Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most people see through AZU's lies

Jacey, I have left the link to your page about Derek, but deleted the quote you left, because I do not want my website to become a battleground about the activity and state of mind of any one person, and because I believe people may want to click on the full statement that you were excerpting from Derek to see it in context, including his Disclaimer about not justifying what he did and “how wrong I was.”

My guess is that Derek did not include his own crime on the list because he does not consider what he did to be in the category of activity that does not deserve the Sex Offender designation.

Comment by David Giacalone — November 27, 2008 @ 8:16 am

Its no surprise people see through AZU's lies. The quote above is a case in point. Here we see "Jacey," who sounds a LOT like Logue-Hater, in the typical AZU tactic of following their targets around the internet. The link above is the Harvard University Law Blog, written in response to a personal attack and link to Wikisposure. But it only took a moment for the webmaster there to debunk Jacey's bunk. Jacey even gave them all the evidence to debunk her own argument, the complete screen shot of the statement Jacey quoted in her lame personal attack.

In short, Jacey was caught in a lie. For all the time the AZU/ PJers spent on Wikisposure, anyone with brain cells can see through their lies. Jacey likes to bitch and moan and throw out personal attacks and insults, but their accusations run hollow. If Jacey [jackassey] was caught in a lie once, VERY RECENTLY in fact, what does that say about the rest of AZU's claims?
Or wikisposure for that matter? Perverted Justice, and Absolute Zero United for that matter, has no credibility. Jacey was caught in a lie, and even gave up the very evidence needed to prove her lie. But what else do you expect from people who call people like Patty Wetterling and the Pope "pedo enablers?"

PS: Here's another example of people seeing through AZU lies, in this case, comments left regarding Petra Looney's tirade on ABC's 20/20 last year:

LaMontagne1982 (2 weeks ago)
I think the point is that concentual sex doesn't warrent the offender to be labeled as a sex offender. Additionally I think common sense shows which of these women has deeper mental problems...ku klux jan? Cmon....

christophmoses (2 weeks ago)
An organization with such laudable goals should not engage in harassment when it does nothing to protect children. Just makes you seem bizarre. "Ku Klux Jan"???

Yup. People see AZU for what it really is...


Voice of Reason said...

Crikey, Jacey got slammed in that forum. No wonder they prefer to only post comments on their own blogs where they can say anything they like without fear of impartial people calling them for it. And, of course, in their own blog they can just edit any comments they feel exposes their lies too badly.

fuck off stitchwhore said...

Jacey is a complete idiot.....and a stalker.

fuck off stitchwhore said...

The whores quit posting my replies! I knew it wouldn't be long before they started with their bullshit and 'blame gaming so I figured I would remind them of the whores that they are.

I still throw shit at them even knowing the cunt wont post it, but the cunt will read it:)

Fuck that bitch and everyone like her. The funny thing is is static is a whore too! Can he honestly believe what he is saying? what exactly is his goal? He's not seeing the big picture here!!

WarpedOhio said...

I could care less about Static, he's just AZU's personal whipping boy. His words mean nothing. He fits right in at AZU, just a bunch of empty words, lies, and threats. Its laughable how they threaten to destroy my life. I'm so bored with their "I'm going to call your neighbors, I'm going to cut your head off, I'm going to destroy your life" comments that when they call, I quit entertaining their calls. I'll believe it when I see it. And after a year and a half of nothing, I don't have any real expectations from them outside of pissing and moaning and their pretend conversations with ghosts on the net. I have an idea, why don't we all take a break from the fuckers and see how many fake posts they attribute to me between now and my return from my next trip?

Voice of Reason said...

Yep, you're spot on there. I really don't know why they bother making hollow threats as they don't gain anything from it expect perhaps a misplaced sense of 'bravery'. I post very few comments on their site these days. I wouldn't choose to associate with people so mentally deficient in my day to day life so I see no reason to spend time with them online. I've no doubt I'll leave the occasional comment there but only on the odd occasion.

WarpedOhio said...

Hey guys,

Our personal boycott of AZU seems to be working LOL. No one's posted there in a few days. I think for now we should go at least a month before even bothering to read their spiel, much less commenting on it. I just wish I could get the people I don't associate with to do the same. I bet AZU would collapse and half of the six members quit too.