Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Study shows social isolation breeds bullies. Sound familiar?


  • Up to one in five people with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) exhibits aggressive behaviors.
  • Though they're more outgoing, the people in this SAD subset have a lower quality of life.
  • Bullies -- both online and off -- may actually be coping with SAD.

This article reminds me a lot of Absolute Zero members. They are rather isolated, after all, spending all their days waiting for the latest post, project, or article so they can attack en masse.

Since I'm here, I thought I'd take a moment to address a few recent comments from the AZU terrorists. One of the latest articles is a lame attempt to justify their activities.

Considering some of the comments Violent Leaves has left at AZU over the years, it doesn't look like therapy has helped her any. Thankfully not everyone feels the same way she does. In addition to doubting Violent Leaves' background (personally I think it is nothing but a front to justify their cyber-bullying), I question her sanity.

Here comes the justification part. Stitches 77 boldly exclaims repeatedly that we accuse them of "stalking and harassment" for "merely expressing their opinions." I've covered in detail already what they mean by merely expressing an opinion here:

Below are some more of their mere opinions, as they call it.

They will never get it. It is more than "merely expressing their opinions." It is their unhealthy obsession with their online game of cyberbullying, causing harm and creating victims of their cyber-bullying. Then they try to justify it by claiming to be "victims of sexual abuse." As for you, Violent Leaves, I have a nice JPG just for you. See below:


Lyra Silvertongue said...

Thanks for not letting their claim of peacefully speaking out stand.

B is for Bullshit said...

Looks like I made another AZU troll cry. As usual, I never post your comments. Aaron Vargas is a murdering POS and I hope he fries.

C is for Cocksucking Coward said...

B is for Bee-yotch became C is for cocksucking coward today.

First off, BC, this is my site, I AM the grand poobah here and what I say goes. This is no more a place for opposing viewpoints that your AZU site is, unless you count all those times AZU impersonates me or some other people just to generate some interest in an otherwise boring hate-monger site. That being said, I'll address some of your cognitive distortions.

-- You said -- Aaron Vargas was MOLESTED RAPED HARASSED AND STALKED. Of course, those sorts of things are probably right up your alley. Actually, the piece of shit was McNeill who OF COURSE had multiple victims. Your filthy kind never looks at ANYTHING from the standpoint of the survivor. You don't have enough power to make me cry. In this world you are a mere speck of shit. Human waste, wreckage, spiritually corrupt, without morals, and filled to the brim with criminal character defects.--

First of all, using your logic I have every justification to kill your punk ass in cold blood because you and the rest of your AZU cronies have tried to intimidate, threaten, and harass me into submission for over two years. So come on over, punk.

Second of all, determining the value of one's life is relative. Why would I care what a shit stain like you thinks about me? I don't answer to you, and unlike you, C is for coward, I don't hide behind a name.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword. If you want to cheer a man's death, then don't expect any sympathy from anyone when the same happens to you. If we all went around killing everyone who wronged us, there would be a lot less people in the world.

One last thing, a man who kills another man in cold blood is not a survivor, he's a killer. He didn't seek healing, he sought revenge. And revenge killing is MURDER, you dumb fuck.

F is for FAIL! said...

I wonder why AZU is being so persistent over this one article. Well, since the anonymous poster stated he won't reach "F" in his little letter stands for something campaign, I'll reach F for you.

F is for FAIL. AZU is the epitome of FAIL. Instead of attacking their enemies, instead they offer free advertising. Ironically, their site leads people seeking help to combat sex offender laws find us through AZU. Instead of berating them, I thould be thanking them for their closet support of the efforts of myself, Sosen, ARC Radio, and others that seek reform of current sex offender legislation.

F is for Free Advertising: Yes, AZU actually has some worth, because whether they realize it or not, people actually look to see if what they written is true. So they go to my website, or go check out ARC Radio or Sosen, where they discover that AZU had it wrong, and now we have new supporters. Thanks again, AZU!

F is for fuck-up: AZU are the keystone cops of the so-called "anti-pedophile" movement. They bumble so many observations no member of law enforcement worth his badge would ever listen to such incompetent fucks. If, by chance, AZU EVER gets anything right, it is totally coincidence. Personally I think they gave up on the pseudo-child activism after Petra Luna made an ass of herself on 20/20 back in March 2008.

Keep it up!