Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stitches suffers from "Static Cling"

Its a sad thing when you grow to hate a person or a group so much you join up and kiss the ass of their arch-nemesis just out of spite. But such as the case with Jeremy aka "Static," ex-staff member of SOSEN who just never really seemed to fit into the group, and like a jealous child angry at being snubbed, joins the mean girls club to exact revenge. Its one of those hindsight 20/20 things, you should have seen it coming. personally, watching them interact at the now defunct "Sex Offender Alliance" (a self-proclaimed "treatment" site run by an arrogant prick who believes in groveling before the likes of AZU). Ironically, Static asked me to record as much of that site as possible for him out of some small fear of being misquoted or something to that effect by the trolls. Files which has lain dormant for a number of months. Fortunately, I still have them. Reading these old files is like watching WWE's "Glamarella." All that flirting between two nasty trolls makes me want to puke. A few low-lights:

WARNING: Have barf-bags handy!

SOA "WelcomeStitches77" Apr. 19, 2008
Static: You make a worthy adversary
Stitches: Why do you believe I'm an adversary?

SOA "Ooooh The Irony!" May 3, 2008
Metanoid: I have been fairly impressed (so far) the way static and Stitches have been dealing with each other. Like any good bartender, though, I do have my big boy boots under the counter. Just in case!
Static: I hope they're VERY big boys- you don't wanna be around when Stitches gets her dander up... :)
Stitches: I'm not afraid of much in this world. But I'm not gonna take on Mets' big boy boots. I do have my limits you know. Woah! My dander? Why Static, it sounds like you're scared of me.

My personal favorite line, however, came from Metanoid: "F1, our goals SHOULD be similar to the AZ folks." Really? So our goal is to harass and intimidate and threaten people into getting what they want? Maybe its for the best SOA dissolved. Metanoid played with fire, and got burned by Absolute Zero, and by the time he realized his folly, the deed was done. Next time, learn to listen to people, Metanoid.

By the way, if you ever meet a certain cocky PO from Florida named DP1/PinkPanther/hopeso, be wary of her. In addition to supporting Absolute Zero United and quoting them as a reference (which is like quoting Mein Kampf for race relations), she offers this gem:

"And what a compliment to you and the regular posters here from the AZ folks. Stick around guys.....we may be on to something very special." The only thing "special" was the collapse of SOA. I discussed the SOA saga in a previous article (, but in this case, I wanted to point out this exchange between Jeremy Static and Marina Stitches77.

Fast forward to the here and now. After disappearing into the night, Jeremy comes back on the side of AZU. Aside from the usual flirting with the Queen of the Damned, he maskes the following cognitive distortion:

The best thing a RSO in these groups could do would be to leave and take care of his own problems first. THEN there may be a way to fix some of the problems with SO policy. If you do these things in the reverse order, all you'll do is waste your time and not fix the problems which got you into this mess in the first place. This is dangerous, irresponsible, and pointless- even counter-productive. It's high time for these RSO's to come out of the "Land of Goshen" and enter the "Promised Land" of personal responsibility.

Come on, Linda- Let my people go...

Jeremy 11.02.08 - 1:03 am

Funny how under an article aptly named "Our Secret Goal," Jacey says the following:

"Recently a volunteer from Perverted-Justice was able to infiltrate SOSEN and was even promoted to being a staff member in their forums."

Later they brag of posting up a site showing STOLEN private messages and IPs. Ironically, Perverted-Justice sympathizer and suspected member Andrew Golden offers up this fact:

"Let’s even ignore the fact that the legislative intent of the CFAA was, quite simply, to criminalize hacking into servers to get information the server owners didn’t want a person to have; in fact, the vast majority of cases prosecuted under the CFAA involve exactly that."

Thanks for the factoid, PJer. No big coincidence that Static disappeared around the time PJ got all this private info PJ/AZ was never supposed to have. At the least, Jeremy looks VERY suspicious, suspicious enough to warrant a CFAA investigation on him. And honestly, to what end does it serve to publicly post IP and personal info on people who randomly enter a site to get advice or to read articles? None. Except to try to scare people or to give dangerous vigilantes like Brett Franklin of Sedalia, MO the means to make threats against people.

Seems like AZU suffers from far more than "Static Cling." It suffers from an impending FBI criminal investigation.


Jeromee said...

It's a shame that static rolled on us. He's even kissing stitchbich's ass. That's fucked up. It all centers around sosen and what was going on behind the scenes. I'm not happy with sosen letting a troll to get to the staff level. WTF Now they have every members info, look for yourselves on wikidposers now.

Stitchcunt knew cheryl was getting the axe before it happend and even announced it, I wander if she was the "staff member"???

WarpedOhio said...

I don't know. i'm not in the inner circle of SONEN so I'm merely speculating. Stitchcunt just bragged of having a PJerk infiltrate SOSEN. Since she's so chummy with Static, I can certainly argue a strong case of him being the leak, though I'm sure someone else had a hand in it. What did they accomplish more than stealing IPs and screen names? Absolutely Zero!

Stitchcunt couldn't do it alone because she's too arrogant and loudmouth and stupid to do it. Like when she pretended to be Margie Slagle or when she went in under the name "FailToReg" to spew her hate. Stitchcunt is incapable of biting her tongue. jeremy was smarter, but I always had my suspicions about him. But like I said, I'm not SOSEN staff then nor now, and I was working more with SO Clear at the time.

I'll say this much, disliking someone in the movement is no excuse to attack other people and put people up on the chopping block. Look, there are people I don't care for in the movement to the point I refuse to associate with them. But you don't see me running to AZU joining up to bash those people I don't like. Of course, the question is, was Jeremy ever really on our side to begin with? Hindsight's always 20/20 I say.

Whatever, bottom line is this -- whatever AZU was plotting failed. SOSEN is still around, as is every place else they attack, except SOA. Ironic, huh? The only place they ever shut down was the one site they claimed was the most benefit to Former Offenders.

Jeremy (formerly static) said...

Uh, hey F1- Some of the stuff taken from the sosen staff area was from well after I left. The "spy" was Bronkv, as you well know, since you already posted about Bronk awhile back. I don't work with anyone- not AZ, SOSEN, or you for that matter.

I posted at AZ thanking Stitches for waking me up to what Linda was up to, and offered some opinions of SOSEN. If that constitutes "working" with AZ, then you are just as guilty since you have posted your opinions at AZ several times yourself.

I've "rolled" on no one- although I do indeed have a much different opinion of SOSEN now than I did back then.

Since I was way more involved with sosen than you were (you admit as much in this very article), my opinion is at the very least equally as valid as yours, right?

Now, I've said nothing about you, your sites, or anything other than my experience at SOSEN. I've read what you've written about sosen- you seem to mostly agree with me. But that begs the question- does the fact that you've done the same as me by posting your opinions at AZ, and the fact that you also have a low opinion of sosen mean that YOU'VE "rolled" and joined AZ? I'm not in this fight anymore- so how in the world does it benefit you to issue accusations at me? Especially when the same accusations could just as easily be used against you...

See, that's the problem with posting before you really think it through- you end up stepping on your own pee-pee...

Now, let's see if you have the courage and honesty to allow this comment to stand- or will you do as Linda did and lie to save face?


WarpedOhio said...

You deny affiliation with the trolls nest yet the writing's on the wall. Unlike you, I haven't taken any personal conflicts I may have with anyone in the movement and taken it over to the trolls nest as you have, so your retort is without merit. Unlike you, I have never had my nose up Stitchcunt's fat nasty ass; that's a very weak attempt at a reversal. Too bad, any reasonable person could assume that your recent actions would cast such a great cloud of suspicion over YOUR head. You also err in assuming I have a "low" opinion of SOSEN. I have a low opinion of certain people, you being one of them, but the only group I have a "low opinion" of collectively is the absolute zeroes/ perverting justice cult. Maybe you're not as bright as I thought you were. I still refer people there for support because that's what SOSEN is there for. People go there for help, support, answers, or to learn from others in the same position, as with Roar for Freedom, SO Clear, uncomfortable truth, and other support groups. Basing loyalty on a single unit rather than on the cause as a whole defies logic.

i may not be in the SOSEN inner circle, but I didn't need to to see the direction you were heading in, sstarting with the troll invasion at SOA. I think you underestimated my recall abilities. After all, you had asked me at one time to save as many of your comments there as possible before SOA pulled the plug. Funny, it had been sitting on my laptop for a long while and about to be deleted when word came to me of your incessant ass kissing over at the trolls den. You and stitchycunt make a cute couple by the way -- stitches hasn't douched in years, and you're a douchebag... perfect for each other!

one last thing, don't claim you're "not in the fight anymore" when you show up at AZU shouting "let my people go." i'm sure "your people" are more than eager to tell YOU exactly where you can go.

Jackasscy said...

Jeromy, you know what stitchbitch and her crew are about and you chose to cuddle up to her fat ass. If that's what you want then go for it. Just remember she will turn on you in a second. BTW nice wikidposer page you have. You must be a "pedo" or a "pedo enabler" according to your new friends.

It's one thing to take issue with sosen, it's another issue to rub shoulders with people who want nothing more to make your life, and anyone on the registry, hell. After all the registry protects innocent people, you know?

Do you want to associate yourself with a group whos goal is to destroy anyone they don't like.

Hey, if you want to roll around with pigs who is anyone to say you no?

WarpedOhio said...

The stitch-cunt says;

"Derek is beside himself simply because Static has chosen to voice his opinion here as though there is some vast conspiracy in the works."

"Beside myself?" Not hardly. I didn't bother to read any of Static's long-winded retorts before promptly deleting him. No what I see is Jeremy chose to "voice his opinion' at a site he claims was so dangerous by posting what he called "written child porn." It is ironic "Nothing below an anti" was reposted at AZU. Its ironic because they reposted the very article which had made static lose that pseudo-calm and collect gimmick he had at SOSEN. And yet he chooses to "voice his opinion" in the very place that posted the written child porn that set him off:

It's called LACK OF INTEGRITY. The fact that "Cunt and Douche" are stamping their feet and huffing their breath over my latest article is because I nailed the little loveturds. There's a reason I typically never bother to retort the comments they make about me on a daily basis. Because I know that nothing they ever say about me is true. Absolute Zero United suffers so much from cognitive distortions even the three blind mice could "see how they run." Their whole existence is like fantasy football -- they take real people and imagine them into what AZU wants them to be. They want to say so-and-so is a "pedo-head/ enabler," but at the end of the day, the fantasy ends and all their wishes are for naught. Its funny and sad at the same time.

Its sad when you have to go around the internet with names like "loguehater;" imagine your whole life revolving around hating someone. Its really pathetic. Sad and pathetic. But that's the gist of A-naZi-U, the so-called victims' advocate that teaches hate. Hitler did the same thing.

Anonymous said...


Be careful hanging around AZU because associating with AZU, will give you a BAD reputation! I say that from personal experience...been there, done that. Of course, I was there for a top secret reason-to learn and gleam info about the enemy, etc. I was called a "traitor" by your former Sosen associates. Easy to accuse, yet impossible to prove because I wasn't being a traitor in any way possible, Rather I was there to monitior these vigilante groups. Guess WHO informed Sosen Staff that OperationSoRoar was publishing its inner information? I did. I was a Sosen forum member at the time and I contacted staff and informed them. I was immediately banned from Sosen as my unjust reward for helping them out!

I haved learned that one has to be careful who they as a RSO, should trust. I have few friends in the SO activist community these days and I could care less. I think hell will freeze over first before I reach out and offer any help again! People will believe lies others have told and whether it is true or not, It will hurt you in the long run. Did I tell AZU about Freeman being arrested? Nope, yet I was repeatedly accused of doing so and I guess everybody believed this to be true w/o any verification stating otherwise. I did inform the COO that if you guys didnt go public and condemn Freeman's (rather than attempting to cover it up) misconduct, AZU would use that to further condemn Sosen. I was ignored. I was right though, It did come back to bite them in the ass!

Jeremy, You might think your learning something positive over at AZU but I doubt it would turn out to be something good. I've learned that AZU doesnt give a shit about protecting children. Stitches and company KNOW these SO laws are ineffective, yet they offer NO solutions other than to bash us, if we even suggest otherwise!

Wikiposure was setup to HARASS us, not to protect any child! AZU has admitted to hacking into numerous SO forums and for what reason other than to destroy/wreck havoc? These are just two reasons NOT to trust AZU or try to befriend them.

You want to continue posting at AZU, then do so at your own peril because AZU has repeatedly demostrated they cannot be trusted. They will use and exploit you in any way possible that will benifit "their cause".

Do you think Stitches joined SOA to reason or discuss the SO issues to accomplish something benefical? Nope. SOA has a NEW forum going and Stitches and company have NOT joined because they arent interested in seeking any common ground with any RSO or SO activist involved in this new forum. Metanoid WAS warned numerous times that AZU would end up destroying SOA but he foolishly believed he could befriend a rattlesnake. MET deserves no sympathy for being ignorant and foolish enough to trust these clowns who offered no previous apologies for the repeated crap they have pulled before joining SOA.

You think you can reason with AZU, Jeremy? Good luck. You will need it. Ask them if the sex offender laws are effective or not and see what they say.


WarpedOhio said...

You know what they say about playing with fire...