Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AZU Gets off on thoughts of rape -- Deep Thoughts of Hypocrisy 1

Hypocrisy is no surprise in the Absolute Zero United cult. But this just takes the cake. A thanks to Voice of Reason for the assist:


"You just know Logue was on his belly, paying his dues to his cellmate, on a nightly basis.
Prison was the one place Derek's quivering lips were a highly sought after commodity
Logue Hater 10.24.08 - 9:44 pm #"

"Although it's hard to believe anyone could be so callous, the lowlife posting as 'Logue Hater' is actually taking joy from the idea of someone being raped. You can't get much lower than that."

(Original link: http://haloscan.com/comments/absolutezero/4869993627664023401/#58319)

Absolute Zero United claims that they are against sex crimes, yet here they are advocating raping individuals. For the record, I was never raped in prison, just wishful deluded thinking on their part. But the notion that they get their rocks off by promoting rape of another human being just shows their dangerousness. And while they claim to condemn violence (all the while referring to THEIR counter-rally to a civil rights rally of ex-offender rights as a "HIJACKING"), they feed you these gems:


Certainly all these degenerates weren't offended by the man's actions, they were a clan of soulless monsters who are better off being judged by a court. Or a mob...
They aren't sick, they aren't curable and they can't be reformed. They're simply evil and should be dealt with accordingly. Rob Taylor -- Homepage - 10.23.08 - 1:48 am

And while crying that some viggie got beat up up my a group of people he THREATENED WITH A MACHETE, you get this gem from MUSTY:


Here Derek, Derek, Derek. I got some bikers that would just LOVE to meet you! Come on, what do ya say???
Misty - 10.23.08 - 11:57 pm

I say don't sing it, just bring it. Which bikers? The BACA guys I put on tape at the Ohio Rally who ended up AGREEING with my point of view?


The biker lady's name is Donna Folden by the way. She threatened to sue me over the video being posted on You Tube (despite the factI didn't post it), and wrote the world's most poorly written "cease and desist order." The same Donna Folden who was silenced by a single email from an attorney who gave her the REAL definition of defamaion and slander. Heh. I'm so NOT scared. Then again BACA WAS involved in a murder-for-hire scheme in Texas, as reported by the Waco Tribune in January 2008:


"Investigators found evidence at a China Spring home they say is connected to a murder-for-hire scheme planned by members of the motorcycle group Bikers Against Child Abuse.
Vera Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail, a 42-year-old China Spring native and Carrollton resident, was arrested Jan. 10 in the Dallas area on a criminal solicitation of murder charge in the death of her estranged 36-year-old husband, Craig Nail, said Sgt. Gerald Meadors"

Its going to take more than threats or bikers and fliers and and crying to corrupt ASSistant DA Patrick Dressing to silence THE TRUTH. The truth that Absolute Zero United is a terrorist organization posing as a pseudo-child-advocate blog and fails miserably at doing so. (PS next time you all talk to Dressing, be sure you tell him I said "GO FUCK YOURSELF, LOSER!")

PS: Mr. Punch - coldgrapecrush - evilclownwithabat - loguehater - Donny, you're not fooling anybody. And all in all, you're STILL a coward, just like the rest of the AZU trolls who hide in anonymity. I'm still waiting for you to come spit in my face you douchebag. But evilclownwithabat obviously has NO BALLS!

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iseestupid said...

It's crazy isn't it. 'rape' is ok on their terms. They pick who gets to be raped and they even come up with their own graphic thoughts on how someone gets raped -like the sick fucks that they are.

Everybody from AZU, PJ, including Stitches the dumb fuck, jacey the stupid fuck, daydreamer of c*nt'sville, rob the I'll sell 'sexy' pictures and not think that I'm a dumbfuck hypocrite Taylor, Violet the I will use my 'victimhood' to make my dumbshit friends feel sorry for me so we can go hate together and think prison rape is ok Leaves, carisma the C-nt, and logue hater is nothing but a freakbitch.