted child molesters.
ZandJsMom | 07.17.08 - 9:02 pm

Lameo gets bitchslapped again! ouch.


WarpedOhio said...

Yeah ZandJsMom IS a bitch (like Stitches, WASP Ohio, and pretty much ALL of AZU) so lame-o did indeed get bitchslapped LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is the same STITCHES77, but I found it funny, for some reason.


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