Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why places like Absolute Zero are so dangerous

Online vigilante site like Absolute Zero United and affiliates are dangerous in more ways than one. In recent months there has been an explosion of vigilante violence against Former Offenders. The most recent high-profile case of "Angry Tammy" (Tammy Lee Gibson of Puyallup, Washington) shows us how depraved our society has become.

"While police and prosecutors have condemned Gibson's actions, the attack has made her a hero among bloggers and commentators on Internet message boards. When the attack made the news, many in the blogosphere lauded her for protecting her daughter."

That is just sick. People are applauding vigilante violence. Surprisingly, AZU has been largely silent about this while dealing with some internal strife and whining about how SCOTUS upheld the US Constitution in a sex crime case; however, as recent experience has shown us, Absolute Zero United is notorious for sticking up for people who use vigilante violence (see

"He's gonna do it again," she told people. "Are you OK with that?"
When people didn't seem panicked, she said, she became upset.
"I was just thinking to myself, 'Man, I'm not gonna stop,' " she said.

So her hue and cry didn't alarm the neighbors. Is it possible that her neighbors didn't think it necessary to beat the guy with a baseball bat?

While some have criticized Gibson's arrest, prosecutors said citizens should not take the law into their own hands regardless of the circumstances.
"Obviously, the purpose of notifying neighborhoods of sex offenders moving in is not so they can be targeted for persecution, but to put them [neighbors] on notice," said Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Phil Sorensen. "This is not the intended result of notifying a neighborhood."

And yet, Crazy Tammy did it anyways. It makes a strong case for abolishing public registries.

Although the bail bonds company isn't releasing the source of the money, a "Free Tammy" movement to raise money for Gibson's bail was organized after she was charged with second-degree assault and a felony harassment on June 20.

I'd've paid to keep her incarcerated myself. By the way, Second Degree Assault is a Class B felony (up to 10 years and a $10,000 fine) , and Felony Harassment is a Class C Felony (up to 5 years and a $5,000 fine). See: for Washington sentening guidelines. By thew way, Washington has a three-strikes and your out law; Gibson has a decades long rap sheet which includes ASSAULT and DRUG charges. I hope she gets a mandatory life sentence.

In a poll conducted by KIRO-TV in Washington state, as of this writing, 496 voters (42%) call crazy Tammy a "hero," while 584 (49%) call her a "criminal." Forty two percent of the public commend this crazy bitch!

E-advocate found over 110 murders of Former Offenders as of September 2007 ( This doesn't include incidents like Crazy Tammy beating a Fomer Offender with a ball bat. But the prevailing theme is society is obsessed with revenge rather than rehabilitation, and vengeance rather than justice. This is why places like Absolute Zero United continue to exist. I always believed Absolute Zero United to be the extreme form of terrorism, but they are merely a gauge of how depraved our society has become.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, We do need a registry for vigilante groups and people who take the law into their own hands. Why, Just the other day, I was attacked by others at a vigilante blog because I thought one of the AZ members was a pedophile! Like hungry wolves, They attacked me with their huff and puff bully tactics. I stood my ground. Its not my fault they cant properly identify themselves as to whether they are AZholes or pedo enablers on their own stupid blog!


WarpedOhio said...

We may be on opposing sides, Lameo, but you found out the hard way that the AZholes are not a legitimate organization. I have to admit, you made the place entertaining. It was fun while it lasted. They are a dangerous criminal organization, and pose a bigger threat than most of their targets, except in person, because they'd cower away. Anyways, if you read all the articles here, you'll see what the AZhole scumbags are REALLY all about.

In alhonesty, I can't fault you for not being able to tell if certain members are Pedo enablers or AZholes. After all, they defend Mark Lunsford and son while condemning anyone else who did what they did. They will out a sex crime victim. They will write pornographic material at a sex offender treatment site. They will threatenn, harass, and intimidate. Sounds like PREDATORY BEHAVIOR TO ME!

Suzy said...

The registry needs to out of public viewing and back into a law enforcement data base where it originally started.

By the way, the recidivism rate for assault is nearly double compared to sex crimes. If I can find the site I seen that I will cut and paste it. I am going off of memory.

Sex offenders are not the only ones target of vigilantes...remember majority of them have families living with them and children.

WarpedOhio said...

Thanks for reminding our readers that, Suzy. For example, the AZholes and PJerks contact family members and have posted the names and addresses of family members. They have even outed crime victims to fulfill their sadistic vigilante fantasies. In a second they ruin lives. But they are not out to protect anyone, just to harm people. They need to be caged like the filthy animals they are

suzy said...

What I meant to say is that I'm a stupid cunt. I apologize for my previous stupidity.

Suzy, the stupid cunt

WarpedOhio said...

Stupid cunt?!? ROTFLMAO! Nice to know all the AZholes have been lining up to admit how sorry they really are. They are sick, twisted individuals. Maybe we should lobotomize them, ship them off to a desertedisaland, or perhaps the death penalty. At the least, plaster that skanky cuntr Stitches and the rest of the terrorists. Hey AZholes, Hamas is looking for a few good men. You're no good, but you could pass for a man LOL

WarpedOhio said...

I see some other NITWIT tried to comment but I had to punk him out. Of course your comment was going to be canned you NUMBNUT. AZU is powerless to stop me from posting this blog. AZU is powerless to do anything but whine and cry about it. Knowing you idiots are starting to try to post here lets me you're starting to get huffy about it, NINCOMPOOP. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, They dont like me over at AZU much anymore and maybe I ought to somewhere like Corrupted-Justice cause they seem to have a grip on reality! That StitchBitch thinks she's superior in her ramblings with all the answers! If she is soooo right, Then how come the SO laws arent protecting children? I think she doesnt give a shit bout the children cause she never offers any real solutions, Yet thinks we ought to lock up or kill all the sex offenders but that doesnt accomplish anything cause the MAJORITY of sex crimes are committed by people whom have never been arrested before! the bitch thinks "registered" SO's pose the greater danger to society but this is distorted thinking and solves nothing but it drives her (Stitches) hatred. I've let alot of her bullshit slide and grow weary of her hyprocital viewpoint she spats daily! I may crossover yet! Fucking stupid cunt.


Anonymous said...


It wouldnt be wise to attempt to crossover to the opposition! This is your ONLY warning.


WarpedOhio said...

Keep your catfight over at AZU you two. Maybe you should challenge each other to a game of YuGiOh! or something

Anonymous said...

Fuck off with your threats Rez. I happen to know quite a bit about your illegal internet tactics. You act soooo tough but behind the scenes, Your a sniveling coward scared of his own shadow!

I happen to know that ZandJsMom has a convicted sexual predator in her family and she talks tough but acts otherwise in real life.

Daydreamer of OZ: You came sooo close to being a sexual predator, Letting that young local young boy flirt with you, Sending you flowers and love notes until his pissed off mother found out bout it. You might of not encouraged it, BUT you did nothing to stop it. Did you learn your lesson?

Jacey: Flirting with those fools over at Boychat, Encouraging their ego's in order to later flame them at AZU. Stop being a fuckin pedo enabler! I wonder how many other young children got molested because you encouraged the pedo's? You need to be bitch slapped twice daily!

Thats enough for now. Funny how we dont hear anything bout those OTHER azu members who are pedos in deguise but act like they are true blooded AZU'ers!


Time for the truth to come out

Anonymous said...

What does the "77" mean ???

I think its an I.Q. defeciency in limited intelligence!

I think its also a code word for a anonymous coward hiding behind a goofy name!

I think she was once a school yard bully and some kid stood up to her and beat the shit out of her, 77 stitches here and there!


Anonymous said...

WarpedOhio said...
I see some other NITWIT tried to comment but I had to punk him out. Of course your comment was going to be canned you NUMBNUT. AZU is powerless to stop me from posting this blog. AZU is powerless to do anything but whine and cry about it. Knowing you idiots are starting to try to post here lets me you're starting to get huffy about it, NINCOMPOOP. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

I guess I was that nitwit but your superior knowledge prevailed over my limited abilities to say what I wanted the say. My apologies, I will try and do better!


ACNE said...

This is your ONLY warning.

I am so fucking tough behind a keyboard. I'm really nothing but a bitch just like my friend stitchbitch.

Anonymous said...


Its okay, we can bitch slap you just like we slap the other viggies!


Glad to see common sense has prevailed. It wasnt fun getting bitch slapped was it? Your welcome to slap em back (here) all you want!

tsand aka "anti anti"