Thursday, April 16, 2009

AZU obsessions

Recently in one of AZU's typical tirades, Stitches implied I'm "obsessed" with them and I need to "leave them the F*** alone- waaaah!" Well out of boredom I just decided to tally the number of times AZU has posted about me in their comments board in comparison to the number of total posts made here by the anti-antis here. The numbers here are just posts where my name was explicitly stated in a comment by a member of AZU in a derisive manner, not counting those times I have posted, TSand, the Cunty Stitches, Valigator, or anyone else who defended me. This is merely AZU comments directed at me, starting from the Jan. 2, 2009 post to the April 16, 2009 comments.

Stitches77 [StitchCunt]: 80 times
Jeremy Static77 [StatiCunt]: 78 times
Logue Hater [counting his other variations of the Logue name]: 36 times
Jacey [Jackassey]: 23 times
Anonymous/ other posters [likely just the same people using different names]: 19 times
Goodgirl54301 [Bad Dog 13666]: 17 times
Someone using my name in fake pro-AZU comments: 13 times
[lacking] Carisma: 6 times
Alligator Treats: 3 times
Daydreamer Of Oz: 3 times
Rob Taylor-trash: 2 times, plus on two posts with a dozen comments at his pink-alerts porn site

Total number of posts attacking me: 280 posts!

Number of threads where I'm not mentioned: 5 [only one thread had over 20 total posts (30)]
Used as keyword once, used picture once.
One thread with someone posing as me supporting AZU, and around 30 edited posts.

By contrast, the TOTAL number of comments made here at this blog for the entire year of 2009 is 123, with no one AZU troll being singly targeted; of those, only 50 are my comments, many in response to comments by other anti-antis.

Stitches and Static each have more posts about ME than I have made about AZU in general ALL YEAR LONG! If anyone is obsessed, it is AZU, just by numbers alone. Don't get me started on the slander, libel, and false light comments prevalent at AZU. But it certainly does not look good for AZU does it?


fuck off stitchwhore said...

they're just a bunch of dumb cunts, static included.

Voice of Reason said...

Good post!! One thing they really hate is when indisputable numbers prove them to be insignificant, petty little rodents. They think they're so influential but the only influence they have is over each other - all half dozen of them.

WarpedOhio said...

Its funny how the trolls over at AZU are crying over my latest post. So upset they are, they've taken to having someone use my name to argue with them.

Hate to burst your bubble, losers, but I haven't bothered posting there in a while, because they don't have the guts to post what I REALLY say, but can post their fake conversations with the Derek impersonator. You know, when people argue with their imaginary friends, that means its time to ship them to the local looney bin. AZU trolls are long past due for the funny farm.

WarpedOhio said...

PS: That makes TWICE they've resorted to this tactic now. Just like they tried to claim I was posting while I was on vacation. I must have some kind of mental telepathy to be able to achieve such a feat without internet access. I know! I must've used clairvoyance to enter the empty head of the Logue-Stalker and used his gnarled, twisted, herpes-ridden body to type insults from 500 miles away from my home computer! Maybe I could take Sylvia Brown's place with this kind of talent!

Ha! If I could take over someone else's body, guys, I wouldn't waste my time with some gnarled twisty fucks like the AZU assholes!

fuck off stitchwhore said...

They think everyone who tells them to go fuck them selves is you, it doesn't matter what the name is.

That just means it's time for me to throw shit at them. Hey, they already stink......

Not one of those whores has a job. they sit at the computer that some guy named 'john' bought and fuck with people and claim they are the good people when in reality they are nothing but whores.

Stitches77 aka "cunty" said...

Mindless double speak attitude. They want us to leave them the fuck alone, yet they continue to publish our comments and attack us. They (the antis) cannot take their own advice and walk away and shut up! As long as they keep it up, I will relentlessly continue exposing the antis for the fools they are.

The REAL Stitches77

WarpedOhio said...

They must be bored. They must really think I go to their site to make comments at 4 am. I'm usually in bed by 12 pm most nights, and for the past few days I stayed up till 2 am enjoying a few video games I recently acquired. Of course, with Haloscan, you can post under any name you choose. So when AZU gets bored, they create a false post and claim to be me:

"Why all the hostilities. Don't hate me because you are stupid.

See you couldn't stand not to talk about me. You are obsessed with me. Don't be afraid to seek treatment for your condition.

How do you make your money, whore?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you make me laugh."
Derek | 04.18.09 - 4:02 am |

I can't disagree with what is written, but it certainly isn't my handiwork, but I guess the dumb fucks over at Absolute Zeroes can't see that. That hasn't stopped them from having a 33 post long three day tirade over someone calling StitchCunt a filthy whore. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't belittle the working women of the world by comparing them to a skanky cunt like StitchCunt.

Besides, any idiot could figure out that no one would pay a nasty skank like Stitches and company to get them off. Even the ugliest hooker in Cincinnati can get at least $10 for a head job. If Stitches looks anything like those ugly cunts at the Ohio rally, then she'd have to pay someone herself... an awful lot... for sexual relations. Maybe that's why she has such a nasty attitude.