Monday, February 21, 2011

Criminal vigilante Barbara Farris hocking reality show don't know what it is about the state of Florida and crazy female vigilantes like Judy Cornet, but that other notorious vigilante, Barbara Farris, is pimping her own reality show. Do we need another reality show after crazy idiots? After all, there's supposed to be a Judy Cornet reality show in the works, there's that idiot bed intruder clown from Alabama getting a reality show, and now, Barbara Farris? Geez. Maybe it will be in the "World' Dumbest" lineup on E!

Not one to let a little thing like her constant run-ins with the law deter her from hocking a reality show, Farris has created a You Tube account and a blog. As much as I hate giving this nutjob any degree of free publicity, I have to pick apart her blog post:

Barbara Farris is a woman who has dedicated her life to protecting children from being violated by pedophiles and predators. Barbara Farris was victimized by her step-father.  As he preached the gospel under his big white tent, she and her brother became victims of his abuse, acting out with what Farris now calls the "ripple effect of sexual abuse".

Barbara now faces a war against her
own family for speaking out against a rape against her mother by an uncle and her molestation by another uncle.

Barbara was arrested on a
falsified warrant that was dismissed by the District Attorney of Coffee County in Alabama, yet the judge who has association with Farris's family decided to pursue this warrant and have her arrested solely to discredit Ms. Farris.

still stands strong with her organization after having to fight time and time again to keep her cause alive.  It's unheard of to be arrested in another state for a misdemeanor crime then actually extradited for that misdemeanor by a sheriff and jailer, and held eight days without bond.

News flash Barbara, you live in the South. Being arrested for a violent crime is not uncommon, nor is being held in jail 8 days while waiting to be bonded out.  Your story does not add up. By the way, no mention of her subsequent legal trouble for harassing a sex offender and posting the incriminating video on YouTube. 

Just Bee Aware is NOT about Barbara Farris, it is a program that she created to help educate and defend against sexual abuse.  Just Bee Aware is the first program of it's kind.

The reality show is about Barbara now,
no longer living as a victim, but as a survivor

It is not about her but it is about her. What, is she rewriting A Tale of Two Cities? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. She can't make up her mind. By the way, her group is the "first" of its kind? So the NCMEC, The Jacob Wetterling Foundation, or Stop It Now! came after Just Bee Wary huh?

The staggering statistics of sexual abuse would not be as high as it is today if we could stop sexual abuse, and predators from their abusive acts an effective way. Some criminals live a life of crime that, perhaps if they had never been sexually abused, they would not be living.  Abuse falls into 94% of the crime rate, which is primarily from assault, sexual, and mental abuse.  It's a proven fact that sexual abuse has a tremendous impact on our crime rate today.

Can haz source material plz? Why is it people who make such crazy claims like Farris cannot quote a valid study?  I'm trying to figure out what she's saying here. Is she saying that sexual abuse is responsible for 94% of all crimes? That makes no sense. Sounds more like she's trying to justify her own criminal history.

We wish to make it very clear that Farris is not requesting sympathy from her abuse nor has she asked anyone for anything except to stand behind the fight against predators and pedophiles. It's time to focus on her cause and not her individually.

Barbara Farris has never denied her past, and to this day
she stands behind protecting and saving the children across America.

It sounds like not only is Farris trying to elicit sympathy, she's also denying her criminal past.  It would be nice if others were given the same dignity Farris is demanding of people. If she wants to condemn others for their pasts then she deserves the same contempt.


Anonymous said...

It is shocking to me that no one including the media outlets has connected all of the pieces on this woman.She has been and continues to be a menace to society.I knew of Barbara’s scams from decades ago and I can’t stand to see this continue.This is not new, she is a convicted felon.She started these claims of sexual abuse long before any of you even remember.When the heat is on or she needs to satisfy her desire for attention, she cries rape, which is unfair and totally disrespectful to true victims in this world.She has authored and self published a book entitled Lies Behind the Pulpit to scam people. Key, foundational facts within the book are easily proven false through court records.Due to the fact that she wrote and published it herself, there is no requirement that the facts presented be verified.This book is her crutch.Here are some foundational lies within the book verified through official court records on a scam that she attempted to pull 20 years ago that nearly destroyed the life of a man by the name of Bruce Yates.I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that once she is exposed to be a fraud based on the representations of this book, she will lose the one thing that she scams everyone with.Even this supposed trip across the country to film a documentary on child sexual abuse is connected to this book and that is how she gets people to give her sympathy and ultimately money.When she is finally exposed I believe she will become extremely dangerous (i.e the menacing charge currently pending, where she pulled a gun on someone) because she will have no way to use her story to convince others to support her and give her money.She not only craves the money but the media attention.She will do anything to get in front of the camera. She picks causes that appear genuine and carry with them a lot of passion and then she uses them to prey upon people.First, in the book she claims to have been brutally gang raped and left for dead, which left her pregnant.The reality is in the court documents of the Bruce Yates case and show that she was willfully in a relationship, with the man and became pregnant.1 of 3 posts.

Anonymous said...

There was no gang rape.She became pregnant with her surviving son. In the court documents and articles obtained in the archives of the Orlando Sentinel in 1989 to 1991, she accused Bruce Yates of soliciting her to help him murder his wife.While entering the courthouse to testify she made a brief statement to the press saying that this story was going to make a great movie and she was going to write it.She ruined this man’s life with her lies, accusations and manipulations and she has continued to do so or attempt to do so to others.YATES CLEARED OF SOLICITING MURDER, Orlando Sentinel - Orlando, Fla., Date: Dec 15, 1990.Yates said his life is ruined because of highly publicized allegations that he asked his 19-year-old girlfriend to help him kill his estranged wife and her girlfriend.He was charged with two counts of solicitation to commit first- degree murder and has been in jail since his arrest on Sept. 18.He was fired from his Clermont code enforcement job the day after his arrest.Barbara Farris told Yates' estranged wife, Portia, and Clermont police Detective Bart Frazier that Yates asked her to drug Portia Yates and Carol Bond.She said Yates then wanted her to leave the home so he could mutilate and murder the two women.Frazier testified he spent 15 minutes reviewing Farris' allegations before arresting Yates. Frazier called the 5th Circuit state attorney's office twice after hearing the allegations -once to talk to an investigator and once to talk to an attorney.He was told not to arrest Yates because he did not have enough evidence, but he did so anyway.Key testimony in the case included a claim by Farris that Yates had shown her a gun on Sept. 16 while describing a murder plot.Evidence entered at the trial showed that the gun Farris said she saw was locked in a storage shed at the time because Yates was behind on the locker's rental payments.Charles Fantl, Yates' attorney, delivered a blistering closing argument.Farris, Fantl said, learned several things in rapid succession just days before she accused Yates of plotting the murders.He told jurors that while Farris was on a trip to Ohio, Bruce and Portia Yates went to a lounge and then spent the night together at Bruce Yates' apartment.2 of 3 posts.

Anonymous said...

Carol Bond, whom Portia Yates testified was her girlfriend, called the lounge several times and left an angry note on Portia Yates' car.Bond told Farris when she returned from Ohio that the couple had reunited.Fantl said that at the same time, Farris learned she was pregnant and said Yates was the baby's father.The defense attorney also described Farris as an amateur screenwriter who usually names her heroines "Barb."He said she wrote one plot in which "Barb" foils a murder attempt.Fantl said Farris made up the story to destroy any chance that Yates might return to his wife."Hell hath no fury," Fantl told the jury."She (Farris) wanted to marry him and she found out that they were getting back together."Fantl reeled off a list of contradictions in Farris's testimony and said the story was concocted to get rid of Yates and any possible claim he might have against the couple's business assets.After the trial, Fantl was wrapped in a bear hug by Yates outside the jail."I lost my job, my truck (it was repossessed) and my apartment," Yates said."I will probably have to leave town, (but) justice was done."This past week on a local radio show, Bucket Head, Barbara claimed that her family has said that her money comes from the mafia.This is not a claim that her family makes out of the blue, read Barbara’s book and discover that it is her claim of such a connection.She claims that she worked for them for years.The story that she tells in the book is about being raped as a child and as a result a runaway that found herself as a drug and money runner for the mob.On the same show, she also claimed that she is currently filming and launching a reality show.This is a pattern, she also claimed to be doing a movie about Bruce Yates.Ask her for proof of a reality show.There are true victims in this world and they need the help of honest people, not ones that manipulate the hurt and pain of others for personal attention and gain.I hope you all begin to see this woman and this situation for what it really is.Barbara helps no one but herself.She only uses and abuses.3 of 3 posts.

Once Fallen said...

Thanks for the heads up. Farris isn't the only crazy vigilante with a past, but she's trying the hardest to garner attention. Many vigilantes claim things are far worse than what really happened. I think some people lie to get attention, and Farris is just that person. They are encouraged when vigilantes go unpunished. Farris should be in prison TODAY!

Anonymous said...

Barbara Fallis BS new website, very poorly done. My 5 yr old could do better.

She names 2 cases on there Connie Bedwell and Susan Hulsebus. Digging further, these women have no custody of their kids and the fathers were long cleared of any abuse allegations. Why would she pick these two loons to further her REALITY CRAP SHOW?

Just a hunch but California would be the place to be to try and make media news right? She uses people,even innocent men cleared of any harm.

That said, I hate pedophiles and they belong on death row. These two guys she's after, are nothing of the sort. I will provide more detail later.

NO I am not a guy, I am a woman who helps children from being exploited online and I took time to pay and order all these cases to see for myself. The conclusion is easy, the women are lying in attempts to regain custody and they made false accusations.

In both cases, NEITHER child was found to be harmed in any way, including sexual abuse. All findings cleared of abuse. completely. Any questions, leave a message at the site.

This crazy bitch Barbara Fallis is a scammer and yes, she doesn't give a crap who she hurts. She wants what she wants. Remember the bruce yates crime when she was 19? She's frigging nuts. Her boyfriend YATES left her to go back to his wife and she responds by going to police to lie about her boyfriend wanting to plot murder against his wife. He was cleared thankfully. But this woman is THE revenge of all revenge women. Nuts, insane, a felon... shes crazy.

Anonymous said...

This woman is now planning to go to California for some vigil. Does she still have warrants for her arrest? If she does, why in the world would she try to gain publicity by doing some vigil.

I also saw on her website where she asks readers to "post the name of your abuser". Where the hell does she get off on doing this. Any vindictive person could lie and post anything. She ruined that man's life years ago and it seems like nothing has changed years later.

Anonymous said...

truth about the criminal scam artist Farris!

things are coming back around - Karma will be a huge shock to this chick!

Once Fallen said...

A Barbara Farris supporter just chimed in accusing me of trying to discredit her. Don't blame me, punk, just Google her name and read all the professional news articles on her if you have your doubts. She has a criminal record. That's something else I have no part of creating. I merely present the facts as they can easily be found.

Anonymous said...

She just never stops. It is disgusting that the media outlets give her this air time without doing their homework. She uses it (just like she did in the youtube video) to give the perception of legitimacy, which just further empowers her and her deceitful and destructive ways. I do think you hit a nerve but she is so empowered because she has gotten away with it all the way back to Bruce Yates. She exhibits the exact traits of a sociopath. I agree child abuse of any nature is totally unacceptable but they should be getting help from assistance from those who are doing it for all of the right reasons and solely and completely to help those children. I just pray that she can be stopped for the sake of anyone and everyone that she has scammed or already hurt and any and all future victims.

Once Fallen said...

Part of the problem is Florida tends to encourage this kind of behavior. The lion's share of vigilantes I've profiled both here and my Shiitake Awards site are from Florida.

Once Fallen said...

By the way, if you Google "Barbara Farris reality show," this blog comes up first.

Thankfully, there is far less support for this woman than for my various websites.

Once Fallen said...

By the way, The term "bee squad" is appropriate, I know that the "B" stands for LOL

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows where Farris lives, I know the sheriff's department would be quite pleased.

Once Fallen said...

Well from what I heard she's off on some cross country tour, most likely to dodge arrest for harassment.

Anonymous said...

A cross country tour without publicity or "press releases" more like someone on the run.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch Farris on Jane Velez-Mitchell last week discussing the Casey Anthony case? JVM said that she was walking down the hallway and happen to run into Farris and when asked why she was there, Farris said she wanted to know the truth. She said she was going to get in contact with Casey Anthony and find out what happened with the child. She then said that what happened to the child was due to sexual abuse of Casey. What a fricking crock. Farris is a glory whore and will do anything to make a buck. Interesting that the two attorneys that were on the panel basically ridiculed Farris for her statements. Farris was gone after the commercial break. Bravo keep exposing yourself with your stupid bullshit.

Once Fallen said...

Anonymous, if you see this again could you send me that link? I'd love to see it.

Anonymous said...

this is the transcript from the show. It's probably available on her website. Funny how dumbass Farris doesn't post it somewhere thinking it makes her look legit.

Once Fallen said...

I will look for the vid. Funny, only Jane Velez Bitchell even gives numbnuts like Farris any attention.

When will she learn said... she is back playing the victim again. When will she realize what was said about her is the truth ?

oncefallendotcom said...

Barbie needs a better website. That and some remedial grammar classes. I can't imagine reading an entire book written by someone who can't understand the difference between THREW and THROUGH, and who thinks every word ending in S needs an apostrophe.

I noticed on her FB page she's married to some gal named April. I'm not surprised with all her misandric tendencies that she prefers women to men.