Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Absolute Zero United breaks own Amazon Boycott! Hypocrites.

I looks like Absolute Zero United has put an end to their pointless boycott of, a place they claimed "promoted pedophilia," despite the fact many anti-sex offender groups, like Parents for Megan's Law or John Walsh. I doubt you can call THEM pro-pedophile!

But the Amazon boycott is officially OVER. In fact, TSand/ Roar For Truth/ Clay Keys has admitted on his blog that Absolute Zero United has bought a copy of the book on Amazon.

Isn't it funny he ADMITS that Derek Logue does not make the claim in his book, while the only "evidence" he ever points to for his slander is a Wikisposure page? A page where TSand cannot even cut and paste accurately! TSand has an inability to report anything accurately, problably because he hasn't taken his meds, as he even stated himself:

He was kind enough, however, to provide advertizing for Once Fallen e-Book as well:

 Thanks for the free advertising! I'm sure Amazon thanks you for your business as well. And thank you Absolute Zero United for your patronage. I truly hope you learn something from my book! Maybe you'll finally see how stupid your way of thinking has been for over 4 years!


Voice of Reason said...

Well their 'boycott' was pretty useless anyway as I doubt Amazon were ever really concerned about half a dozen extremists getting their knickers in a knot.

Once Fallen said...

And even then they did not honor the Boycott. My only complaint about Amazon is they charge a bit too much to sell stuff on their website. But at l;east they give opportunities to self-publish electronic books.