Sunday, July 11, 2010

TSand gets a small dose of his own medicine

Hey Clay Keys! I see you're crying to your fellow pedo-enablers at Absolute Zero and at the Times Daily blog because someone passed along a little info on you at a local blog. It is obvious you didn't like it when someone does it to you, so why do it to others? Do us all a favor, Clay Keys, and get thee to a civil commitment center before you commit another sexual assault!

By the way Clay, I'm sure you'll get as much police attention as I got in filing suit against you and Trollanda. It is a double edged sword. How far do you want this petty feud to continue? Just think Clay, you're the reason I still fight these laws. Yup, I was going to retire but you decided to attack me. Face it Clay, you'll never win. PS: Looks like even AZU has tired of your incessant whining at their blog!

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